Head down, 6 months to lift off.

It’s all about the goal and the clarity behind it. Clarity matters. How will the funds and projects succeed? 

Any person capable of angering you becomes your master. They can anger you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed by them.” Epictetus

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My guess is that like the million and one entrepreneurs you interact with, your aspirations and ambitions are an always expanding and growing list that has yet to be curtailed and implemented. Let me be the last person to remind you to get your shit together and put a halt to the expansion. For the next six months, do not read anymore inspirational articles that search engines and social media suggest and don’t you dare add to your ideas list. Grab one and start working away at it, diligently and effectively.

From Peter Voogd “Rookie Mistake” Working without a proven system, taking random acts of action and starting the week without it written on paper first.”

Richard sits at a cheap, old wooden table, covered by a flower-patterned tablecloth situated in the centre of the room. Opposite where he sits stands a fridge-freezer, a clean, yet old oven and a sink in the middle of a counter, which runs along the wall. A small window is situated above the sink area with cupboards above and below the sink. There’s a doorway pointing towards a hall and a door to the back garden.
Elizabeth pulls out of the oven a roasting tray with roasted vegetables and two beef steaks. She places it upon the sink counter, then goes about finishing serving dinner with a passive expression.
RICHARD: [enthusiastically] Yum, darling that smells spectacular!

Head down, 6 months to lift off.

Elizabeth turns to Richard and awkwardly smiles, she takes out two plates and some cutlery to then set the table.
RICHARD: Care for some wine, dear?
ELIZABETH: [not paying much attention, insincerely] Yes, that would be nice.
Richard heads out of the room while Elizabeth sets the table. As she puts the roasting tray into the sink, Richard returns with two goblets and a bottle of red wine, smiling.
The credits for the movie finish scrolling. Aside from the light generated by the white text moving along the screen, the room is pitch black. Two empty tubs of ice cream are on the floor to his right and the pizza has vanished, the plate bearing only crumbs. The Pepsi bottle is almost empty.
Steve turns off the TV and DVD using remotes. He burps loudly, then sighs.
He slowly stands up, picking up his plate and rubbish while doing so, taking them into the kitchen.
Steve rinses the plate, guzzles down the rest of the Pepsi and then disposes of the empty containers.
Sluggishly, Steve continues to his bedroom.
Richard spasms as he hears the alarm go off with the news radio show. He sits up, turns on the lamp and puts on his glasses. Elizabeth still sleeps.
RICHARD: Elizabeth, why is it always the case that I’m forced to wake up at seven but you remain asleep until at least seven fifteen?
ELIZABETH: [drowsy, with her eyes closed] It’s your decision to do so. Leave me alone.
RICHARD: [disgruntled] Leave you alone? What? Answer my question.
ELIZABETH: [angry, still in her same position] Richard. I’m tired! I’m sleepy! I sleep! You don’t need me to be awake now, and whether I’m up now or in fifteen minutes doesn’t make a shred of difference.
[beat] Either way your breakfast will be ready for you when you’re dressed. Assembling it for you isn’t an hour-long escapade, it takes maybe six minutes at the most. Now would you please let me…
Elizabeth angrily sighs, opens her eyes and quickly sits up.
ELIZABETH: There’s no bloody point in trying to sleep now.
She gets up, puts on her robe and leaves. Richard appears stunned.
Richard, dressed in the same clothes that he’d worn the day before, cautiously enters the living room. Sitting on the settee is his breakfast tray with his two slices of brown toast, coffee and cornflakes.
RICHARD: Elizabeth?
ELIZABETH (O.S.): [shouting from the kitchen] Yes?
RICHARD: Is everything alright?
ELIZABETH (O.S.): But of course, isn’t it always?
RICHARD: Elizabeth, something’s wrong, I can tell. Was it what I said this morning?
ELIZABETH (O.S.): [dismissively] Just please, eat your breakfast and go to work. I have to get dressed.
Richard sighs, turns on the television and proceeds to resume his daily routine.
The stereo goes off and Steve sits up. He looks toward his curtains and opens them, staring outside at the busy street before heading out of the room.


Benefits of delusion

Benefits of delusion vs law of attraction/inclusion
Delusion is power

ELIZABETH: If you want to tell me, why don’t you just go ahead? Why should I have to ask?
RICHARD: [losing his temper] It’s common courtesy, a polite way of behaving. Etiquette. Civilized interaction. A proper code of conduct. I ask you, you do the same in return. Don’t you understand that? I don’t know what’s going on with you these days.
ELIZABETH: [irate] What?
She exhales slowly trying to calm herself.
ELIZABETH: How was your day? Dear.
RICHARD: [calm] Excellent. I, well, we, have been invited to attend Professor David and his wife’s dinner party on Friday night. Only the most prominent professors will be there. It’s guaranteed to be a wonderful experience.
ELIZABETH: Great! I’ll wear my red dress!
RICHARD: Red dress?
Elizabeth sighs.
ELIZABETH: [grumpy] Dinner will be ready in a minute, sit down. I’ll set the table.

Benefits of delusion

Steve gets up and walks off.
Richard sits in an armchair with a pile of hand written essays stacked on the floor next to him. He’s alone in the room. Upon his lap is an essay he’s marking with a red biro. He’s tilting it with one hand to read it, while in his other hand there’s a half consumed glass of Glennfiddich whisky diluted by Ginger ale and two half melted ice cubes.
In the background Elizabeth can be vaguely heard on the phone in the kitchen.
ELIZABETH (O.S): [shocked] He said that? Oh dear me. I can’t believe that. She shouldn’t put it up with treatment like that. I wouldn’t!
While reading the last of four pages, Richard frowns and shakes his head.
RICHARD: [whispering to himself[ Chris, Chris, Chris, if only you had read the chapter. Oh, if only.
He chuckles to himself, turns the essay to its first page and writes “F” boldly. His head turns toward the doorway.
RICHARD: [raising his voice] Elizabeth! Dinner nearly ready?
ELIZABETH (O.S.): Excuse me one second. [raising her voice] Ten more minutes, dear!
Richard takes a sip of his whisky and replaces the essay to mark.
Steve heads to his freezer and pulls open the door. It’s completely filled with a variety of tubs of expensive ice cream and large frozen pizzas.
He grabs a tub of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and a teaspoon from a drawer beneath the sink. He then puts on some oven gloves taken from on top of the oven and pulls out a large pepperoni pizza from the oven.
Steve then gets out a huge plate and dumps the pizza onto it, then pulls out an unopened two litre bottle of Pepsi from his fridge, inserts it under his arm and, grabbing the pizza and ice cream and heads over to his armchair.
Picking up a remote, Steve puts on a DVD and while watching, eats.


Keep only one tab open at a time when not working.

Keep only one tab open at a time when not working. Twenty or infinitely more tabs will not get you closer to your goal, they’ll confuse you and divert you away from the focus you want.

Most people have trouble focusing in this modern world. It’s obvious why. We have so much room for distraction which is why it’s vital to try to keep only one tab open at a time when not working.

Keep only one tab open at a time when not working.

RICHARD: [upper class, slightly nasal voice] Elizabeth, it’s five past seven. Time for us to get up!
Elizabeth squirms beneath the covers and dismissively groans.
RICHARD: Elizabeth! Come on now, behave. It’s time for us to get up. Time to start the day.
Elizabeth slowly sits up. She rubs her eyes before opening them and stares at Richard with a blank expression.
RICHARD: Now, isn’t that better? You’re ready to start the day. Good morning!
ELIZABETH: [reluctantly] Morning Richard.
Richard gets out of bed and leaves the room.
Elizabeth watches him leave and sighs.

Steve walks towards his armchair, picks up a remote, turns on the TV to a national news channel and heads toward his kitchen.
The kitchen is very clean and adequate in size. There’s a white, modern microwave and a George Foreman grill sitting on the counter. A sink sits beside a fairly new oven with a dish rack alongside.
There are cupboards beside his knees and cupboards above the oven and sink. A large fridge stands adjacent to the oven, with a freezer of equal size beside it.
Steve opens up a cupboard above the sink, revealing a well-stocked amount of cereal. He takes out an unopened medium sized box of health food cereal and pours a huge pile into a bowl.


The perceptions of age and how that changes with age

It’s not until you get older that you realize how fickle your feelings and solidified younger ideas are. When I was in my 20’s, I thought people several years older than me that didn’t have their lives together were failures. This continued until I reached a point where it struck me how many years had passed and where I was in life.

Huddled in his designer sheets, Steve lies in bed. Daylight penetrates through gaps in his curtains. His stereo booms at the turn of 9:00AM.
A trickling bass line almost shakes the room as Steve slowly rises to a seated position, still wrapped in his sheets. He rubs his eyes revealing his huge biceps, and walks towards the stereo, turning it off. After doing so he heads into his living room.
Only wearing grey Calvin Klein boxer shorts, Steve heads to the far wall of his living room and manually wrenches the curtains apart, allowing daylight to enter.
Steve takes a glimpse of the street and turns to face his kitchen, which is separated from the living room by a counter.
To Steve’s left is a huge mounted plasma TV wall with a DVD player mounted upon a glass shelf beneath it. Five feet in front of it lies a cream coloured shag rug and behind that sits a luxurious reclining leather armchair. To the left of the armchair are video game consoles, and to the right are video games and DVDs, alongside three remote controls.
To Steve’s immediate right is a very modern stereo atop a simple, yet suave black cabinet with glass doors showcasing its contents; a huge CD collection.


Nobody is superior to you. We are all humans.

The eyes blink, but don’t move. The time quickly dissolves to “7:00” as a loud boom of sound emerges with the “Seven O’clock News Show.”
RICHARD stretches his arm towards the alarm clock, adjusts the volume and switches on a bedside lamp behind it. The room is now partially lit.
Richard (56, out of shape, black side parted hair with grey sideburns, full faced greying beard), wearing blue cotton pyjamas sits with his legs stretched out in bed listening. Beside Richard lies his wife, ELIZABETH (38, 5’2, shoulder length light brown hair, thin build) still asleep in a cream coloured nightgown.
Richard turns and stares at his wife for a few seconds. Quirky old quilts cover their humble double bed with a chessboard like black and brown pattern.
The bedroom features an alarm clock radio upon Richard’s bedside table and a bedside lamp behind it. To the left of it is a wardrobe with mirrors on the doors. To Elizabeth’s right there are two bookcases filled with books; inside and stacked above them.
Directly opposite their bed is a large window with a dresser beneath it, covered by drab brown curtains.
Richard picks up his thick black-framed bifocal glasses from behind the alarm clock radio and puts them on.


It’s not about turning back the clock, it’s about setting it for the future.

Tacky books usually contain decent content and information. Do tacky blog posts too?

He pulls the middle mirror towards himself to open up the cabinet revealing a variety of premium grooming and shaving products. From them, Steve retrieves an electric razor.

He closes the middle cabinet and plugs in the razor.

Steve leans above the sink and removes the razor’s safety cap. He then shaves off his goatee and his thin layer of hair.

Completely clean-shaven, Steve puts away the razor, washes away the hair and properly shaves his chin using shaving foam and a razor blade.
Steve removes his T-shirt and places it into the wash basket. He takes his suit and puts it inside a large plastic bag, placing that alongside the wash basket.
He turns his bedroom light off.
The room is illuminated only slightly by the digital alarm clock residing upon Richard’s bedside table. The red digits state “6:55” with two eyes beneath bristled eyebrows staring right at them.


Comparison is the thief of joy, or the death of joy? Either way, stop comparing.

“Comparison Is the Thief of Joy” This quotation, from Theodore Roosevelt, argues that comparing your work, your life, or whatever else will only serve to make you unhappy.

Comparison is the thief of joy, or the death of joy? Either way, stop comparing.

Once you’ve grown to an age where you’ve got full control of your decisions, you can educate yourself on the futility that comparing brings. Looking through Instagram, Facebook or any paparazzi based “newspaper” or magazine is likely to bring you nothing close to what you’re seeking. Joy. Happiness. Fulfillment. Not what other people either have achieved or wish to project that they have.

Comparison is the thief of joy

It takes a lot for us to be honest with ourselves, even more to be explicitly so. Whether you do or don’t share those facts with the rest of your world is entirely up to you. What you must consider is whether or not examining yourself through a prism of people’s fortunate circumstances or advances or general progressions in life mean.

Nobody has taken your journey or your path. Nobody has hit your roadblocks or detours. Nobody has the richness that is you, what you’ve seen and what you know. That’s why your need to compare what you have or where you are at any age isn’t advantageous. Be proud of what you manage and accomplish, view your triumphs as triumphs. You’ve got crosses to bear as does the other guy, but all you can see is his new toys. Stop that. There’s no truer quote than, “Comparison is the thief of joy” because it truly is. There will always be people who do things or acquire things before you and those that you will before. Only value your own life in your own life. You’ll feel much better for that.


WordPress tutorials for seniors

WordPress tutoring for Canadian seniors/seniors in Vancouver – video series, one on one sessions for two hours total.

Despite decades of experience, seniors assume they can’t be entrepreneurs like they once were. That’s not true, especially with wordpress. The world casts aspersions because we’ve moved from a society that reveres experience and time taken to perfect to a society that likes whatever’s new. You, however, my senior friend, should understand that you have more to offer than someone that hasn’t yet realized how wrong they are and how little they know.

WordPress offers more than its fair share of advantages for seniors, in fact anyone really. Over the past decade plus it has evolved from a simple content management system to powering the majority of the internet and its ecommerce leaps and bounds (primarily using WooCommerce) have helped propel that exponentially. Companies like Paypal, Stripe and Shipstation have made putting any product or service online an easy to achieve and immediately achievable goal. Now getting an audience that wants to purchase your product/service is another matter altogether. What you’ll find here isn’t that, here we’re offering wordpress tutorials for seniors.

The main reason this exists isn’t because I feel seniors are incapable of finding out how to do this themselves. I just understand that like you can read 3000 books and listen to 3000 lectures, getting a quick and compressed summation can also be helpful (depending of course on what you’re trying to do or achieve).

Often people who have been around for a few decades become set in their ways. They’re reluctant to change, adapt and learn. As a result this has them socializing less and thus feeling lonely and isolated. By now you should know that the internet is an antidote to that and although it can be a very cruel terrain, it can also be a beacon for connection and growth that you would otherwise not be as bold or brave as to expose yourself to.

How do I start using WordPress?

There are two easy ways. One simpler than the other, but neither require too much effort to set up.

1. Go to, sign up and follow their directions. It’s as simple as entering an email address and adding some details alongside a password, then following through and setting your site up to be hosted there.
2. My personal preference – host it and run it yourself. There are hundreds of server companies that will easily help you purchase a domain name ( etc.) and then will use a simple installation program to have wordpress added to your server.
3. Rent or purchase a server, host your wordpress site and manually install your wordpress CMS or content management system. If you’re reading this post on advising, this is probably not only a waste of your time, but a leap down a rabbit hole which will take you away from sharing what you want with the world and/or selling a product. Might be best to leave that for now. If this is something that interests you, click here for a how to.


Help for blocked writers

Let’s look at this in a little more depth, you googled “Help for blocked writers” to somehow get given a magical solution. The good news for you is that there isn’t a solution and that there’s nothing wrong with hitting a so-called wall.

Actual Help for blocked writers

Taking breaks can be helpful but there literally is very little good advice that you can be given to re-calibrate yourself. Writing is immersion, force it out of you. Try to “bleed” onto the page as Mr. Hemmingway said.

Going for a walk or adding external influences like listening to a song, reading a book, watching some TV, getting your mind a break, all these are vital, but the main focus should be the completion of the work. Give your mind a break, but don’t continually read advice. You have to be implementing. You have to be taking action rather than furthering theories as to what you’re doing wrong and how to get back on track. You have to act to be going forward to actually do things.

It’s one thing to have a great idea, but nobody actually cares that you do. The majority of people want to take heed of the idea at it’s best level; complete. When it’s brought to fruition. When it happens to be in the spermatozoa stage or an egg in it’s wait for fertilization, at that point it’s just conceptual, not conceived and it hasn’t gone where it needs to.

Unless you have hit a complete wall for weeks, I want you to stop wasting your time reading this. Get back to work and use your material to re-inspire yourself. Paying attention to my advice is doing nothing but wasting more of your time when you should be stuck immersed by what you’re creating. If it’s not gripping you, work out why not. Don’t look for other people to direct you out of the oblivion.

Writers that don’t write aren’t writers. It’s a simple way to distinguish things. If you wish to pay attention to that maybe you’ll actually excel and get some material created quickly… Or not quickly, but actually complete some work, period.

As I was saying, get on with it. I don’t have sympathy for you allowing me to distract you.

But! Prior to continuing on, considering I gave you the metaphorical slap in the right direction, if you feel the need to give a donation for setting you straight, you can do so by clicking here. Of course, failing that, it would be advantageous for you to peruse the writing prompts area where hopefully you will come across more and more sources of inspiration whereby you can potentially have your creativity sparked again. Okay?