No excuses. Always today. You don’t start, if you don’t, you don’t get there.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Instead of asking “what do you do?” Ask “what are you interested in?” Or “are you happy in life?”

“A life in 3 years that justifies its suffering”

Ideal future, future plan. How incremental you’ll get there, goals and how are you going to get there and how you’re going to mark your progress. Reduce sum total of suffering

“If things aren’t working out, it’s my fault. I’ll work it out. How am I insufficient? How do I rectify that?”

It’s also important to understand who and how you are. I used to be someone that blamed all my actions on circumstance and others as opposed to realizing who I was. I’d blame caffeine and alcohol for my behaviour, ignoring the fact that as days drew on and similar circumstances unfolded, I behaved in the same manner, regardless of what I ingested. This epiphany is vital for you to improve and tweak your own behaviour.

JOE: Where do I find you?
RICHARD (PHONE): Where are you right now?
JOE: Bond Street, but I have a car. I can meet you wherever.
RICHARD (PHONE): If I met you at “Kiss Hands” in twenty minutes, would that work?
JOE: Yes. Bring it in a dress shirt box, in fifties. Okay? Count it twice before bringing it. If it’s short, nothing happens. Come alone.
RICHARD (PHONE): I was going to. Don’t worry; it’ll all be there.
JOE: Twenty, “Kiss Hands.” I’m Chinese, I’ll be in a black-velour tracksuit.
RICHARD (PHONE): I’ll see you there.
Richard, holding a shirt box stands before the doorway staring at the Pub’s sign. He takes three deep breaths, then pushes his way in.
The pub is extremely busy. It takes Richard a few seconds to locate Joe, when he does he joins him.
JOE: Richard, I’m Joe.
RICHARD: Yes. Hello.
Joe extends his arm and the two shake hands.
JOE: This is the only time I’ll ask you. Are you certain about what you’re doing?
RICHARD: I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.
JOE: Understood. Do you have my shirt?
RICHARD: Huh? Oh, yes…
Richard passes over the box.
JOE: Thank you.
RICHARD: So. When will this happen?
JOE: Tonight.
Richard looks extremely preoccupied.
RICHARD: [nodding] Okay. Do we have anything more to discuss?
JOE: [looking at the box] It’s all here?
JOE: Then no. It’s done. But I’ll count it when I leave.
Richard becomes anxious, nervously smirks and stands up.
RICHARD: Thank you. Goodbye.
Richard exits the pub in a hurry.
Steve sits down opposite Joe in a booth situated in the far right corner of the recently renovated pub.

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