The Get Rich or File For Bankruptcy book

The Get Rich or File For Bankruptcy book. Unless you’re in the position you want to be in, you don’t want to allow yourself to become comfortable in a situation you don’t appreciate. How many years become too many to perpetually just manage to make ends meet? Mentioned in the Get Rich, or File For Bankruptcy book, yes, the small things matter, but your life’s goals and ambitions do more. If you continually stay in the region of “just getting by” where your debts seem to push you further and further down, you must find a way to excel or simply restart.

A994: I tried too. I don’t know.
B998: There’s no way of knowing if it is a set up or genuinely focused on the cause.
A997: (incensed) Are you fucking stupid? It’s obviously a set up. This is clearly a precursor to capture anyone reading it.
B998: You all can’t be so naive. The cause comes first, this is blatantly entrapment.

A BARELY AWAKE FATHER pushes his TODDLER in his trolley towards the group. They notice and immediately back away from one another, trying to convey they’re strangers. He doesn’t notice. As he reaches the trolley rank he takes his toddler out of the trolley, grabs his coin for returning it and heads to his car. They then slowly reconvene.

Get Rich or File For Bankruptcy book

A991: No. This is the change we need. I like the way it’s laid out. The writing is smart, the ideas are smart. It’s sound and it’s feasible. It would couple perfectly with what we’ve been developing.

A993: Right, as long as it’s synchronized it’s fool proof.
A997: That’s not the point. Even to the simplest of us, you don’t smell a rat? It just being laid out there for all to see? If we have access, so does the world.

A BUSINESS WOMAN in a rush darts into the group, nudging past to grab a trolley. The group fall silent until she clears the area.

A993: It won’t be followed to the “t.” We’ll modify as we see fit and spread that through the networks.
B998 and A997 are appalled that this is even slightly being considered. It’s insanity. Planning an attack because of a couple of well written posts?

Daily inspirational quote:
“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when a man has only one idea.” Alain, Propos sur la religion

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