Compounding – how vital it is in all aspects of life

This post is about compounding and how vital it is in all aspects of life. Most things in life aren’t achieved by dint of a miracle or instantaneously. They’re grown, they’re improved, increased and developed. It’s a very unique situation where something just explodes into fruition, usually it’s started and grown. That’s why you need to take the time to understand whatever it is you’re trying to do or achieve, starting literally at this moment is the right idea.

Base your life on the premise of having an indefinite selection of opportunities. You don’t know how many days you have but you do know you should use them all you’re able to. Your excuses and delays for beginning will ultimately cost your own aspirations and the people that you wish to inherit the fruits of your labour. Start today.

Look at any aspect of life, creativity, health, investing, learning. All of that is best developed by compounding. You start, then add, then add, then add. It’s true of most things.

Writing for example is an art best compounded (unless you’re a journalist for a paper or blog that runs daily). If you wish to write a traditionally lengthed novel, you need to work and add and add and continue that way. It’s easy to look at by stepping outside of the task and breaking it down. If you wrote one page a day for one year, you’d have 365 pages and if you wrote more. You’d have more. But it doesn’t stop there. If you wish to improve what you’ve written, you could write something considerably shorter and refine it over a period of time. Both ways you’re compounding and developing your efforts to yield something ultimately better.

Compounding - how vital it is in all aspects of life

Savings accounts are probably one of the clearest areas in which compounding is vital. You put a few cents or dollars (or whatever currency you use) into a savings account and let it remain there. Even at 0.1% per annum it will grow. You put more, whatever sum you put in grows faster and if you continually add, it will grow even larger. All through compounding.

Investing is another key region in which compounding is huge. Buy more stocks and you can potentially earn an endless amount. Yes, there are risks, but the rewards of growth and adding to holding more shares of a company can be extremely beneficial.

Exercise is another key area. You grow your strength and fitness by starting small, mastering and moving up. Your body ultimately thanks you and you’re able to manage life a little easier than if you wait for the perfect time to make things start.

Languages and learning anything. Try taking some time to start anything you wish to know and you’ll find it isn’t an instant understanding, instead it’s developing, or compounding, on what you initially discover and continue through.

Even just a a little bit each day will help you get where you want to be and that’s why compounding is vital in all aspect of life. Small amounts in time amass bigger things. Try it.

Daily quote:

“Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills.” Minna Antrim, Naked Truth and Veiled Allusions

*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?

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