Nobody has the answers and unless we make huge advances in science they never will.

Let’s get one thing straight. Nobody has the answers and unless we make huge advances in science they never will. That’s a great starting point for us all to be aware of.

If you’re like me, you identify with the demographic of westerners in their 30’s. If not, obviously the same doesn’t apply but hopefully some of this advice will resonate.

People assume that there’s a predetermined path of how we should live our lives and that if we don’t, if we falter of veer away from what’s expected, that’s offensive, that’s tragic. It’s not.

Most people watch the news, indulge in some form of social media or watch something that presents the ideal nuclear family-esque life and while in many ways that looks wonderful. Arguably it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be. We all have issues, we all have problems, but we don’t allow the world in to understand that. Depression and pain aren’t sexy. Breakdowns, money worries etc. hardly inspire the masses. But they are real, and they are unpredictable.

Comparing isn’t helpful. Stop it.

What you need to do is to stop making comparisons using yourself as some sort of simple metric whereby if you’re not doing as well as a friend or an acquaintance, you’re inferior. You’re not. Your path, your set of choices, your life, all of that matters in its own right. Whether you find your story boring or inspirational is subjective. If people can enjoy music you think is absolute trash, why wouldn’t they necessarily be able to find your life intriguing and or amazing? There’s something you’ve done or will do that no matter how small it may appear, could be monumental. Keep putting yourself out there. Act like Chumbawumba and get up again.

Michael has the answers. He has a million dollars and three kids

Good for Michael. He’s the exception. Now move on. I’ve already told you that nobody has the answers and unless we make huge advances in science they never will. So stop ignoring me.

Also, while you’re at it, entertain yourself with some cool trivia by purchasing Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable book. It actually does contain the answers you’re looking for with questions you never knew you wanted answered.

Daily quote:

“They showed you who they were the previous year, don’t get amnesia this year.”

*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?

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