Why as an artist you should be applying for arts grants

In any country that has them, but this is something that more artists than I can count either decide that they can go without or they solely aren’t aware of it. Either that, or they simply believe it’s a mind-bending prospect to write a simple proposal WALTER: I thought this was an exercise, a game… […]

Nobody has the answers and unless we make huge advances in science, they never will.

And that’s perfectly fine. Full disclosure, nobody had the answers. Good, fit people who diet get sick and the reverse. I’m starting from x liabilities and no assets, aiming to educate myself and get $4m or more She notices a pile of books by his couch about the Carrington solar storm of 1859 with bookmarks […]

How Peter Thiel, Tim Ferriss and Neil Pasricha inspired my 60 Day Sprint

How Peter Thiel, Tim Ferriss and Neil Pasricha inspired my 60 Day Sprint Necessity truly is the mother of invention, but try not to put the pressure on yourself like I did in order to ignite that necessity. You can climb high, fast, the problem is you lack focus. Obtaining it is a lot easier […]

To Duolingo and beyond – fully learning a language!

To Duolingo and beyond – fully learning a language! Tips including learning by watching films without subtitles and pausing frequently for words you don’t know the meaning of in order to determine what they’re trying to say. The learning basics of any and all languages. CLOSE ON Elmar’s phone vibrates again. KAREN: If he dies, […]

Those cliches that people say are still around today for a reason

Diet and exercise post – how it shapes your clarity and how vital, personally it is, been diff weights, love drinking and eating to excess etc Build your platform, build your brand. make them relevant but have them grow. Why is it so hard to sell your product? Because you don’t have people looking at […]

“Too much information, lack of implementation” Peter Voogd

I, like you (probably), have studied many hours worth of business planning courses, tips and advice. I’ve drawn up list after list of methods of action, and I’ve tangentially created more business ideas and screenplay concepts than I can count. That’s where I was and you are going wrong. Focus is what you need, an […]