How to be patient with your work if you’re extremely impatient

J.R.: Certainly, let’s just cut him up. What on earth are you saying?
KAREN: I don’t know. Shit, I don’t know. I don’t know. [sobbing] I don’t know Jay!
J.R.: [sighing] Okay, ignore him for now. [beat] What about David?
KAREN: What about him?
J.R.: We can’t leave him there.
KAREN: I can’t deal with his eyes on us. Lets go through this first, then whatever we need to with him.
J.R.: Lets sit for a second.
J.R. heads towards the kitchen table, Karen doesn’t follow.
He yells to Karen who remains out of sight in the hallway.
J.R.: Are you coming?
KAREN: You want me to go there?
J.R.: Yeah, where else?
KAREN: Let’s talk in the bedroom.
They walk together, slowly, solemnly. J.R. reaches for Karen’s hand, but is rejected. He reacts flailing his arm.
J.R.: Fine.

KAREN: I don’t want to be touched right now, okay?
They sit on opposite sides of the bed, a significant distance apart, both glancing around searching for an answer in their mind’s.
KAREN: We have to kill the other one too.
J.R. shakes his head.
KAREN: What? He’s not going to keep it to himself. I murdered someone babe, I actually killed someone. How am I going to get passed that?

J.R. looks away.
KAREN: Don’t ignore me! I was defending us! I was defending me and our stuff. I didn’t mean to do it, what else could I have done?
J.R.: I’m not acting like you’re a cold blooded killer, I’m trying to work this out… Find a solution.
KAREN: That’s the only one. There’s no way we can let him go.
J.R.: [exploding with sarcasm] And the bodies? What do you propose? Shall we put them in big black bags and dump them in the ocean? Line the bottoms with rocks and just let them sink only to be discovered later? Do you want to cut off all their finger tips, remove their teeth, drain their blood? I mean what’s your clever plan baby? What exactly do you think we could do to make this all better and go away, huh?
[beat] Maybe we should carve them up into smaller pieces, put them in bags and then spread them around the city. Or we could find a farm, offer them to pigs.

Karen begins crying.
KAREN: It’s not my fault!
J.R.: Well it’s certainly not fucking mine and I am not only an accessory, but an accomplice. So you’re right, you’re fucked and so am I too. Terrific. Nicely done.

KAREN: Stop blaming me! This isn’t something I would expect from you…
J.R.: No of course n— [beat calming down] I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this… I’m clueless, helpless. Got no idea how to resolve it.
They continue wondering.

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