Use Your Years book

As cited in the Use Your Years book, B991: Alright. Next time we see each other is the conference room. Confirm and fold.
One by one the group break away from each other with discreet nods before leaving the area and walking away to either a respective car or leaving the parking lot altogether.

Marko and Lara are seated opposite one another consuming burritos.
MARKO: Best restaurant in this city, hands down.
We should bring Ivanka and JP next time. Maybe Mireille.
Marko takes a large mouthful and chews through Lara’s reaction.
LARA: Ivanka and JP, yes. Mireille? Fuck her. I’m done trying.

Use Your Years book


Luisa double checks her fridge and freezer inventory, both storage units are packed, covered by icy walls that emit a beautiful scarf trail of cold air when the doors are opened.


Disguised in shades and a low worn baseball cap, Blaise sheepishly stands by the bar waiting for his latte to be made. He can’t stop himself from staring at the assorted female chests and tries to correct his vision when he notices he has been ogling the BARISTA’s for too long.

He feels his phone vibrate, it’s Emilio. He silences the vibration after reading the caller ID he’d input, “Emilio – annoying producer.”

Nodding and grabbing the drink, Blaise begins to walk off.
BLAISE: Thanks.
A COFFEE DRINKER fan notices Blaise and after nudging her FRIEND about who he guy is, approaches him.

Kindness matters. “Take a cup of kindness now for auld lang’s syne.”

“The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.” John C. Maxwell


The Get Rich or File For Bankruptcy book

The Get Rich or File For Bankruptcy book. Unless you’re in the position you want to be in, you don’t want to allow yourself to become comfortable in a situation you don’t appreciate. How many years become too many to perpetually just manage to make ends meet? Mentioned in the Get Rich, or File For Bankruptcy book, yes, the small things matter, but your life’s goals and ambitions do more. If you continually stay in the region of “just getting by” where your debts seem to push you further and further down, you must find a way to excel or simply restart.

A994: I tried too. I don’t know.
B998: There’s no way of knowing if it is a set up or genuinely focused on the cause.
A997: (incensed) Are you fucking stupid? It’s obviously a set up. This is clearly a precursor to capture anyone reading it.
B998: You all can’t be so naive. The cause comes first, this is blatantly entrapment.

A BARELY AWAKE FATHER pushes his TODDLER in his trolley towards the group. They notice and immediately back away from one another, trying to convey they’re strangers. He doesn’t notice. As he reaches the trolley rank he takes his toddler out of the trolley, grabs his coin for returning it and heads to his car. They then slowly reconvene.

Get Rich or File For Bankruptcy book

A991: No. This is the change we need. I like the way it’s laid out. The writing is smart, the ideas are smart. It’s sound and it’s feasible. It would couple perfectly with what we’ve been developing.

A993: Right, as long as it’s synchronized it’s fool proof.
A997: That’s not the point. Even to the simplest of us, you don’t smell a rat? It just being laid out there for all to see? If we have access, so does the world.

A BUSINESS WOMAN in a rush darts into the group, nudging past to grab a trolley. The group fall silent until she clears the area.

A993: It won’t be followed to the “t.” We’ll modify as we see fit and spread that through the networks.
B998 and A997 are appalled that this is even slightly being considered. It’s insanity. Planning an attack because of a couple of well written posts?

Daily inspirational quote:
“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when a man has only one idea.” Alain, Propos sur la religion


The Afflatus book

The Afflatus book. What does “afflatus” mean? Afflatus: divine creative impulse or inspiration. 90 day sprint.

B991 reads The afflatus book while he visits the website and comes across Mireille’s posts on the “Death of Expertise” and how to “Live like the Egyptians.” He reads it in its entirety and notices the post is closed for commenting. It’s invaluable in its insights. Inspired, he writes down the long and complicated url by hand twenty times and cuts it into small pieces of paper.

The Afflatus Book

Sipping on a coffee and using a cloaked back-end method on his laptop, B991 tries his best to trace where the posts originate.

Repeating his efforts in the fast food restaurant, B991 continues his quest to find the source of the posts.


In awe that her backdoor efforts have now worked, she accelerates and hones her plans.

“To forgive is human, to forget divine.” James Grand


The Protean book

The Protean book. What does protean mean? Examples… A remarkably protean composer: versatile, adaptable, flexible, all-around, multifaceted, multitalented, many-sided. The Protean book details inspiration around this word.

Various young and teenaged SKATEBOARDERS attempt tricks and mess around on their boards. Martin has brought along his little brother to teach him how to skateboard.
Martin attempts to calm Norman’s nerves walking backwards, coaxing his brother along. His forearms act as safety bars for Norman to rely on initially to glide on the board.

MARTIN: Good, very good. Don’t be nervous, if you fall you’ll be fine, at worst you’ll scrape a knee. You can handle that. You’re not a boy, you’re a man!
Martin stops and encourages Norman to release his forearms before he walks away, hoping to proudly watch his younger brother progress by himself.

Norman starts from a distance and kicks along with his right foot to gain speed. He quickly forces himself to stop, clearly discouraged and afraid.

The Protean book

MARTIN: You have to get both feet on and skate, Norm! Don’t be afraid, you’ll be fine.
Watch me. I’ll show you, it’s easy. Just takes practice.
Attempting to show off, Martin runs over to where Norman started and in the same fashion gets some speed going. Once fast enough, he puts up his other foot and glides along, jumping up on a curb and taking off to do a kickflip.

“When I worked on my first project, Nostalgia, Ultra, I hardly told anyone. Even people I was working with at the time didn’t know about it. There’s something that happens when you say what you’re doing before it’s done, and most of it is not positive.” Frank Ocean

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