Nobody is superior to you. We are all humans.

The eyes blink, but don’t move. The time quickly dissolves to “7:00” as a loud boom of sound emerges with the “Seven O’clock News Show.”
RICHARD stretches his arm towards the alarm clock, adjusts the volume and switches on a bedside lamp behind it. The room is now partially lit.
Richard (56, out of shape, black side parted hair with grey sideburns, full faced greying beard), wearing blue cotton pyjamas sits with his legs stretched out in bed listening. Beside Richard lies his wife, ELIZABETH (38, 5’2, shoulder length light brown hair, thin build) still asleep in a cream coloured nightgown.
Richard turns and stares at his wife for a few seconds. Quirky old quilts cover their humble double bed with a chessboard like black and brown pattern.
The bedroom features an alarm clock radio upon Richard’s bedside table and a bedside lamp behind it. To the left of it is a wardrobe with mirrors on the doors. To Elizabeth’s right there are two bookcases filled with books; inside and stacked above them.
Directly opposite their bed is a large window with a dresser beneath it, covered by drab brown curtains.
Richard picks up his thick black-framed bifocal glasses from behind the alarm clock radio and puts them on.

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