Epiphanies can linger if you let them

Epiphanies can linger if you let them. Again, as we all will have and will endure, I suffered a great and sudden loss. A woman I grew up with, a second mother type figure, passed away today. She was a lot younger than anyone should be content with dying at and she wasn’t known to be suffering from any life threatening illness until one day she was diagnosed with a developed stage of cancer and within three days (ending today) she was dead.

Now the past few days have hurt. I’m thousands of miles away in another country, I can’t go to her side and even if I could she was comatose and so whether she heard me or not would have been debatable. She knew I cared for her and my family loved her but repeating that message would serve me more rather than her. She had more goals, more aspirations, more hopes… But the metaphorical plug was pulled and that was that.

Epiphanies can linger if you let them

As with everyone’s experience, when a death occurs you realize and understand how finite and short life is. A friend of mine texted me back with “It can be” when I stated that. No, it’s not can, it is. Immortality is fiction. We are here for just a blip and yes, it’s what we do with that time that matters, but if you’re me or billions of others, that epiphany exists for a short period around such tragedy. We then revert back into our routines of behaviour, habit, hope and insane repetition, always hoping for a more rewarding tomorrow but never quite pushing the areas that need that extra shove and stagnating at the hope until the epiphany repeats itself with another example of our ticking clocks, only to forget them again.

I’m not interested in forgetting this epiphany, I intend to wallow in it. Forever. I don’t want to keep reaching that “Ah ha! Oh yes, I forgot” moment, I want to utilize it to force myself into shape and I’m doing so. Now. Today. You can too. Remember the pain of what you lost and find ways to make the here and now as amazing as they can be. Never withhold telling someone you care for them or love them that you do. One day it will be too late and then you won’t have the opportunity to do so.

Remember the cliche, which has plenty of truth, “Give people the flowers while they’re still around to smell them.” And carpe diem. Todos los días.

Also, remember the fantastic quote attributed to Sam Harris; “Wisdom is taking your own advice.” That means if you’re always complaining about someone or something, you know what to do. Action a change. Time is finite.

Death serves as a reminder for you to utilize your time here, not squander it arguing. Use it to propel you to get where you want to go.

Daily quote:

“Kindness is as important as knowledge.” Megan Smith

*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?

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