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Richard nervously walks around the empty park with his hands in his pockets.
Steve emerges, wearing his usual hit attire. He spots Richard and approaches him from behind.
STEVE: [in a deep voice] Mr. Eaton?
RICHARD: [slowly turning around] Yes?
STEVE: I’m who you paid for.
Richard freezes.
STEVE: Don’t be afraid, I want to talk to you.
STEVE: We need to talk.
RICHARD: Huh? [beat] What about?
STEVE: I want you to convince me that your life isn’t worth living.
Richard appears thoroughly stunned.
RICHARD: Excuse me? This wasn’t what I paid for. I was told nothing of this, nor do I wish to deal with it.
Richard squints, looking at Steve.
RICHARD: Didn’t we meet earlier?
Steve ignores the question.
STEVE: Look around Rich, see anyone?
RICHARD: [scanning the area] No… Your point is?
STEVE: We can make this easy or hard. I can do it how you wanted me to, and bring things to a swift conclusion. Or I can be a hard cunt and do it slow. [beat] All I’m askin’ is for some justification, some reasonin’. Explain to me why I should end your life.
STEVE: If you wanna go somewhere more private, we can. I’m not tryin’ to humiliate you or make you feel shite. I just need to understand why I’m doing this. What purpose it’s serving.
RICHARD: Um… [shaking his head, confused] Sure… [beat] Yes, I’d like to go somewhere more private to discuss this.
STEVE: Alright, lets grab a taxi.
The two walk towards a more populated area and Steve hails one.
STEVE: Bayswater Street please, driver.
STEVE: You’re the first person I’ve brought back here.
Richard nervously nods, looking extremely puzzled.
RICHARD: [shocked] Wait… What exactly does that mean?
STEVE: Fuck off, I don’t mean anything suggestive. I mean nobody I know has ever seen this place, I don’t have any friends or…
RICHARD: [interrupting, sarcastically] I guess I should be flattered?
Steve walks in, switching on the lights and keeping his shoes on. Richard follows.

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44 jobs or ideas to help you make $300/day

STEVE: Have a seat.
RICHARD: [looking at the only seat in the room; the armchair] Here?
STEVE: [looking around] Don’t see nowhere else.
RICHARD: Where will you sit?
STEVE: I’ll stand.
Steve opens his fridge.
STEVE: I only have three options for drinkin’; creamy milk, Pepsi or water.
RICHARD: I’ll be fine thank you.
STEVE: Suit yourself, I’ll have some Pepsi.
He pours himself a large glass.
RICHARD: [laughing scoff] Jesus. What do you want to know?
STEVE: Why do you feel it’s necessary for you to be killed?
RICHARD: [angered] Why! Why? Why? I thought your colleague had already been informed.
STEVE: Do we look the same?
STEVE: So why do you assume I had everything repeated to me.
RICHARD: Do you quiz every man you’re paid to kill?
STEVE: No. I simply fuckin’ do ’em. But not every man I’m paid to kill, fuck, not even one until now – paid for me to kill them.
RICHARD: I understand this is odd. I tried to do it myself. But I couldn’t. [beat] I also wouldn’t be able to deal with the idea that I’d hurt my wife so badly, and make her feel responsible for me doing it.
STEVE: So, you’re killing yourself because?
RICHARD: I’m “having myself killed.” Not killing myself. Killing myself would be suicide. This is being murdered or at least looking like I was murdered. [looking directly Steve] I feel it would set her mind more at ease. It would save her conscience. I don’t want to hurt her.
STEVE: How about you answer my question?
RICHARD: I’m having myself killed because it’s my time to die.
STEVE: Your time?
STEVE: Explain.
RICHARD: I want to die. I don’t want to live anymore and it’s my choice. People look at life as being this mysterious oddity, which it is. But they also don’t tend to look at it for what it is. [beat] Existence, from a secular perspective is simple. We govern our own lives, we’re in control of them. We do what we choose to. If I die naturally, or am murdered, that’s beyond my control. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it isn’t how I want things to pan out. I’m allowed to do with myself whatever I choose. Whatever I decide. And, it’s my time to die. I’ve decided.

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88 jobs or ideas to help you make $150 per day

STEVE: Doesn’t seem like much of a reason to me.
RICHARD: I don’t suppose it is really in your eyes. But it is in mine. [beat] Look… I’m fifty six. I can’t really have kids now. Well, I could, but I wouldn’t be as good a father as I could have once been. No point dwelling on it, it’s a fact. [beat] I’ve achieved what I wanted. I reached my goal, fulfilled a dream of mine and now I don’t seek anything more. Now that I’m where I want to be, I don’t really have any more desires. [beat] I haven’t done much that people would consider rebellious, but that’s neither here nor there. I never really wanted to. My life revolved around a routine, and around my belief that I had a safety net, something beautiful that was consistent. That consistency, that fall-back feature was my wife.
Richard looks away from Steve at the closed curtains, smiling.
RICHARD: My lovely wife, and our loving relationship. We’ve been together a long time, and I didn’t…
His face droops.
RICHARD: I believe… Ever give her any cause to cheat on or leave me. But she did. [beat] A couple of days ago, she slept with another man.
Steve sighs and looks away.
RICHARD: Now that I know, I can’t deal with it. I can’t get it out of my head. Finding out about it made me examine my own life. Made me check out who I am. And… I’m nothing. [beat] I have a boring routine without respite. With finding this out, with her doing this, it’s over. There’s no way I can forget. I don’t want to once again wait for the wounds to heal. I don’t want more of my life wasted with situations like that, hurting and wondering for months on end.
Richard turns back to face Steve.
RICHARD: The only thing that meant anything to me, my only genuine symbol of life, no longer exists. Our relationship was all I cared about. No more of it. No more of me. I don’t want life anymore. My life has no point, and therefore, I don’t want it.
STEVE: So, your accomplishments, your history, your work and your knowledge. All that shit counts for nothing?
RICHARD: In the end, what’s it worth?
STEVE: A lot! A fuckin’ lot!
STEVE: You have a woman that’s in love with you.
STEVE: Why had?
RICHARD: She never used the excuse that she was drunk, I don’t even know if she was. Not that that would have changed anything. But… she slept with someone else. [beat]You don’t just have sex with someone – body parts have to move… Decisions have to be made. She decided.
STEVE: She fucked someone else, big fucking deal! That means she doesn’t love you?
Richard laughs.
RICHARD: I’m wondering; are you a paid killer or a marriage counsellor?
STEVE: I’m tryin’ to understand.
RICHARD: I didn’t pay for someone to convince me to live. I paid for someone to kill me.
STEVE: Fuckin’ listen! My life is nothin’. I deal with people for cash. Don’t got no friends, no relationship. Nothin’. Just money, TV, games and food. Ain’t shit. There’s nothin’ more to me. [beat] If I had your life, I’d be in heaven. Friends.

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176 jobs or ideas to help you make $75/day

Accomplishments, accolades, a loving partner. You just —
RICHARD: [interrupting] I’m sorry. [beat] I’m supposed to care? [beat] Am I meant to sympathize with your decisions?
Richard sticks his head forward in Steve’s direction.
RICHARD: You made them, why whine?
STEVE: Watch it!
RICHARD: No, this is a waste of my time. It’s pointlessness like this, that I have no desire to put up with. Please, help me now. Do what I paid you to do.
STEVE: What good will your death do?
RICHARD: Oh for Gods sake! [sigh] Look, it will relieve me of my pain.
STEVE: You believe in God?
STEVE: [sternly] I fucking asked!
RICHARD: I don’t know. No. [beat] I’m not entirely sure.
STEVE: You don’t fear death?
RICHARD: No, I long for it. It may be the only thing to kill this pain. If you’ll excuse my poor pun.
STEVE: What do you think will become of you and your soul?
Richard begins tapping his right foot on the floor impatiently.
RICHARD: Can we get on with this?
STEVE: [reluctantly] Fine. I suppose so. Sure. How do you want it?
RICHARD: I don’t know. Surprise me!
Richard laughs.
RICHARD: But do it quickly, I don’t want physical pain.
STEVE: Alright, I don’t want do it here though. I’ll get caught. Lets leave.
RICHARD: I want it to look like a murder. I don’t want my wife believing she was responsible for my death.
STEVE: Sure. Whatever. Even though she was…
RICHARD: You don’t listen do you? She wasn’t. I lost myself in her and now I’ve found myself outside.
STEVE: Okay, shut it. I no longer care.
RICHARD: [getting angry] Have you not been listening? I made my life become an extension of hers and I lost everything I was. I have no life, I have no hobbies, all I had was an illusion.
STEVE: Spare me. I already got all the questions I had answered. So you can shut up now.
RICHARD: [imposing] But I was the one who made that illusion, it’s my responsibility. It’s my fault! It’s my decision! She’s not to blame. She didn’t pay for this, nor wish for it. I did.
Steve rolls his eyes and puts the Pepsi back in the fridge, ignoring Richard.
RICHARD: I hate how everyone’s quick to blame and find a motive for suicide. It’s not like that. I want to end my life. I don’t want to live anymore. I feel weak, and unable to regain any strength. I don’t want to go through the pain, whatever the outcome could be. [beat] I’m too old and stubborn to deal with it. I don’t have to either. She doesn’t want me anymore. If she did, she wouldn’t have had sex with that man. I accept that.
STEVE: Done yet? Fuck, you’re annoying! You finished?
Richard tilts his head, cringes and laughs.
RICHARD: I mean really, it’s not surprising that you don’t have many friends.
Steve pushes Richard.

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RICHARD: Not the most likeable fellow are you?
STEVE: Fuck off.
RICHARD: You told me to explain why I wanted to die, then I do. Then your dumb, thick skull has problems digesting the simple words I’ve said and…
Steve pushes Richard again.
STEVE: Shut the fuck up. Now!
RICHARD: It’s feeble really. Understandable why you never became anything. Why you’re forced to live a life alone. What was it you said “No friends, no relationships”?
He throws Richard into the wall.
STEVE: Keep it schtum! Now! We’re off to do what you wanted.
RICHARD: I’ll do what I choose, you pitiful, pathetic, apish loner.
STEVE: [stunned] The fuck did you just say?
RICHARD: You heard me. What’s wrong? Does the truth hurt a little too much?
STEVE: Back the fuck off Eaton. You’re not helping things.
RICHARD: You couldn’t even do what you were paid to. It was simple, you were meant to hit me in the park and leave. It would’ve looked like a murder, and you’d have gotten away much richer. Now you’ve left evidence everywhere. Laughable!
STEVE: Fine. Listen, one more word, and I’m not killing ya. Okay? You’ll have to do it yourself or pay someone else. [beat] I mean, look at you. You foul old man. Grow some balls!
RICHARD: You want “balls”? [beat] Okay then.
Richard turns and walks towards the expensive television in the corner, on his way he picks up a video game console and hurls it at the screen. The console breaks, leaving a deep, fierce scratch on the television screen.
RICHARD: Good enough?
Steve hurtles towards Richard, who swiftly enters Steve’s bedroom.
Richard throws over Steve’s bedroom television, it crashes into the floor, screen first. He then picks up the DVD player and tries to damage it. While doing so, Steve tackles him down.
STEVE: Alright you fucking prick, alright. You got your way.
Steve viciously pounds his fist into Richard’s head, opening up a bloody gash. Richard laughs.
STEVE: Fuckin’ arsehole! [pounding continues] Fuckin’ cunt!
He loses all control and rises to his feet proceeding to repeatedly kick Richard’s horizontal body in the ribs.
Richard continues laughing in between groaning as per the received blows.
STEVE: You find this real funny, huh?
RICHARD: [spitting blood] It’s just, with all those muscles, I find it hilarious that you still can’t hit like a man!
STEVE: [infuriated] Yeah?
Steve kicks Richard clean in his face five times. He then steps back and lunges forward for one final kick to the head.
STEVE: Can’t hit like a man? What do you say now Richy? What the fuck do you say now?
Standing back, his rage rapidly dies down.
STEVE: Shit.
He gazes around his floor. The television is clearly ruined. His suit is stained and his carpet is now covered in thick globs of blood.

“Respond, don’t react” Peter Voogd

“Respond, don’t react” Peter Voogd

“so what?” Repeat that or “and?” Approach. No loser bs

The thicker your skin, the faster and further you go

ELIZABETH: Where on earth is he?
CAROLINE: For the millionth time, calm down! Go to sleep. Do something else. Distract yourself. He’ll be home soon. Be intelligent, there’s nothing you can do right now. He needs time alone and is taking it.
ELIZABETH: I can’t! There’s no way I can stop thinking about where he is, how he is. He has never gone away in a huff. When we argue, he simply persists. [beat] He tries to talk it through. But now, he’s not even here. [beat] This is very serious Caroline; I think he might leave me. He takes our marriage very seriously.
CAROLINE: What’s fretting going to solve?
ELIZABETH: It won’t change anything. Have a cup of tea, and we’ll watch some telly. He’ll be home before we know it. He will.
Richard browses through his certificates and accolades. He stares at the photo of Elizabeth on his desk and strokes the picture’s face, eyes quivering and lips trembling.
Steve watches from outside the office, peering in from about 20 feet away. He appears torn.
Richard walks out slowly, peering around the campus. He has tears in his eyes as he begins walking down the stairs.
Steve stands at the foot of the stairs, waiting.
Richard passes Steve and Steve, from a distance, follows Richard around a park.
Richard sits at a bench overlooking a neat garden and smiles.
Steve sits on the opposite edge of the bench, staring into the distance.
STEVE: [not making eye contact] Lovely day, isn’t it?
RICHARD: I believe so, yes.
STEVE: You come here often?
RICHARD: I worked here.
STEVE: Worked?
RICHARD: Ha. Um. Sorry. It’s a long story.
STEVE: I’ve got time, I’m interested.
RICHARD: I’d rather not talk about it, sorry Sir.
STEVE: No probs. [beat] So, how was your day?
RICHARD: I’ve had better. I’ll be fine soon though. Yourself?
STEVE: I’m good.
Steve looks around, saddened.
Richard stands up.
RICHARD: Nice talking with you.
STEVE: Uh… Yeah… I’ll see ya.
Richard smirks at Steve and walks off.
Steve rattles through bench presses in his personal gym. He handles huge weights with ease wearing a determined facial expression beneath fat drops of sweat.
Richard enters through the front door slowly. Elizabeth runs up and greets him. She looks directly into his eyes while she cries passionately. He tries to avoid eye contact.
ELIZABETH: Richard, look, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. Can you please, please forgive me?
RICHARD: I think over time I can.
Richard joins her path of vision.
RICHARD: I love you Elizabeth. Always have, always will. Nothing could change that.
Elizabeth hugs Richard tightly.
Caroline looks on.
RICHARD: I do want to have some time alone though, I’m going for a walk. Don’t be concerned if I take a while, I need some time to calm down. But I do forgive you, and do love you dearly.
He picks up his tweed hat and black trench coat from the coat rack by the stairs.
RICHARD: [teary eyed] Goodbye Elizabeth.
Richard kisses her on the lips with tears starting to slowly drop and leaves.

Get group together and get this done

Get group together and get this done

STEVE: Yeah, I gotta go.
He hangs up the phone abruptly and looks at the piece of paper that he’d noted Joe and Robbie’s numbers on.
Dials Robbie’s number, he mouths each digit as he presses them.
STEVE: Robbie. What the fuck is this?
STEVE: What’s goin’ on?
ROBBIE (PHONE): Um… You never call me, and now you are? I’m about to ask the same…
STEVE: Richard fuckin’ Eaton. The suicide? The joke? That’s some sick shit mate.
STEVE: Don’t play games Robbie, I know.
ROBBIE (PHONE): Steve, you’ve got me mate. I’m clueless as to what you’re goin’ on about.
STEVE: Did you get someone to follow Liz or something?
STEVE: Liz, Eaton’s her husband.
ROBBIE (PHONE): Steve… not following.
STEVE: Joe gave me a job – kill Richard Eaton. Richard Eaton is Liz’ husband.
ROBBIE (PHONE): She wants him killed? You must have been pretty fucking good, mate!
STEVE: No, he wants himself done because she slept with another man on Thursday. I slept with her on Thursday Robbie, I made the connection. Very fuckin’ funny!
ROBBIE (PHONE): Hahaha. Ha. Whoa Steve. I swear, I never set up nothin’!
STEVE: Stop bullshitting me.
ROBBIE (PHONE): I’m fucking not.
STEVE: You swear on ya kid?
ROBBIE: I do, ten times over.
STEVE: [slowly] Holy fuck.
Steve holds the phone away from his head, extending his arm fully and staring at the earpiece. He then buries it into his chest and holds it with both hands. Robbie’s distorted voice is audible through the cushioned earpiece.
He brings it back to his ear with a lump in his throat.
STEVE: What the fuck am I supposed to do?
ROBBIE (PHONE): Your job Steve, your job.
STEVE: I fuckin’ made this man suicidal – I made this man want to kill himself. Me. How the fuck can I do him? I mean, shit. It’s my fault.
ROBBIE (PHONE): Get a grip Steve! What happened, happened. Now it’s your turn to do what you were paid to do.
STEVE: I never felt this way Robbie. Never. I don’t get it. I don’t think I can do it. I don’t know. Robbie, what do I tell Joe?
ROBBIE (PHONE): Decide quick! The night doesn’t last long and I’m assuming you have the money already?
STEVE: Money don’t matter. I’ll give it back. I think this is wrong. I think I should talk to him. Apologize. Correct it.
Robbie starts laughing.
STEVE: The fuck you laughin’ at?
STEVE: What?
ROBBIE (PHONE): Your attack of conscience all of a sudden. I don’t even know how many people you’ve done. But this simple bastard, the easiest, turns you into a pussy? Fuckin’ laughable Steve, please.
STEVE: What’s your problem?
ROBBIE (PHONE): Ha, nothin’. You just surprise me.
STEVE: I thought you’d understand, be a little more sympathetic.
ROBBIE (PHONE): This is business Steve, he paid for what he wanted done. Reason doesn’t matter. Cash is there. I’m cold because I’m used to dealing with this shit. We’ve been doing it for long enough. [beat] Get a grip, have a drink and do it. Simple.
STEVE: I’ll see ya tomorrow.
ROBBIE (PHONE): Don’t fuck this up Steve. It’s not a good idea.
Steve hangs up and droops his body forward, his head pushes itself into his folded right forearm.

Elizabeth and Caroline sit next to each other on the settee. Elizabeth is frantic and distraught.

People in bad moods make me laugh

People in bad moods make me laugh, or at least those that present a strong scowl on their face. Whenever I smile at a stranger and they look at me as if I’ve spat at them, it actually gives me a kick, a buzz of sorts. I don’t understand why they’re so grumpy or afraid to show a stranger any humanity. These are probably the same types of people that automatically assume everyone is trying to hit on them or ignore a desolate desperate homeless person asking for change. Oh well.

“If you change nothing, nothing will change” —@TonyRobbins

how to find attachments in gmail of a certain size

STEVE: [finishing a sip of Pepsi] Well?
JOE: I have a priceless birthday present for you. You’ve never received anything like this I guarantee it.
Joe hands Steve the gift wrapped shirt box.
STEVE: [puzzled] Okay. What does that mean?
JOE: You’ll see. From now on you can’t say I always get you the same thing every year. Haha.
STEVE: Alright, I’ll see you at “Kiss Hands” right?
JOE: No problem. Good luck.
Steve looks extremely puzzled, nods and leaves.
Steve opens the box and pulls out the content. He thumbs through a variety of photos before he sees some that resemble Elizabeth alongside Richard at their home.
He slowly browses through a few more and realizes that it definitely is her in the pictures.
Taken aback by what he’s just seen, he proceeds to read the handwritten notes.
Steve flips a page.
“Profession: Philosophy Professor
Physical Fitness: Out of shape; not overweight, not fit.
Daily Habits: N/A.
Will be walking around the University park tonight wearing a black trench-coat with a Scots tweed cap.”
Steve flips a few more pages until he reaches the last.
“A sizeable sum was negotiated – you have £16,250 alongside these notes.”
He looks away from the notes and closes his eyes. His posture is very straight. Steve throws down the notes and punches the box of photos and money.
Dragging his left hand down his face, he pulls at the skin as the hand slides, then begins laughing.
He heads into his bedroom and comes out with a small organizer. Flipping through the empty pages, he comes to Joe’s phone number, then to Robbie’s. He notes them down, then leaves.
Steve leans against the glass with the phone receiver against his ear.
STEVE: Nah, but it’s a joke right?
JOE (PHONE): Steve, what the fuck? What do you mean it’s a joke? I keep telling you I knew nothing about Liz!
STEVE: I know you and Robbie! It’s a joke – ha bloody ha!
JOE (PHONE): I have no idea what you’re talking about Steve. I haven’t spoken to Robbie about this at all.
STEVE: Stop this shit Joe. It ain’t funny!
JOE (PHONE): [slowly] I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!
STEVE: Please, tell me ya do. The joke has gone far enough.
Steve waits for a response.
JOE (PHONE): There’s no joke here Steve. Yeah it ain’t your typical job, but, it’s not a joke. If anything, I can assure you of that.
His face becomes blank and his grip on the phone loosens as his arm drops to his waist.
After ten seconds Steve clenches the phone again.
JOE (PHONE) (CONT’D): Steve? Steve? You there still?

No excuses. Always today. You don’t start, if you don’t, you don’t get there.

No excuses. Always today. You don’t start, if you don’t, you don’t get there.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Instead of asking “what do you do?” Ask “what are you interested in?” Or “are you happy in life?”

“A life in 3 years that justifies its suffering”

Ideal future, future plan. How incremental you’ll get there, goals and how are you going to get there and how you’re going to mark your progress. Reduce sum total of suffering

“If things aren’t working out, it’s my fault. I’ll work it out. How am I insufficient? How do I rectify that?”

JOE: Where do I find you?
RICHARD (PHONE): Where are you right now?
JOE: Bond Street, but I have a car. I can meet you wherever.
RICHARD (PHONE): If I met you at “Kiss Hands” in twenty minutes, would that work?
JOE: Yes. Bring it in a dress shirt box, in fifties. Okay? Count it twice before bringing it. If it’s short, nothing happens. Come alone.
RICHARD (PHONE): I was going to. Don’t worry; it’ll all be there.
JOE: Twenty, “Kiss Hands.” I’m Chinese, I’ll be in a black-velour tracksuit.
RICHARD (PHONE): I’ll see you there.
Richard, holding a shirt box stands before the doorway staring at the Pub’s sign. He takes three deep breaths, then pushes his way in.
The pub is extremely busy. It takes Richard a few seconds to locate Joe, when he does he joins him.
JOE: Richard, I’m Joe.
RICHARD: Yes. Hello.
Joe extends his arm and the two shake hands.
JOE: This is the only time I’ll ask you. Are you certain about what you’re doing?
RICHARD: I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.
JOE: Understood. Do you have my shirt?
RICHARD: Huh? Oh, yes…
Richard passes over the box.
JOE: Thank you.
RICHARD: So. When will this happen?
JOE: Tonight.
Richard looks extremely preoccupied.
RICHARD: [nodding] Okay. Do we have anything more to discuss?
JOE: [looking at the box] It’s all here?
JOE: Then no. It’s done. But I’ll count it when I leave.
Richard becomes anxious, nervously smirks and stands up.
RICHARD: Thank you. Goodbye.
Richard exits the pub in a hurry.
Steve sits down opposite Joe in a booth situated in the far right corner of the recently renovated pub.

Do not waste time, time runs out for everyone

Take control of your life. TIME RUNS OUT.
Do not waste time.

Life experience. Learn those lessons. Improve. Don’t repeat. Improve.

STUART: As soon as you want it done. [firmly] But please Richard, please reconsider.
RICHARD: If only you could feel the feelings I’m trying to escape from right now. You’ve been here before, but not where I currently am, not this late on. If only you could step into my exact shoes, embrace my memories, routine, experience. I have to do this.
Stuart stares at the ceiling for a second, then at Richard.
He passes Richard a phone number and a name.
“JOE – 0171-555-8277”
STUART: I was told to tell “whomever” I was passing the information on to that that would be the man to contact about this. He has been following you since I put the word out. He has taken photos of you and written extensive notes and researched your life. [beat] I told my connection everything you’d told me. It was demanded. I don’t know this character, nor do the men I spoke with. But that’s who they told me handles this sort of arrangement. Whatever you do, don’t spell it out over the phone. Speak carefully, these guys operate very secretively and don’t get caught. If people arouse suspicion, they won’t bother. Fuck, why am I allowing this to happen?
Stuart’s facial expression depresses.
STUART: Please Richard.
RICHARD: Stuart, you don’t know who I now am. We haven’t really spent time together in years. [beat] It’s my time to go, please accept that. You never know when it’s your time to die as the clichés say. But, if you wish to – you can decide. You’re allowed to. It’s our own individual decision. Most religions don’t like us to think that way, but we all know it’s the truth. [beat] I’ve decided. I need to. I need to now.
Stuart rises from his seat and moves around to Richard’s side. He hugs him tightly. Richard reciprocates. They leave the room.
Stuart stands in the doorway, his hand upon Richard’s shoulder with Richard before him, outside. Both men are fighting back tears, emotionally overwhelmed.
STUART: So, this is our final memory?
RICHARD: Yes. Yes, it is.
STUART: I won’t forget our experiences. You were my closest friend for a long time. I’m sorry that we didn’t remain how we were, maybe this wouldn’t be happening now, but…
RICHARD: There are no buts. We chose what we did and there’s no point in regretting. Just remember our good times. There should be more than this life alone. [beat] There must be more than this. There must be. There’s so much we don’t know. I’m satisfied that I’ll see you in another form when your time comes. Or, if you decide that it has. [beat] My physical form will perish, but I believe my soul will still exist. I think. It won’t forget what we were to one another. I won’t forget.
Richard leans into Stuart and hugs him.
RICHARD: Goodbye old friend, I love you.
STUART: [softly crying] As do I you, Goodbye Richard. [beat] It’s not too late to reconsider.
Richard and Stuart release their grip on one another.
Richard enters his car and drives off.
Richard sits staring at the number Stuart gave him. He takes a deep breath and looks out the windscreen. A determined facial expression emerges. Turning the keys, he starts the car.
INT. BANK – 10:00AM
The bank is moderately busy with queues moving at a decent rate. Richard stands by a BANK TELLER and seals a briefcase, turns and walks towards the exit.
Joe, wearing a black velour tracksuit, is walking with clothes shopping bags in hand.
His mobile phone ringtone goes off. Joe stops, placing down the bags on the ground and answers it.
JOE: Hello?
JOE: Who is this?
RICHARD (PHONE): Richard Eaton.
JOE: Ohhhh. You. Yes.
RICHARD (PHONE): Yes. I want to go through with the plan.
JOE: Do you have the necessaries?