And that’s perfectly fine. Full disclosure, nobody had the answers. Good, fit people who diet get sick and the reverse. I’m starting from x liabilities and no assets, aiming to educate myself and get $4m or more

She notices a pile of books by his couch about the Carrington solar storm of 1859 with bookmarks at alternating points.
Walter laughs.
WALTER: Nothing.

Looking at her handbag, Walter tilts his head to convey, “Phone’s off, right?” She nods.
MIREILLE: Anyway, we’re not going to get a random solar flare do it for us.
WALTER: Carrington 2.0?
You know how crazy you sound, right?
MIREILLE: I don’t agree.
His computer is up and running so Walter takes a seat at his desk.
MIREILLE: Plus, we really need to consider the lining of each object. Irritatingly they now add metal plating protecting engines and motherboards etc. This has to penetrate through them.

Walter widens his eyes, annoyed that Mireille is “pointing this out to him.”
WALTER: I do know, I told you that.
Come over here.
She stands alongside him, looking at the monitor.
He checks that his modem and router are unplugged. It appears that he’s connecting his phone to the computer.
MIREILLE: If you’re showing me something, I hope that’s not active.
Walter glares at her.

A selection of thumbnails from the phone appear on screen. Walter double clicks on them and spending a couple of seconds on each goes through one after the other. He has managed to photograph classified blueprints of EMP rockets and devices.
Mireille is taken aback. This is what she wanted but perceived would be impossible to obtain.
MIREILLE: (mesmerized) How did you get these?
Walter smiles.
WALTER: Not just a pretty face.

WALTER: I’d been reading over things at work… Put in a few key queries on certain people and managed to accidentally stumble on some negligent co-workers who don’t know how to hide things.
MIREILLE: You’ve done it again.
WALTER: I know.
She clicks through them, revelling in what she sees.

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