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Wealthbar versus Wealthsimple vs pension plans

Wealthbar versus Wealthsimple vs pension plans. If you’re at an age where you’re considering what your future should hold, not just what you’d like it to. Take the time to examine what I’ve researched here in order to better solidify your decisions.

There are many options for you to choose from, especially today. You can go with any number of banks to jump into the stock market, most with pretty standard (although high) fee structures. Or, you can go with businesses that are a little more versatile and open to your participation. Wealthbar and Wealthsimple are amongst the biggest entrants to this market, but Questrade and others exist too. Here’s a breakdown on what they offer.

DAVID: Let me go. [beat] You have both of our addresses, I hold nothing over you. I won’t hit you, I just want to get El to a hospital. I’ll blame it on a drunken fight.
Elmar’s phone vibrates again. J.R. doesn’t notice, David does but barely reacts.
J.R.: Who’re you calling a drunk?
DAVID: I didn’t mean that, I meant… Look, we’re very sorry. We won’t do it again —
J.R.: — Not good enough. Why should I trust someone I caught robbing me?
DAVID: Look —
J.R.: — No. No more talking.
DAVID: You won’t kill me, there’s no benefit to that.
J.R.: You keep talking and believe me, I may.
Karen enters, she notices the wallets and contents spread on the dining room table. She puts down two large bottles of rum.

KAREN: What’d you decide while I was out?
She scans the cards.
KAREN: [sarcastically] Say you’re sorry did you David? [unscrewing one of the bottles] Huh?
J.R. grabs two double shot glasses and Karen fills them both, they lift their glasses. Karen begins the “Cheers.”
KAREN: Na zdorovie!
J.R.: Na zdorovie.
The glasses clink and they drink the shots followed by brief cringing.
KAREN: Disgusting.
Karen refills her glass.
KAREN: Want one to ease your pain, David?
David shakes his head.

Karen brings over her drink to David.
KAREN: Come on, you’ll feel better. [beat] No?
She throws the rum in his face. David screams in pain.
J.R.: [abruptly] Come on Karen, this is a bit much.
KAREN: I know. Waste of good alcohol.
Elmar begins waking up, groaning as he becomes more aware of the throbbing feeling stemming from the side of his head. He can barely keep his eyes open from the pain he’s enduring resulting in him constantly cringing.
KAREN: Just what we need, another useless male. I need another.

Karen refills the shot glasses.
KAREN: [handing J.R. a glass] Baby?
J.R. takes the double shot as Karen refills her glass and follows suit. She refills their glasses again, but neither take their next shot.
Karen pulls up a chair opposite the two captive burglars. She spins it around and sits on it backwards, hugging the chair and examining the faces of her perpetrators.
She gestures for J.R. to join her.

Haphazardly he does, but sits properly.
DAVID: How do we work this out? How can I make this better…
J.R.: [to Karen] Shall we just try the cops again? We’ve never caught them before, maybe they’d behave differently.
Karen turns around her chair and sits back down, properly facing them.
KAREN: No, not good enough.
Waving her free hand around she tries to form her fingers into to a pointing form. She manages to choose where to aim and points at Elmar with her index finger.

KAREN: Elmar your name is, right?
He blinks, that’s his only reaction.
KAREN: Why me? Why us?
ELMAR: Look, this wasn’t meant to hurt you…
DAVID: El. Leave it alone.
KAREN: [interrupting] No, no, let him finish — who was it meant to hurt?
ELMAR: [David snarls] Nobody.
Elmar looks at David before turning back to Karen.
ELMAR: You’re insured right?

financial enlightenment

Financial literacy if you’re in debt. It’s not too late.

Here is some financial literacy if you’re in debt. It’s not too late. The most important change you need to make, right now, is to learn the steps to change the course you’re on. They likely weren’t readily explained to you earlier, so let me attempt to help.

Should you incorporate your side hustles?