Due diligence and research. Above all else start. Compound.

Is it ego, delusion, intelligence, confidence or what?

Due diligence and research. Above all else start. Compound.

David gestures his head to refer to the bindings.
DAVID: Are you getting anywhere?
ELMAR: I think so, but it’s tight. Dave, I think there’s something very wrong.
DAVID: What do you mean?
ELMAR: My head hurts a lot. So badly, so much man. You wouldn’t believe how this feels.
DAVID: Well, if they kill us you’ll feel much better.
ELMAR: Don’t be a dick, I’m worried.
DAVID: You should be.
ELMAR: Look, you know her better than I, would Sammy leave or try to help sort this.

DAVID: What can she do? What are you expecting?
ELMAR: She said ten minutes.
DAVID: Yeah, well, what she said doesn’t matter now does it. [beat] Any ideas?
ELMAR: I can barely open my eyes without pain. No. Nothing.
Fully clothed, J.R. slowly moves off of Karen. They’ve just had a “quickie” and are both clothed, apart from J.R.’s lowered jeans which he quickly pulls up while Karen puts her sweat pants back on.
She smiles and strokes his face, awkwardly smiling, J.R. is clearly a little distant.
J.R.: This is ridiculous, what are we doing?
Karen pauses, and grabs J.R.’s hand.
KAREN: I think we did what we had to.

J.R.: [solemnly] We’ve got two grown men as hostages in our living room.
KAREN: Give me a suggestion.
J.R.: I don’t have any.
KAREN: Just one, lets brainstorm.
J.R.: Well, we can’t let them go.

KAREN: Clearly.
J.R.: And this killing talk is absurd, we both know that.
KAREN: I hit him pretty hard with that dumbbell though.
J.R.: It is what it is. Now’s the important part.
Karen refills the shot glasses, the bottle is very close to empty now.
KAREN: [awkwardly smiling] One more?
J.R. rolls his eyes.
J.R.: Fuck. Why not?
They drink once more.
Karen and J.R. lie sprawled out on their beds.
David still scours the room, tired but alert. Elmar has passed out.
The silence allows us to hear the mild vibration that Elmar’s cell phone provides as it rings.
DAVID: [forcefully whispering] El!

There’s no reaction.
DAVID: [with more force] El! [beat] Elmar wake the fuck up!
Elmar drifts between sleep and being awake.
DAVID: For God’s sake El, your phone rang. I heard it this time.
Groaning and murmuring, Elmar tries to stay conscious.
ELMAR: Yup, and?
DAVID: This is taking too long.
ELMAR: [losing composure] Want me to call back? I have caller ID and Sammy’s on speed dial. Let me just whip out my phone and return her call. Oh, shit, wait. I can’t. My body is tied up and I can’t move. Excellent. Good idea Dave. You should work for the Government.

DAVID: If I weren’t tied up I’d slap you.
ELMAR: And if you weren’t so useless, I wouldn’t have gotten tied up. You could have saved this.
DAVID: I was injured too, remember?
ELMAR: And what happened to you?
DAVID: I got a swift kick in the balls when I tried to help your beaten ass. Then J.R. knocked me out.
ELMAR: He was here too?
DAVID: He came in after I fell and you were already knocked out.
ELMAR: So you could have sucked it up and stopped this. You could have grabbed a weapon, knocked her out and handled him.

DAVID: Don’t turn this on me.
ELMAR: Never your fault is it David?
DAVID: No, it’s Sammy’s. She said J.R. would be at the bar and Karen would be at work tonight. She was the one who assured us, not me. You know that.
ELMAR: Regardless, you should have been more alert.


Don’t squander the epiphany that the death of friends bring. Your time is limited.

Two friends of mine died recently. One closer than the other, but they were both extremely good people. Better than I, in my mind. They were always positive, joking and uplifting. That’s not just something I’m saying because they’re no longer here, that’s a matter of fact. If they were pricks when they were alive, I’d say so. Don’t squander the epiphany that the death brings.

failure is just a stepping stone to success

J.R.: [beat] Prick. [beat] That makes it okay?
ELMAR: Well not really but… You can get it all back.
J.R. stands up, on edge. He takes another shot.
DAVID: [blunt] El, keep your mouth shut.

J.R. grabs the discarded cloth gags and nodding, he approaches Elmar. Karen cheers him on.
KAREN: Go baby, go!
She downs her drink.
J.R. violently stuffs the gag into Elmar’s mouth, whilst staring at David.
He sits back down.
The two engage in almost a staring contest with their would-be robbers.
Karen leaves to the washroom.

J.R. looks around his room, and potential weapons he may or may not be able to use.
Karen returns.
J.R.: I need to go too.
He leaves for the washroom.
KAREN: Why us guys? Huh? What did we ever do to you? Assholes. Get a fucking job. Make something of your life. Thieves. That word is only cool in fiction, in reality it’s wrong! You hear me, wrong!
J.R. returns to his seat.
Suggestively, Karen leans over to J.R. and seductively whispers something in his ear. An aroused smirk spreads across his face.
He looks at her as if to say “Really?”
She nods.

Karen stands up and inches towards the hallway leading to their room.
J.R.: I’m willing to not gag you if you keep your mouth shut.
David nods.
J.R.: Seriously. I hear one word; the gag —
Karen interrupts J.R. by tugging on his hand, pulling him towards their bedroom.
J.R.: — goes back in.
Elmar looks on as J.R. leaves, he takes the remainder of the rum bottle with him.
DAVID: [whispering] What now?
Elmar shrugs.

David further examines the room, desperately seeking an option. Both he and Elmar struggle, trying to find a way to loosen their bindings but not cause too much noise.
Elmar also focuses on pushing out the gag from his mouth, it takes him several hard attempts, but he manages to slowly push the cloth out. He grunts and groans moving and struggling, suffering from the throbbing pain in his head.
ELMAR: Sammy?
DAVID: No clue.
ELMAR: I have missed calls, I’m sure of it. My phone keeps vibrating as if I have missed calls or voicemail.
DAVID: I don’t care man, that’s irrelevant. How is Sammy possibly going to make this turn out right?
ELMAR: What’s your bright idea?


Wealthbar versus Wealthsimple vs pension plans

Wealthbar versus Wealthsimple vs pension plans

DAVID: Let me go. [beat] You have both of our addresses, I hold nothing over you. I won’t hit you, I just want to get El to a hospital. I’ll blame it on a drunken fight.
Elmar’s phone vibrates again. J.R. doesn’t notice, David does but barely reacts.
J.R.: Who’re you calling a drunk?
DAVID: I didn’t mean that, I meant… Look, we’re very sorry. We won’t do it again —
J.R.: — Not good enough. Why should I trust someone I caught robbing me?
DAVID: Look —
J.R.: — No. No more talking.
DAVID: You won’t kill me, there’s no benefit to that.
J.R.: You keep talking and believe me, I may.
Karen enters, she notices the wallets and contents spread on the dining room table. She puts down two large bottles of rum.

KAREN: What’d you decide while I was out?
She scans the cards.
KAREN: [sarcastically] Say you’re sorry did you David? [unscrewing one of the bottles] Huh?
J.R. grabs two double shot glasses and Karen fills them both, they lift their glasses. Karen begins the “Cheers.”
KAREN: Na zdorovie!
J.R.: Na zdorovie.
The glasses clink and they drink the shots followed by brief cringing.
KAREN: Disgusting.
Karen refills her glass.
KAREN: Want one to ease your pain, David?
David shakes his head.

Karen brings over her drink to David.
KAREN: Come on, you’ll feel better. [beat] No?
She throws the rum in his face. David screams in pain.
J.R.: [abruptly] Come on Karen, this is a bit much.
KAREN: I know. Waste of good alcohol.
Elmar begins waking up, groaning as he becomes more aware of the throbbing feeling stemming from the side of his head. He can barely keep his eyes open from the pain he’s enduring resulting in him constantly cringing.
KAREN: Just what we need, another useless male. I need another.

Karen refills the shot glasses.
KAREN: [handing J.R. a glass] Baby?
J.R. takes the double shot as Karen refills her glass and follows suit. She refills their glasses again, but neither take their next shot.
Karen pulls up a chair opposite the two captive burglars. She spins it around and sits on it backwards, hugging the chair and examining the faces of her perpetrators.
She gestures for J.R. to join her.

Haphazardly he does, but sits properly.
DAVID: How do we work this out? How can I make this better…
J.R.: [to Karen] Shall we just try the cops again? We’ve never caught them before, maybe they’d behave differently.
Karen turns around her chair and sits back down, properly facing them.
KAREN: No, not good enough.
Waving her free hand around she tries to form her fingers into to a pointing form. She manages to choose where to aim and points at Elmar with her index finger.

KAREN: Elmar your name is, right?
He blinks, that’s his only reaction.
KAREN: Why me? Why us?
ELMAR: Look, this wasn’t meant to hurt you…
DAVID: El. Leave it alone.
KAREN: [interrupting] No, no, let him finish — who was it meant to hurt?
ELMAR: [David snarls] Nobody.
Elmar looks at David before turning back to Karen.
ELMAR: You’re insured right?


To Duolingo and beyond – fully learning a language!

To Duolingo and beyond – fully learning a language!

Tips including learning by watching films without subtitles and pausing frequently for words you don’t know the meaning of in order to determine what they’re trying to say.

The learning basics of any and all languages.

CLOSE ON Elmar’s phone vibrates again.
KAREN: If he dies, so be it.
As the vibrating of Elmar’s phone slows down, Karen’s ears prick, she tries to pinpoint the sound.
DAVID: Come on, he wanted your jewellery, not body.

KAREN: Want to continue breathing?
J.R.: I’m taking out his gag.
KAREN: For what reason?
J.R.: So hopefully he can breathe.
KAREN: This makes no sense!
J.R.: I’m not getting locked up for murder.
KAREN: Whatever.
J.R. removes the gag from Elmar, who remains limp. Karen paces, staring at the ceiling and shaking her head.
KAREN: What time is it?

J.R.: 10:45.
KAREN: Cool. See you in a little while.
J.R.: What?
KAREN: I’m getting some more alcohol before the liquor store closes.
J.R. nods upwards.
J.R.: Good, go.
KAREN: Don’t untie them.
J.R.: Not to worry, they’re going nowhere.
Karen grabs her coat, puts on her shoes and leaves.
J.R. firmly clasps the knife and heads towards Elmar, he sifts through his pocket and pulls out a wallet.
Walking backwards, triple checking Elmar isn’t about to react, he sits by his dining room table and examines the content. He finds a few credit cards, store cards, limited cash and ID.
J.R.: [reading] Elmar Field. Nice. Address here too. Cool. And soon enough I’ll know all about you too, friend.
DAVID: Name’s David, nice to meet you.
J.R.: [angered] Shut the fuck up, seriously.

J.R. approaches David, also positioning the knife threatening.
He finds David’s wallet and follows suit, checking it at his dining room table.
J.R.: David Goddard. Ha. Address too.
He finds a photo of David in the arms of another man.
J.R.: [presenting the photo] Who’s this?
DAVID: Nobody.

J.R.: No? Well I’m going to see if I can find him at this address. If so, I’ll beat the shit out of him and if not, I’ll rob you. How would that be?
DAVID: Seems fair.
J.R.: This your day job or rather, night job?
DAVID: I’ve done it before.
J.R.: This smoothly?
DAVID: Never “this” smoothly.
J.R.: So what do I do with you?


Those cliches that people say are still around today for a reason

Diet and exercise post – how it shapes your clarity and how vital, personally it is, been diff weights, love drinking and eating to excess etc

Build your platform, build your brand. make them relevant but have them grow. Why is it so hard to sell your product? Because you don’t have people looking at it.


Understanding mutual funds

Understanding mutual funds

J.R.: Hey, calm down! I’m not siding with him, but we have to think this through.
Karen snarls at J.R.
KAREN: And don’t tell me to calm down. I’ve had a bad night.
DAVID: Yeah, why weren’t you at work?

Karen’s head turns sideways before she slaps David with great might.
She extends her hand to J.R.
KAREN: Gag. Now.
J.R. passes Karen the gag which she snatches from him and viciously shoves in David’s mouth.

KAREN: I say we kill ’em.
J.R.: Alright, look —
J.R. attempts to embrace Karen, but she throws off his arms when they get close to her.
J.R.: — we can’t kill them.
KAREN: You said if it happened again you wouldn’t hesitate.
J.R.: Look —
KAREN: — they could have raped me.
David’s facial expression suggests him stating “Unlikely” in response.
J.R.: — I need a drink.
KAREN: No, you need to come with me first thing in the morning and we’re going to Home Depot or somewhere like that to get plastic to cover this place. Then —
J.R.: — Karen, enough already. I’ve had a long night too.
J.R. grabs a bottle of rum from the kitchen, there’s maybe 1/8 left.
J.R.: You didn’t pick up anymore rum?
KAREN: I was sick!
J.R.: Yeah, okay.
He pours himself a double shot and downs it.
KAREN: Thanks for leaving me some.
J.R.: Can we not argue in front of company?
KAREN: We need to do something. They can’t get away with this.
WIDER ANGLE: David begins turning red.
J.R. removes the gag.
KAREN: What the hell are you doing?
J.R.: He can’t breathe.
KAREN: He could until now.
DAVID: I don’t do well without my mouth. I’m an infamous mouth breather.
KAREN: Why do we give a shit? Shut up. No gag doesn’t mean you can talk.
DAVID: [staring at Elmar] He’s going to die.
KAREN: Shut. Up.
DAVID: Look at him!
J.R.: Karen, he looks pretty bad.
KAREN: You’re doing it again, pick the right side baby, the right side.
J.R.: He’s bruised in a very bad position.


Maintain inspiration

Goal is every country in the world and fully understanding language

How to maintain inspiration when you’re on a roll and have things going but somehow get distracted. Include word “original” in landing page

If you can help enhance these translations, they would be much appreciated.

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou

KAREN: Ask him why he did it.
J.R. turns to face Karen.
J.R.: I can’t believe you’d… Really. What —
J.R. walks to Karen and hands her the knife.
J.R.: Know what, you deal with it.
J.R. heads to the bedroom.
KAREN: Oh for god’s sake!
With the knife in her hand she follows him down the hallway.
O.S. We hear them bickering further, with a typically redundant couple’s argument.
DAVID: Why wasn’t she at work tonight? She looks fine. Shit, shit, shit. Wake up Elmar, wake up!
David tries to nudge himself to move, though his motion is extremely limited and noisy. He quickly stops that attempt.
Karen and J.R. return to the living room, J.R. picks up the knife again.
Threatening David, he angles the knife above his heart.
J.R.: You yell, I stab, deal?
David remains stiff, no visible reaction.
J.R.: Blink three times if you’re in agreement.
David blinks three times.
Forcefully, J.R. removes the gag.
J.R.: What do you suggest we do here, friend?
David nervously nods repeatedly until mustering up the courage to shrug.
J.R.: I could call the cops, but yet again, the best that would happen to you is a few months. I’d probably get in worse trouble than you cunts.
KAREN: Yup, you would. I know so.
J.R.: And you’d be fine, right? [pointing to Elmar] You didn’t knock this fucker out with a dumbbell, right? That’s reasonable force I assume?
David chuckles.
J.R.: The fuck you laughing at, friend?
KAREN: Just put the gag back in, he’s not saying anything.
DAVID: No, sorry, look…
J.R.: Yup?
DAVID: I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.
J.R.: Excuse me?
DAVID: We messed up, I know that. But you did do a little wrong yourselves.
Karen’s mouth drops. She hurtles over.
KAREN: We did something wrong? WE did something wrong? You broke into our home you cold bastard, you’re saying we did something wrong after YOU tried to rob us?
J.R.: Calm down Karen.
KAREN: Don’t you side with him.
CLOSE ON Elmar’s phone vibrates, nobody really notices. It happens while during talking.


Best Vancouver urban sights for photos and guerrilla filmmaking

The term “urban’ has devolved into something unclear, but for now we’ll use it to reflect “city” based photography. Here are some of the best Vancouver urban sights for unique photographs and/or to film at.

Main and Hastings is considered urban, thanks for the emails. But don’t be so heartless and inconsiderate, or to put it another way, out of line, as to think including that makes sense. You don’t pose with people at their lowest.


What matters, matters. It’s that simple.

What matters, matters. It’s that simple. Our lives vary immensely from where we live to who we love to the amount of money we make. At the core of it all we need to understand where our priorities lie and focus on our future selves, as well as our present versions. Several months down the line you should examine where you wish to be. Yes, your work and other factors in life will sway you one way or another, but you can control that guiding light to a degree by personally outlining what you want. If you wish to lose a certain amount of weight, pay down debt or earn money, or simply be more in contact with a loved one or friend, that’s up to you to confront and attend to. There’s no point taking stock of things once a chunk of time has passed. Do it now. Take two hours or however long you need, and just think.

“What will matter to me in six months, a year, five years? What is essential, and what is optional, in my life priorities” Steven Pinker, quoted in Tribe of Mentors.

People spend a lot of time criticizing and complaining about social media and how it highlights other people showcasing their “best life” in their facade of showing only posed perfection and glossing over the rest of their lives’ turmoil. But this doesn’t just fall on social media’s shoulders. It’s newspapers, movies, music, general conversation. If you’re unhappy or not doing what you want to, jealousy and depression seep in.

What you need to do is to try to eliminate any distractions from your goals. Yes, right now is extremely important. Doing things while you still can makes a lot of sense. But if your life isn’t destined to end immediately after they’re done, you may be creating a high that will come crashing down shortly afterwards. Right now I could extend myself to spend thousands more on credit cards to fulfill the travel desires I have. Sounds amazing and for 30 days it would be. Following that, they’ll want that money and the impact going on in my life down the road could be extremely damaging.

Richmond, BC on an average fall night. Chain restaurants, bars, and a cold beer and wine store are located close to assorted apartment buildings, averaging three storeys in height.

The room is empty and tidy, with lights off. The living room is lit minimally by the light in the hallway.
Coming from the balcony, DAVID (short hair, clean shaven, flamboyant) cautiously pushes through the partially opened glass doors to gain access to the apartment. He is wearing rubber soled shoes, gloves, and a hat. ELMAR (neat, brash) follows almost immediately afterwards. They’re both dressed like stereotypical burglars.

MOVING SHOT Camera dollys along the hallway, through the apartment.
KAREN’s eyes snap open, abruptly woken from a deep sleep. She’s wearing a used T-shirt and sweat pants, tired from the previous late night.
Paranoid, she listens attentively, noticing movement.
Continuing to listen, she grabs her phone and texts her boyfriend, J.R.
“Theres someone in the house Im scared”
Seconds later she receives a response.
“Stay still, coming”

We continue to hear cautious creeks and movements, objects being scoured through and duffel bags being filled amongst indistinguishable whispering.
In a panic, Karen looks around her room whilst remaining still in her bed.
Near the bed lies a pile of clothes, and as her eyes wander, she notices a set of dumbbells near the door.
She leans into the clothing pile, and carefully grabs a belt.

The noises continue, the movements getting louder, closer.
She crawls off the bed and hides beside the partially open door.

Elmar slowly enters the bedroom, surveying the area.
Without hesitation, she WHIPS him in the face with her BELT.
He lets out a huge yelp and sways clasping his face.
Although stunned by her actions, Karen immediately follows up by STRIKING HIS HEAD with a DUMBBELL.
Elmar falls to the ground.

David runs down the hallway and without thinking, Karen reacts giving him a swift and firm kick between his legs.


“Too much information, lack of implementation” Peter Voogd

I, like you (probably), have studied many hours worth of business planning courses, tips and advice. I’ve drawn up list after list of methods of action, and I’ve tangentially created more business ideas and screenplay concepts than I can count. That’s where I was and you are going wrong.

Focus is what you need, an absolute path where you take your idea and have it flourish in the real world, as opposed to file 1,001 on your computer. That won’t get you anything apart from scrolling privileges (showing off your phone to friends or acquaintances and seeking recognition for the quantity).

Above all else do not procrastinate, I know I’ve repeated about the benefits of stockpiling your work and your efforts, but stockpile with a release schedule in mind, instead of a “someday” view.

a plan, buying a home

I’m not willing to lose and go out that way. There’s nothing wrong with it, if you’re faced with no option and thousands of obligations then I understand. The fact is, I don’t have those obligations, therefor I won’t accept that failure.

The “Too much information, lack of implementation” portion of Voogd’s comments couldn’t be more apt. Have you used Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? They’re brilliant, addictive and satisfying. Temporarily. You lose many hours being aware of everything and not focusing on what you’ve accumulated and planned. They’re designed to take up your attention. I for one enjoy them very much, but they won’t further you.

You should always progress, don’t get too comfortable. Live with passion.