Do not waste time, time runs out for everyone

Take control of your life. TIME RUNS OUT.
Do not waste time. It’s never too late. You start when you start. The point is to start and not eternally plan.

Life experience. Learn those lessons. Improve. Don’t repeat. Improve.

STUART: As soon as you want it done. [firmly] But please, Richard, please reconsider.
RICHARD: If only you could feel the feelings I’m trying to escape from right now. You’ve been here before, but not where I currently am, not this late on. If only you could step into my exact shoes, embrace my memories, routine, experience. I have to do this.
Stuart stares at the ceiling for a second, then at Richard.
He passes Richard a phone number and a name.
“JOE – 0171-555-8277”
STUART: I was told to tell “whomever” I was passing the information on to that that would be the man to contact about this. He has been following you since I put the word out. He has taken photos of you and written extensive notes and researched your life. [beat] I told my connection everything you’d told me. It was demanded. I don’t know this character, nor do the men I spoke with. But that’s who they told me handles this sort of arrangement. Whatever you do, don’t spell it out over the phone. Speak carefully, these guys operate very secretively and don’t get caught. If people arouse suspicion, they won’t bother. Fuck, why am I allowing this to happen?
Stuart’s facial expression depresses.
STUART: Please Richard.
RICHARD: Stuart, you don’t know who I now am. We haven’t really spent time together in years. [beat] It’s my time to go, please accept that. You never know when it’s your time to die as the clichés say. But, if you wish to – you can decide. You’re allowed to. It’s our own individual decision. Most religions don’t like us to think that way, but we all know it’s the truth. [beat] I’ve decided. I need to. I need to now.
Stuart rises from his seat and moves around to Richard’s side. He hugs him tightly. Richard reciprocates. They leave the room.
Stuart stands in the doorway, his hand upon Richard’s shoulder with Richard before him, outside. Both men are fighting back tears, emotionally overwhelmed.
STUART: So, this is our final memory?
RICHARD: Yes. Yes, it is.
STUART: I won’t forget our experiences. You were my closest friend for a long time. I’m sorry that we didn’t remain how we were, maybe this wouldn’t be happening now, but…
RICHARD: There are no buts. We chose what we did and there’s no point in regretting. Just remember our good times. There should be more than this life alone. [beat] There must be more than this. There must be. There’s so much we don’t know. I’m satisfied that I’ll see you in another form when your time comes. Or, if you decide that it has. [beat] My physical form will perish, but I believe my soul will still exist. I think. It won’t forget what we were to one another. I won’t forget.
Richard leans into Stuart and hugs him.
RICHARD: Goodbye old friend, I love you.
STUART: [softly crying] As do I you, Goodbye Richard. [beat] It’s not too late to reconsider.
Richard and Stuart release their grip on one another.
Richard enters his car and drives off.
Richard sits staring at the number Stuart gave him. He takes a deep breath and looks out the windscreen. A determined facial expression emerges. Turning the keys, he starts the car.
INT. BANK – 10:00AM
The bank is moderately busy with queues moving at a decent rate. Richard stands by a BANK TELLER and seals a briefcase, turns and walks towards the exit.
Joe, wearing a black velour tracksuit, is walking with clothes shopping bags in hand.
His mobile phone ringtone goes off. Joe stops, placing down the bags on the ground and answers it.
JOE: Hello?
JOE: Who is this?
RICHARD (PHONE): Richard Eaton.
JOE: Ohhhh. You. Yes.
RICHARD (PHONE): Yes. I want to go through with the plan.
JOE: Do you have the necessaries?

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