Keep only one tab open at a time when not working.

Keep only one tab open at a time when not working. Twenty or infinitely more tabs will not get you closer to your goal, they’ll confuse you and divert you away from the focus you want.

Most people have trouble focusing in this modern world. It’s obvious why. We have so much room for distraction which is why it’s vital to try to keep only one tab open at a time when not working.

Keep only one tab open at a time when not working.

RICHARD: [upper class, slightly nasal voice] Elizabeth, it’s five past seven. Time for us to get up!
Elizabeth squirms beneath the covers and dismissively groans.
RICHARD: Elizabeth! Come on now, behave. It’s time for us to get up. Time to start the day.
Elizabeth slowly sits up. She rubs her eyes before opening them and stares at Richard with a blank expression.
RICHARD: Now, isn’t that better? You’re ready to start the day. Good morning!
ELIZABETH: [reluctantly] Morning Richard.
Richard gets out of bed and leaves the room.
Elizabeth watches him leave and sighs.

Steve walks towards his armchair, picks up a remote, turns on the TV to a national news channel and heads toward his kitchen.
The kitchen is very clean and adequate in size. There’s a white, modern microwave and a George Foreman grill sitting on the counter. A sink sits beside a fairly new oven with a dish rack alongside.
There are cupboards beside his knees and cupboards above the oven and sink. A large fridge stands adjacent to the oven, with a freezer of equal size beside it.
Steve opens up a cupboard above the sink, revealing a well-stocked amount of cereal. He takes out an unopened medium sized box of health food cereal and pours a huge pile into a bowl.

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