In order to meet my goal, I’ve decided to go on a social media and news restricted diet. I adore both, but they tend to soak up a huge amount of my free time and thus the only times I’ll be really using both will be to strategically further my plan to get in the black and get my life back on track.

Airplane mode and solitude are great. Control and discipline. The understanding of what you can or cannot do to help a situation. If you’re worried about someone or something happening, are you the best go to or are the authorities? Can you provide the help needed?

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**** how to simply rant efficiently, video and audio too.

Things must change in order to improve. Sometimes you have to disconnect from things you enjoy in order to further your aspirations.

The one guarantee in life is that things will not just get easier. People will get sick, nothing will be predictable. That’s why you have to put yourself in as good a position as possible, tell the people you love that you love them and view this life as a challenge that can be met.


Tushit and MEHRDAD HAVAEI (brash, nimble, ready to adapt) are working away on an order at a blacksmiths owned by and named after Dr. Sunil Kumar. The relatively small workspace has randomized soul music blaring through their stereo system.
Mehdrdad is bending some iron while Tushit stares into the forge, verifying everything looks good for his next task.

MEHRDAD: You should have seen it, it was classic. The idiot was riding down the wrong side of an empty street, close to a bus. So the driver, as I would, honks to startle him and get him to wise up. The guy fell straight off his board and onto the street. He was fine, but shit, he acted like the bus driver was to blame. It was fucking your fault.
Tushit notices how long Mehrdad is talking rather than completing the work.
TUSHIT: Take your time, Mer. No rush. Not like we have a deadline.

MEHRDAD: Shove your sarcasm up your fucking sphincter.
TUSHIT: No, no, let’s just talk about skateboarders.
MEHRDAD: It’s being done properly. Might want to learn that nugget, sweetie.
TUSHIT: Yeah, well, got welding to do. Order’s changed now, just got an email.
MEHRDAD: You been to the range lately?

TUSHIT: I always try on my days off unless I’m installing.
MEHRDAD: I’ll come with next time.
TUSHIT: You’re welcome if you want to. I don’t mind you being embarrassed.
MEHRDAD: Yep, that’s why you’re always there alone, because you’re not wanting to hurt “other people’s” egos. Kume tell you about Nitara’s latest blow up?

TUSHIT: Over what this time?
MEHRDAD: Says she has evidence on him and Sinthya.
TUSHIT: Kume can’t manage one Indian woman, no way he could deal with two.

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