Help for blocked writers

Let’s look at this in a little more depth, you googled “Help for blocked writers” to somehow get given a magical solution. The good news for you is that there isn’t a solution and that there’s nothing wrong with hitting a so-called wall.

Actual Help for blocked writers

Taking breaks can be helpful but there literally is very little good advice that you can be given to re-calibrate yourself. Writing is immersion, force it out of you. Try to “bleed” onto the page as Mr. Hemmingway said.

Going for a walk or adding external influences like listening to a song, reading a book, watching some TV, getting your mind a break, all these are vital, but the main focus should be the completion of the work. Give your mind a break, but don’t continually read advice. You have to be implementing. You have to be taking action rather than furthering theories as to what you’re doing wrong and how to get back on track. You have to act to be going forward to actually do things.

It’s one thing to have a great idea, but nobody actually cares that you do. The majority of people want to take heed of the idea at it’s best level; complete. When it’s brought to fruition. When it happens to be in the spermatozoa stage or an egg in it’s wait for fertilization, at that point it’s just conceptual, not conceived and it hasn’t gone where it needs to.

Unless you have hit a complete wall for weeks, I want you to stop wasting your time reading this. Get back to work and use your material to re-inspire yourself. Paying attention to my advice is doing nothing but wasting more of your time when you should be stuck immersed by what you’re creating. If it’s not gripping you, work out why not. Don’t look for other people to direct you out of the oblivion.

Writers that don’t write aren’t writers. It’s a simple way to distinguish things. If you wish to pay attention to that maybe you’ll actually excel and get some material created quickly… Or not quickly, but actually complete some work, period.

As I was saying, get on with it. I don’t have sympathy for you allowing me to distract you.

But! Prior to continuing on, considering I gave you the metaphorical slap in the right direction, if you feel the need to give a donation for setting you straight, you can do so by clicking here. Of course, failing that, it would be advantageous for you to peruse the writing prompts area where hopefully you will come across more and more sources of inspiration whereby you can potentially have your creativity sparked again. Okay?

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