Think about when making purchases online how much reviews matter to you. Zero is worse than negative ones…

Inside the room there is a huge top of the line bed, with an extremely comfy mattress and bedding. There are an assortment of thermometers and some lightweight monitoring equipment. Every item is fully blackened with a display brightness setting that will be turned off.
RESEARCHER 1: Right, I’ll going to ask you to get changed for bed and into the position that best suits you for a good sleep. If that means getting naked, that’s fine. We won’t be gawking, we’re professionals.
(pointing to a wardrobe)
There’s a secure wardrobe over there in the corner with hangers and drawers to organize your things. There are also clean new pyjamas if you’d prefer using those. You were also told if you wanted to, you could bring your own. Your choice.
Donald nods.
RESEARCHER 1 (CONT’D): I’m going to leave now to allow you to get comfortable.
Researcher 1 leaves.

Slowly, Donald looks around while taking off his clothes. He gets into bed.
RESEARCHER 1 (O.S.) (CONT’D): Ready for us to come back?
Researcher 1 and 2 enter the room.
RESEARCHER 2: I’m going to connect a variety of electrodes and small electronic devices to your head and chest. Don’t worry, there’s no risk of injury to you.
May I start?
DONALD: Go crazy.
RESEARCHER 2: Thank you.
Researcher 2 begins applying electrodes and patches to Donald’s temples, chest and his forehead. He wraps a very lightweight band around Donald’s forehead to monitor the brain.

RESEARCHER 1: We’re going to let you sleep now, as per our introductory interview, you’ve made sure you don’t have any commitments for up to the next 24-48 hours, am I correct?
RESEARCHER 1: Excellent. Have a good rest.
The two Researchers exit, turning the light off and closing the door.
Once they leave, the room becomes surreal. It’s pitch black and completely soundproof. The only thing audible is Donald’s breathing.

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