Head down, 6 months to lift off.

It’s all about the goal and the clarity behind it. Clarity matters. How will the funds and projects succeed? 

Any person capable of angering you becomes your master. They can anger you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed by them.” Epictetus

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My guess is that like the million and one entrepreneurs you interact with, your aspirations and ambitions are an always expanding and growing list that has yet to be curtailed and implemented. Let me be the last person to remind you to get your shit together and put a halt to the expansion. For the next six months, do not read anymore inspirational articles that search engines and social media suggest and don’t you dare add to your ideas list. Grab one and start working away at it, diligently and effectively.

From Peter Voogd “Rookie Mistake” Working without a proven system, taking random acts of action and starting the week without it written on paper first.”

Richard sits at a cheap, old wooden table, covered by a flower-patterned tablecloth situated in the centre of the room. Opposite where he sits stands a fridge-freezer, a clean, yet old oven and a sink in the middle of a counter, which runs along the wall. A small window is situated above the sink area with cupboards above and below the sink. There’s a doorway pointing towards a hall and a door to the back garden.
Elizabeth pulls out of the oven a roasting tray with roasted vegetables and two beef steaks. She places it upon the sink counter, then goes about finishing serving dinner with a passive expression.
RICHARD: [enthusiastically] Yum, darling that smells spectacular!

Head down, 6 months to lift off.

Elizabeth turns to Richard and awkwardly smiles, she takes out two plates and some cutlery to then set the table.
RICHARD: Care for some wine, dear?
ELIZABETH: [not paying much attention, insincerely] Yes, that would be nice.
Richard heads out of the room while Elizabeth sets the table. As she puts the roasting tray into the sink, Richard returns with two goblets and a bottle of red wine, smiling.
The credits for the movie finish scrolling. Aside from the light generated by the white text moving along the screen, the room is pitch black. Two empty tubs of ice cream are on the floor to his right and the pizza has vanished, the plate bearing only crumbs. The Pepsi bottle is almost empty.
Steve turns off the TV and DVD using remotes. He burps loudly, then sighs.
He slowly stands up, picking up his plate and rubbish while doing so, taking them into the kitchen.
Steve rinses the plate, guzzles down the rest of the Pepsi and then disposes of the empty containers.
Sluggishly, Steve continues to his bedroom.
Richard spasms as he hears the alarm go off with the news radio show. He sits up, turns on the lamp and puts on his glasses. Elizabeth still sleeps.
RICHARD: Elizabeth, why is it always the case that I’m forced to wake up at seven but you remain asleep until at least seven fifteen?
ELIZABETH: [drowsy, with her eyes closed] It’s your decision to do so. Leave me alone.
RICHARD: [disgruntled] Leave you alone? What? Answer my question.
ELIZABETH: [angry, still in her same position] Richard. I’m tired! I’m sleepy! I sleep! You don’t need me to be awake now, and whether I’m up now or in fifteen minutes doesn’t make a shred of difference.
[beat] Either way your breakfast will be ready for you when you’re dressed. Assembling it for you isn’t an hour-long escapade, it takes maybe six minutes at the most. Now would you please let me…
Elizabeth angrily sighs, opens her eyes and quickly sits up.
ELIZABETH: There’s no bloody point in trying to sleep now.
She gets up, puts on her robe and leaves. Richard appears stunned.
Richard, dressed in the same clothes that he’d worn the day before, cautiously enters the living room. Sitting on the settee is his breakfast tray with his two slices of brown toast, coffee and cornflakes.
RICHARD: Elizabeth?
ELIZABETH (O.S.): [shouting from the kitchen] Yes?
RICHARD: Is everything alright?
ELIZABETH (O.S.): But of course, isn’t it always?
RICHARD: Elizabeth, something’s wrong, I can tell. Was it what I said this morning?
ELIZABETH (O.S.): [dismissively] Just please, eat your breakfast and go to work. I have to get dressed.
Richard sighs, turns on the television and proceeds to resume his daily routine.
The stereo goes off and Steve sits up. He looks toward his curtains and opens them, staring outside at the busy street before heading out of the room.

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