Is it ego, delusion, intelligence, confidence or what?

Due diligence and research. Above all else start. Compound.

David gestures his head to refer to the bindings.
DAVID: Are you getting anywhere?
ELMAR: I think so, but it’s tight. Dave, I think there’s something very wrong.
DAVID: What do you mean?
ELMAR: My head hurts a lot. So badly, so much man. You wouldn’t believe how this feels.
DAVID: Well, if they kill us you’ll feel much better.
ELMAR: Don’t be a dick, I’m worried.
DAVID: You should be.
ELMAR: Look, you know her better than I, would Sammy leave or try to help sort this.

DAVID: What can she do? What are you expecting?
ELMAR: She said ten minutes.
DAVID: Yeah, well, what she said doesn’t matter now does it. [beat] Any ideas?
ELMAR: I can barely open my eyes without pain. No. Nothing.
Fully clothed, J.R. slowly moves off of Karen. They’ve just had a “quickie” and are both clothed, apart from J.R.’s lowered jeans which he quickly pulls up while Karen puts her sweat pants back on.
She smiles and strokes his face, awkwardly smiling, J.R. is clearly a little distant.
J.R.: This is ridiculous, what are we doing?
Karen pauses, and grabs J.R.’s hand.
KAREN: I think we did what we had to.

J.R.: [solemnly] We’ve got two grown men as hostages in our living room.
KAREN: Give me a suggestion.
J.R.: I don’t have any.
KAREN: Just one, lets brainstorm.
J.R.: Well, we can’t let them go.

KAREN: Clearly.
J.R.: And this killing talk is absurd, we both know that.
KAREN: I hit him pretty hard with that dumbbell though.
J.R.: It is what it is. Now’s the important part.
Karen refills the shot glasses, the bottle is very close to empty now.
KAREN: [awkwardly smiling] One more?
J.R. rolls his eyes.
J.R.: Fuck. Why not?
They drink once more.
Karen and J.R. lie sprawled out on their beds.
David still scours the room, tired but alert. Elmar has passed out.
The silence allows us to hear the mild vibration that Elmar’s cell phone provides as it rings.
DAVID: [forcefully whispering] El!

There’s no reaction.
DAVID: [with more force] El! [beat] Elmar wake the fuck up!
Elmar drifts between sleep and being awake.
DAVID: For God’s sake El, your phone rang. I heard it this time.
Groaning and murmuring, Elmar tries to stay conscious.
ELMAR: Yup, and?
DAVID: This is taking too long.
ELMAR: [losing composure] Want me to call back? I have caller ID and Sammy’s on speed dial. Let me just whip out my phone and return her call. Oh, shit, wait. I can’t. My body is tied up and I can’t move. Excellent. Good idea Dave. You should work for the Government.

DAVID: If I weren’t tied up I’d slap you.
ELMAR: And if you weren’t so useless, I wouldn’t have gotten tied up. You could have saved this.
DAVID: I was injured too, remember?
ELMAR: And what happened to you?
DAVID: I got a swift kick in the balls when I tried to help your beaten ass. Then J.R. knocked me out.
ELMAR: He was here too?
DAVID: He came in after I fell and you were already knocked out.
ELMAR: So you could have sucked it up and stopped this. You could have grabbed a weapon, knocked her out and handled him.

DAVID: Don’t turn this on me.
ELMAR: Never your fault is it David?
DAVID: No, it’s Sammy’s. She said J.R. would be at the bar and Karen would be at work tonight. She was the one who assured us, not me. You know that.
ELMAR: Regardless, you should have been more alert.

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