How to manage debt versus time for an existentialist

Debt vs time. Job to slowly pay away

Investments and taxes factored, % of connection too

Working out exactly what you owe, how that will grow over years and what you’ll have to make in order to pay the taxes on it. You may not have considered this on the way down (when you acquired the debt), but in order to skip bankruptcy efficiently, you should have this all mapped and understood.

Start by paying the lowest cards and debts you have off first.

Ramit sethi talks about earning more rather than scrimping by, and I agree whole heartedly, but in the short term you may have to make some sacrifices in order to accelerate your exit from being in debt.

David spots Karen coming with their first aid kit in her hand. He smiles, wounded in more ways than one, but touched by her sensitivity.
She kneels by his side and looks at his scraped cheek.
KAREN: Ouch…

Examining the wound, Karen continues into her kit looking for a band-aid.
KAREN: I know it’s not much, but also the scrape isn’t that severe.
She applies the band-aid to his face to cover the scrape. David’s eyes smile for him, partially tearing up.
KAREN: Now, please talk softly, does anything else hurt?
Gently, she removes the gag.

DAVID: [whispering] No. Please let me go, I promise I —
J.R. bellows from the other room.
J.R. (O.S.): There’s no other sounds! I’m not deaf! Put the gag back Karen.
She picks up the gag and moves towards David’s mouth.
KAREN: [tenderly] I’m sorry, but I…
DAVID: I understand.
Slightly rolling his eyes, David opens his mouth.
Karen fills his mouth with the cloth.
KAREN: Thank you?
David nods.

Karen enters the living room, J.R. is seated on the couch. She puts her hand up to act as a wall blinding her from Elmar.
KAREN: Found a solution?
J.R.: Nope. You?

“Be the one who decided to go for it.” Unknown

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