Branding matters, even if not fully fleshed out.

Branding matters, even if not fully fleshed out.

Think it through

The value of a brand and importance of quality control, Breka, Wella etc

KAREN: Baby… What is this?
J.R.: [covering up] Good morning sweet cheeks, it’s breakfast. I felt like some bacon, about to put on the toast. Making it nice and crispy just like you like it.
KAREN: [pointing] Why has he got a mug on him?
J.R.: It’s a cold remedy baby.
J.R.: …He has a cold.
KAREN: Don’t you dare patronize me, you’re giving people who tried to rob us cold remedies and bacon?
J.R.: How do you know I’m giving them bacon?
Karen stares at the four plates lined up.

KAREN: There’s four plates right there.
J.R.: Ah, well, yeah. I was thinking we could work this out, and we can sober up too.
David and Elmar stare at one another sporting facial expressions that best describe the phrase, “Shit.”
KAREN: Oh, of course. How could I not see it that way, and your solution? Your bacon filled, cold remedy dispensing solution is?
J.R.: Elmar is about to make a deal, apparently. [turning to Elmar] Aren’t you El?
David glares at Elmar.

Karen picks up a small steak knife and comes closer to Elmar.
KAREN: I’m all ears. [turning to snarl in J.R.’s direction before returning to Elmar] Friend.
J.R. begins serving the bacon in the kitchen.
Elmar shrugs, “apologizing” to David.
ELMAR: [to David] She’s not MY friend, Dave. [beat] Sammy put us up to this.

David closes his eyes, looks down and sighs.
KAREN: Sammy?
J.R.’s attention leaps to the conversation.
ELMAR: Yeah, Sammy. She set this up. It’s all her.
J.R. yelps as he burns himself on the frying pan, hastily putting it down.
KAREN: Who’s Sammy?

In seconds he’s inches from Elmar’s face. He closes his eyes and angles his ear directly in line with Elmar’s mouth.
J.R.: Repeat that for me, if you would.
ELMAR: Sammy set this up.
J.R.: Sammy? [beat] Sammantha Bell?
Elmar nods, gritting his teeth at the same time trying to endure the pain.
KAREN: Sammantha put you up to this?
J.R.: What the–
KAREN: Tha– That bitch… [beat] It was from–
J.R.: — How do you know Sammy?
ELMAR: I don’t… David does.

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