Did Winston Churchill really say everything he’s quoted to have?

Did Winston Churchill really say everything he’s quoted to have? Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Broadly attributed to Churchill, but found nowhere in his canon. An almost equal number of sources credit this saying to Abraham Lincoln; but none of them provides any attribution.

continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection – mark twain?

KAREN: — David, I hate you. I have no desire to hear anything about Sam or your excuses or anything. Really, I hope you die soon in an extremely painful death away from me and my world. We will never be friends, let’s not pretend that. So don’t bother getting all into the idea of apologizing and making amens. You fucked up. Big time. In more ways than one you ruined my life, so stop this.

KAREN: Don’t continue.
DAVID: I am sorry. I’ll keep quiet.
KAREN: You don’t need to keep quiet altogether, but let’s not get wishy washy and lie about the situation.
Karen looks down the hall, away from David.
KAREN: Hungry?
DAVID: No. Not at all.
KAREN: Well at least share a drink with me.
DAVID: I’m good.
KAREN: I insist, it’ll alleviate some of the stress you’re feeling. You’ll calm down.

DAVID: No, really.
KAREN: David, I think sharing a drink with me is the least you can do considering what I’ve had to deal with.
DAVID: Yes, but…
He notices Karen’s facial expression turn.
DAVID: Okay. Sounds nice.
Karen heads off towards the kitchen.
Dishes are scattered around, piled up from the past few days.
Karen takes out two glasses and pours what little remains of the rum she purchased nights before. She then looks to her knees where her cleaning products are kept.
She rummages through the bottles, and picks up a few. Her selection includes two bottles of cleaning sprays and a clorox like powdered product.
KAREN: David, sorry, there aren’t any clean dishes. Give me a couple of minutes.
DAVID (O.S.): Okay.

Karen turns on the tap to drown out sound. Bringing out a bowl, she twists off the liquid cleaning products’ lids and pours small amounts into the bowl. She then spends a few seconds sprinkling on some of the powdered cleaning agent. For good measure, she adds some honey and sugar to sweeten the concoction before mixing it with a spoon.
Slamming the tap handle closed she continues on.
KAREN: David, so sorry, you start with one dish and… Just serving up now.

Carefully she tips the cleaning concoction into a normal sized drinking glass, filling it 1/6. She tops it off with rum so that it looks like the drink is just over two shots.
She pours herself some rum of equal measure into a glass which is exactly the same, but noticing the colour decides to decant it into a mug to be safer.
Staring at the drinks, but realizing the time, Karen breathes in and out slowly and deeply.
She then picks up the cup and the glass, heading back to David.

She places the glass and the cup a little out of David’s sight and then makes sure he can hold the glass by putting his hands together, ready for the drink.
KAREN: I need this, and I’m sure you do too.
DAVID: Worst day of my life.
KAREN: Well, I poured us both double shots to hopefully take the edge off.

Daily quote:

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

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