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“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou

KAREN: Ask him why he did it.
J.R. turns to face Karen.
J.R.: I can’t believe you’d… Really. What —
J.R. walks to Karen and hands her the knife.
J.R.: Know what, you deal with it.
J.R. heads to the bedroom.
KAREN: Oh for god’s sake!
With the knife in her hand she follows him down the hallway.
O.S. We hear them bickering further, with a typically redundant couple’s argument.
DAVID: Why wasn’t she at work tonight? She looks fine. Shit, shit, shit. Wake up Elmar, wake up!
David tries to nudge himself to move, though his motion is extremely limited and noisy. He quickly stops that attempt.
Karen and J.R. return to the living room, J.R. picks up the knife again.
Threatening David, he angles the knife above his heart.
J.R.: You yell, I stab, deal?
David remains stiff, no visible reaction.
J.R.: Blink three times if you’re in agreement.
David blinks three times.
Forcefully, J.R. removes the gag.
J.R.: What do you suggest we do here, friend?
David nervously nods repeatedly until mustering up the courage to shrug.
J.R.: I could call the cops, but yet again, the best that would happen to you is a few months. I’d probably get in worse trouble than you cunts.
KAREN: Yup, you would. I know so.
J.R.: And you’d be fine, right? [pointing to Elmar] You didn’t knock this fucker out with a dumbbell, right? That’s reasonable force I assume?
David chuckles.
J.R.: The fuck you laughing at, friend?
KAREN: Just put the gag back in, he’s not saying anything.
DAVID: No, sorry, look…
J.R.: Yup?
DAVID: I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.
J.R.: Excuse me?
DAVID: We messed up, I know that. But you did do a little wrong yourselves.
Karen’s mouth drops. She hurtles over.
KAREN: We did something wrong? WE did something wrong? You broke into our home you cold bastard, you’re saying we did something wrong after YOU tried to rob us?
J.R.: Calm down Karen.
KAREN: Don’t you side with him.
CLOSE ON Elmar’s phone vibrates, nobody really notices. It happens while during talking.

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