Long lists don’t get done – the art of setting tangible goals

You’ll always expand upon a list, it’s just what we do. What you need to do is find a way of tackling those lists. This is how it will be done, and ultimately you’ll need to always be accountable to your higher power (yourself). We’re going to come up with a rule, if a list […]

Stop indulging in self-improvement advice

content based on performing niche keywords with seo’d tools At some point you have to stop indulging in self-improvement advice if you wish to actually improve both in life and in business. if you go down the rabbit hole of self improvement and productivity, the advice you get will ve both helpful and contradictory. The […]

The amazing benefits of immersion

Total immersion to accelerate learning Find the easiest area to control the majority etc. Context a/b testing, doing more of what works making sure screenplays are available in other languages best click throughts on google adwords options read “bad science’ book on split testing single tasking, focusing, skills to enable others – which will enable […]

No reviews, no sales. You need product reviews

Think about when making purchases online how much reviews matter to you. Zero is worse than negative ones… Inside the room there is a huge top of the line bed, with an extremely comfy mattress and bedding. There are an assortment of thermometers and some lightweight monitoring equipment. Every item is fully blackened with a […]

Opinions of success from people that don’t matter

The strange domination of what other people think and people’s opinions of what success means. Opinions of success from people that don’t matter (the only person that matters is you and the effort you put in) Nobody’s opinion of you matters but your own. It’s you who needs to be at ease with yourself, your […]

Siddhartha quotes can help solidify your perspective

Siddhartha quotes can help solidify your perspective siddhartha, love is stronger than hate, soft is stronger than hard, water is stronger than stone She picks up the cup and the glass. KAREN: [nervous] I got carried away, washed too many dishes and ended up with one glass and one mug. Typical. Karen hands David his […]

Did Winston Churchill really say everything he’s quoted to have?

Did Winston Churchill really say everything he’s quoted to have? Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. Broadly attributed to Churchill, but found nowhere in his canon. An almost equal number of sources credit this saying to Abraham Lincoln; but none of them provides any attribution. continuous improvement is better than […]

The Budget Traveler advice

http://budgettraveller.org/my-75-tips-to-save-money-when-travelling-in-europe/ The Budget Traveler advice KAREN: [shaking her head] Why would I? Have I given you any reason to think that of me? DAVID: No. [beat] I do know what happened to El was accidental and I do know it was all our fault. I’ll do whatever you want to appease this. You’ve been very […]