Compounding – how vital it is in all aspects of life

Compounding – how vital it is in all aspects of life. Health and exercise



A bit each day, writing a bit each day amasses

J.R.: [irate, but less loud) — on you? No, it’s not your fault at all. Never. How could it be? We’re done Karen, done! Prison’s our next home. Say “adios” to our dream lives. That’s done now.
KAREN: This isn’t the time J.R.! [beat] I’m sorry, you know I am. But you know I didn’t plan this.
J.R.: How the fuck is that relevant?
KAREN: [knocking on J.R.’s head] Solutions! Solutions! Find a solution!
J.R.: Don’t push your luck.
KAREN: Get away from me then.
J.R.: Gladly.
J.R. heads to the bedroom.
Karen remains still and begins quietly weeping.

J.R. emerges, looking awful, but less aggressive. Elmar remains the first thing he notices whenever he enters. Each time he becomes a little more desensitized.
KAREN: Have you calmed down?
J.R.: What time is it?
Karen pulls out her cell phone.
KAREN: 9:40.
J.R.: So soon enough the car rental places will open… Or we could get Carlin’s van.
KAREN: You want to involve Carlin?
J.R.: There’s nobody I’d trust more.

KAREN: Yeah but —
J.R.: We could use his van… I could call Carlin, he could help us drive Elmar far away. He’ll never be seen again. No need to worry anymore. Plus he has the strength to carry him any significant distance.
KAREN: Fine. Call him.
J.R. pulls out his own cell phone, and speed dials Carlin from his contacts.
J.R.: [into the phone] Hey man, I need your van for tonight. You’re not busy are you?
[beat] Okay, yeah, don’t worry. I’ll pay for it.
[beat] Don’t worry about that, I’ll explain tonight when I see you.

[beat] Yeah, I’ll explain everything tonight.
[awkward laughter to have everything appear normal beat)
Yup, yup. Yup.
[beat] Two days should do it.
[beat] Yes, two days… I’m paying for it. I already said so. Don’t worry.

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