“And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them” Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter

“And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them,” said Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter in his song “Moment of Clarity” from the Black album. His statement holds an undeniable truth. It is hard to help those around you when you are struggling yourself. At times, we all find ourselves in situations where we need help, but we hesitate to ask for it, especially from our loved ones. Our pride prevents us from showing our vulnerabilities.

It is normal to feel this way. However, it is essential to understand that sometimes we cannot bear the burden of our problems alone. We need to seek help, and the best place to start is with our families. Family members are the people closest to us and the most likely to offer us a helping hand.

So, what is your plan of action? Waiting for money to come your way is not a viable solution. You need to adopt some tactics to improve your financial situation. Instead of keeping your money in low-yielding savings accounts, you could invest in the stock market, which can pay off in high dividends or make you lose your investments. However, you need to be aware that the stock market is volatile and risky.

You should not rely on your savings account alone. It may not be of much value to you until you are desperate later in life. Instead, you should focus on increasing your income and savings to create a buffer for unforeseen situations. One of the ways to increase your income is by taking up a side job or a part-time job. You can also consider monetizing a hobby or a skill.

If you are struggling with debt, you need to start paying it off as soon as possible. You can create a budget to manage your expenses better and ensure that you have enough money to pay off your debts each month. Additionally, you can also seek professional help from financial advisors who can guide you on managing your finances better.

It is crucial to understand that financial stability is a long-term goal. It requires discipline, patience, and determination. You need to stay focused and motivated, even during tough times. It is essential to set achievable goals and track your progress regularly. Celebrate your small wins, and do not give up when things get challenging.

Do not let your pride prevent you from seeking help from your loved ones. Adopt some tactics to improve your financial situation, and focus on increasing your income and savings. Remember, financial stability is a long-term goal, and it requires discipline, patience, and determination.

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