Two friends of mine died recently. One closer than the other, but they were both extremely good people. Better than I, in my mind. They were always positive, joking and uplifting. That’s not just something I’m saying because they’re no longer here, that’s a matter of fact. If they were pricks when they were alive, I’d say so. Don’t squander the epiphany that the death brings.

failure is just a stepping stone to success

J.R.: [beat] Prick. [beat] That makes it okay?
ELMAR: Well not really but… You can get it all back.
J.R. stands up, on edge. He takes another shot.
DAVID: [blunt] El, keep your mouth shut.

J.R. grabs the discarded cloth gags and nodding, he approaches Elmar. Karen cheers him on.
KAREN: Go baby, go!
She downs her drink.
J.R. violently stuffs the gag into Elmar’s mouth, whilst staring at David.
He sits back down.
The two engage in almost a staring contest with their would-be robbers.
Karen leaves to the washroom.

J.R. looks around his room, and potential weapons he may or may not be able to use.
Karen returns.
J.R.: I need to go too.
He leaves for the washroom.
KAREN: Why us guys? Huh? What did we ever do to you? Assholes. Get a fucking job. Make something of your life. Thieves. That word is only cool in fiction, in reality it’s wrong! You hear me, wrong!
J.R. returns to his seat.
Suggestively, Karen leans over to J.R. and seductively whispers something in his ear. An aroused smirk spreads across his face.
He looks at her as if to say “Really?”
She nods.

Karen stands up and inches towards the hallway leading to their room.
J.R.: I’m willing to not gag you if you keep your mouth shut.
David nods.
J.R.: Seriously. I hear one word; the gag —
Karen interrupts J.R. by tugging on his hand, pulling him towards their bedroom.
J.R.: — goes back in.
Elmar looks on as J.R. leaves, he takes the remainder of the rum bottle with him.
DAVID: [whispering] What now?
Elmar shrugs.

David further examines the room, desperately seeking an option. Both he and Elmar struggle, trying to find a way to loosen their bindings but not cause too much noise.
Elmar also focuses on pushing out the gag from his mouth, it takes him several hard attempts, but he manages to slowly push the cloth out. He grunts and groans moving and struggling, suffering from the throbbing pain in his head.
ELMAR: Sammy?
DAVID: No clue.
ELMAR: I have missed calls, I’m sure of it. My phone keeps vibrating as if I have missed calls or voicemail.
DAVID: I don’t care man, that’s irrelevant. How is Sammy possibly going to make this turn out right?
ELMAR: What’s your bright idea?

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