Nobody has the answers and unless we make huge advances in science, they never will.

And that’s perfectly fine. Full disclosure, nobody had the answers. Good, fit people who diet get sick and the reverse. I’m starting from x liabilities and no assets, aiming to educate myself and get $4m or more She notices a pile of books by his couch about the Carrington solar storm of 1859 with bookmarks […]

The Protean book

The Protean book. What does protean mean? Examples… A remarkably protean composer: versatile, adaptable, flexible, all-around, multifaceted, multitalented, many-sided. The Protean book details inspiration around this word. EXT. SKATE PARK Various young and teenaged SKATEBOARDERS attempt tricks and mess around on their boards. Martin has brought along his little brother to teach him how to […]

Long lists don’t get done – the art of setting tangible goals

You’ll always expand upon a list, it’s just what we do. What you need to do is find a way of tackling those lists. This is how it will be done, and ultimately you’ll need to always be accountable to your higher power (yourself). We’re going to come up with a rule, if a list […]