How Peter Thiel, Tim Ferriss and Neil Pasricha inspired my 60 Day Sprint

How Peter Thiel, Tim Ferriss and Neil Pasricha inspired my 60 Day Sprint

Necessity truly is the mother of invention, but try not to put the pressure on yourself like I did in order to ignite that necessity.

You can climb high, fast, the problem is you lack focus. Obtaining it is a lot easier than you think, but potentially for some of you it’s harder. I know that’s contradictory. Forgive me, I’ll explain.

Success Jae “If your biz hasn’t even been in operation for 1 yr. please don’t get on social media trying to teach courses on entrepreneurship.”

Two weeks is enough time if you use it properly. Stop saying it’s not.

J.R. wakes up and grabs his head, reeling from his dehydration and newly acquired hangover.
J.R.: Typical.
He gets up slowly and recalls what happened the night before. Hastily, but with care so as to not agitate his head too much, J.R. heads to the living room.

J.R. spots David on the floor, and notices Elmar’s spat out gag.
He begins laughing before heading into the kitchen to grab a glass of water.
J.R.: Mornin’ boys.
In seconds J.R. finishes his water. He gets himself another and finishes that too.
ELMAR: Let us go. Please.
Though not vocal, Elmar’s pain is becoming more agonizing as time draws on.
J.R.: In due time.
David sneezes.
J.R.: You alright there, buddy?
DAVID: [sniffling] Just a cold.

J.R.: That’s too bad.
J.R. comes out of the kitchen and helps David to an upright seated position.
Elmar’s cell phone rings again, within earshot of J.R. He groans to eclipse the sound, though the groan is sincere as his pain is becoming more intense.
J.R.: What’s that?
He continues to listen and notices it’s coming from Elmar’s pocket. He pulls it out and notices the screen reveal “Blocked Number.” Without hesitation, he answers the call.
J.R.: Hello?

The line goes dead. J.R., mystified puts the phone on the table.
J.R.: Breakfast?
DAVID: Can you help me?
J.R.: I could…
DAVID: Please…
J.R.: One second David.
Using all his might, J.R. helps David up to a normal seated position.
J.R.: Breakfast?
DAVID: What?

J.R.: Would you like some breakfast?
ELMAR: If we reply are you going to hit us?
J.R.: No, why would you think that? I need grease and fat to sober up, you want some?
DAVID: Please, I’m starving.

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