“And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them” Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter We all regularly get too proud to ask for help, especially from our families. Our families are those closest to us and most likely to offer a helping hand, but our pride jumps in and refuses to allow us to show our vulnerabilities.

J.R.: Karen, get that ribbon from the drawer.
Karen goes off and returns with a ream of wrapping ribbon.
J.R. proceeds to tightly tie the ribbon around David’s ankles and then his knees. He notices a small puddle of urine beneath David and stains on his trousers.
J.R.: Don’t betray the trust and everything will work itself out. Okay?
David nods.

The front door opens, J.R. and Karen snap their necks back to see who’s coming through. It’s just Carlin who carefully closes the door behind him.
CARLIN: Now? [noticing David] Oh shit, that’s what I heard? What the fuck?
J.R.: Not now!
J.R. gets to his feet and wrapping his arm around Carlin’s shoulders, pushes him along into the living room.

J.R. frees Elmar from his confinement to the chair using scissors.
J.R.: (lifting Elmar’s right arm and hooking his arm around his neck) You get the other side!
Carlin looks at J.R. dumbfounded.
J.R.: We have no time. Come on.
CARLIN: He stinks, he’s not… [beat] Fuck. Thanks for involving me J.R. True friend you are.
J.R.: Bitch at me all you want in the van, not now!
Carlin slides himself under Elmar’s left arm and the two lift Elmar to his feet.

J.R.: [yelling to David] David, remember our deal. We’re leaving with Elmar. Not a fucking word. Not one. Deal.
DAVID (O.S.): I promised.
J.R.: Karen, check the coast.
Karen opens the front door and looks down the APARTMENT HALLWAY.
KAREN: We’re good.
J.R.: [to Carlin] We’re going to the van.
CARLIN: [sarcastically] Thanks for the heads up, that’s obviously what I needed explained.

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