Building a work from anywhere business from scratch in 90 days or less

From Zero to One inspired comments. Building a work from anywhere business from scratch in 90 days or less

Building a business to make you mobile in 90 days

Pre-planning, you will continue to do this wherever you are in the world, but you need some leeway time

What did I start with? Well I’d prepared well over x photos to put on instagram and sync with other platforms, y videos to go on YT and z podcasts, not to mention scheduling countless proofread wordpress posts. I wanted a method that would help guarantee people would see my content and hopefully like it too.

Change your approach. Simple.

“Success is the result of your efforts.” Thus you must ask yourself if you’re putting in enough effort. If not, there’s where you start.

Travelling filmmaker/blogger – income methods.singular path

if you apply the same short term logic into trying to tackle a problem, you’ll get a repetition of it’s result. You need to think in a much more grand scale in order to get the goal that you seek. So, take the Peter Thiel approach. If it’ll take ten years, why can’t you do it in six months?

Have you heard of eBay?

Maybe retitle blog about changing perspectives to move forward.

Hustling by approaching local businesses about things they need that they may not have; websites, mobile friendly listings etc.

If you don’t consciously hustle with metrics to achieve, your life will be the same next year. In five. And in ten. You must take control

“I’ve never focused on money to be honest”

“There ain’t a problem that I can’t fix.” Rap reference in truth.

Reading Harry Potter and also seeing styles of other books

I’m twelve people each day, depending on the time of day and depending on the mood that I’m in. Sometimes when I get drunk I actually think that I’m a different person, but I’m not. It’s just the fatigue that has or hasn’t kicked in during the day. I find the different facets of who I am fascinating and upsetting.

If you apply the same short term logic into trying to tackle a problem, you’ll get the repetition. You need to think of something in a much more grand scale in order to get the goal that you seek. Take the Peter Thiel approach. Why can’t you do what you’d do in ten years in six months?

How Going for short walks or long ones can inspire the mind

In this 90 day sprint I decided to have my phone in airplane mode the majority of the day, when I’m trying to work. It was always a worry that I would miss important calls and be the one who would have to be available all the time, but in reality, if something horrible happens (heaven or god forbid) what could I do?

Seeing progress is extremely vital in anything, especially in order to feel validation and that you’re moving forward. From getting to another page in a book, to another level in a video game, to reduction in debt (even if only from one source) or increase in a savings account or investment. What you need to understand is that any progress is progress, no matter how small. Stagnation and remaining in the same position will not lead to anything positive.

“On your journey through life, make sure your biography
has at least one extraordinary chapter.”

“Stay ready so you don’t have to be ready”

Doing this to help clarify my own focus while I keep my dreams brewing and alive

We really are in a race against time and that’s an epiphany that we all must reach. I now see how behind I am, but I won’t allow that position to limit me

“A goal without a plan is only a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Kôprovský štít, Slovakia

“What worries you masters you.” Unknown

Three articles used to create a post. You also have to set up a writing discipline, and a publishing discipline, it can be foreplanned, but it has to be consistent.

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” —Harriet Beecher Stowe

“Be a practical dreamer, backed by action.” Bruce Lee

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

Stop distractions by willpower alone

I like to think I’m like you. I’m human (this is assuming you’re not a bot) and I enjoy news, gossip and meandering down rabbit holes, essentially the bulk of what the internet is. Every now and then though I realize the time I’ve wasted. This article is my attempt to convince myself and then through your exposure, convince you to, how to stop distractions by willpower alone.


The reason why willpower is the focus here is because it’s extremely easy to rely upon apps and imposed restrictions to temporarily cure your fix. Your willpower though, the much more adaptable beast, is the one you need to take the reins of. If I have an app which tracks your activity, initially it might make an impact, but you can always turn it off.

If you have a smart TV, the ease of moving over to YouTube or Twitter or the like continues on. Distractions will be everpresent. It’s you that needs to change.

The simplest way I can advise to kick this off is to tell yourself how much time you’re wasting. Following that, equate it with a goal that would fulfill you more.  “I’m spending an hour a day on social media/news websites/Youtube” – that becomes 7 hours a week. That’s a conservative estimate by the way. Nobody spends that little when indulging. It’s usually short bursts, but over the course of the day it could easily add up to two or three. Anyway, take that 7 hours per week and ponder what could be done with it. Could you get in shape? Could you start to learn a new language? Could you set it towards a creative or financial endeavour?

The power of habit intertwines very much with this, willpower is what starts your change, habit is what maintains it. If you enter a routine of repetition on anything, after enough time it becomes second nature.

I’ve become a big fan of Jocko Willink, a former navy seal who very much champions discipline. His famous quote, “Discipline equals freedom” couldn’t be more true. Once you actually have the factors in your life that you want controlled under control you can head clearly in the direction you wish to with the other hours in the day you have available. We all have the same time, it’s how you choose to use them. So stop distractions by willpower alone, you have the strength to. You have the strength to choose.

There are good ideas and bad ideas. Not every idea

why fight?

“Show them how tough you are. Speak calmly and quietly because you're strong.”

don't be a victim of circumstance

The seasons of our life song

STEVE: What's the time?
Robbie looks at his watch.

ROBBIE: Five ten. Why?
STEVE: No. Look again.
He looks again.
ROBBIE: Yeah it is.
STEVE: No. Look again.
ROBBIE: What? I just did. What time is it then? You have a watch.
Steve looks at his watch.
STEVE: Ah, see, that's it. [beat] It's time for you to fuck off!
ROBBIE: You fuckin' bastard, haha.
STEVE: I think this is the first time in ages I've actually been in a happy mood.
ROBBIE: Haha, and you're not even drinkin' a real drink! How long has it been?
STEVE: Um... About five and a half years.
ROBBIE: Shit. Why'd you stop again?
STEVE: I think you know why. I don't think a drunk man can do what I do.
ROBBIE: Haha. Yeah, good point.
Robbie takes a sip of his drink.
ROBBIE: Why don't you have a few tonight with me?
STEVE: I'm takin' it today ain't my birthday?
ROBBIE: You're takin' it right. I know you done Joe's thing, and I ain't got nothin' for ya. So why not? A few ain't gonna make ya an alky. Fuck, you never was. So just have a little fun like old times.
STEVE: [smiling] You're a fuckin' prick, haha.
ROBBIE: What was that?
Robbie turns his head and cups his ear aiming towards Steve. Steve leans toward Robbie.
STEVE: [carefully articulating] I said, "You are a fucking prick."
ROBBIE: [leaning back] Oh, you need a drink?
Robbie waves to one of the Pub's Staff that's cleaning a table. As soon as she notices, she comes straight over wearing a tip hopeful ear to ear grin.
WAITRESS: What can I do you for?
ROBBIE: My friend here wants... No. [beat] My friend here NEEDS to get drunk. It's been way too 'effin long. So, what are we having first Steve?
STEVE: [rolling his eyes] Robbie.
ROBBIE: Two double G&Ts to begin with, love.
WAITRESS: You can order — [pointing to the bar] -- just over there...
ROBBIE: It’ll be worth your while, love.

Implementing and attempting means learning

You can make notes at length, but if you don’t action them, they seep into the background. Stay focused on actioning things you discover. Big difference between reading material and studying it. Need marketing and sales plans.

The idea that people forget whatever you owe on credit you’ll also have to pay tax on the interest and that whole dynamic

A “growth mindset.”

Enthusiasm for advice and learning “Innovators Dilemma” and “Getting To Yes”

“Crossing The Chasm”

“Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”

“High Output Management” Andy Grove

“The Effective Executive”

“Poor Charlie’s Almanac”

There is a bad way of doing things, and thus far I’ve done that.

“Never underestimate your problem or your
ability to deal with it.”Robert Schuller

ELIZABETH: I’m usually here at 8:30AM. Damn. I’m going to have to be here then, I have a ton of paperwork to sift through by tomorrow night. Plus Richard and I apparently are going to some bullshit dinner party with only the “most respected, intellectual” professionals. [sigh] Basically, I’m preparing for yet another boring night being ignored.
CAROLINE (PHONE): Calm down Liz, we’ll have a great one tonight. [beat] Okay, so you want to start early then? Happy hour is from five to six… how does that sound?
ELIZABETH: Great, meet me at my place at 3:45, okay?
CAROLINE (PHONE): See ya then.
Caroline hangs up then Elizabeth does too.
Steve puts away a recently dry-cleaned suit in his wardrobe then leaves.
Steve enters the traditional looking Celtic pub, except it’s playing contemporary music. It’s extremely full.
He searches for Robbie. Robbie is sitting off in a far corner and noticing Steve, waves. It takes him a few seconds, but Steve notices the wave and joins Robbie at the corner table.
STEVE: [taking off his overcoat and jacket] Alright Robbie? Fuckin’ hot in here isn’t it?
ROBBIE: [smiling] Haha, yeah Steve, fuckin’ hot.
Robbie points to a buxom blonde WAITRESS working furiously, Steve acknowledges her.
STEVE: Know what time it is Robbie?

Your inbox should be empty.

In this day and age your inbox should be empty. Fully. Tackle this as they come and use filters to put less important marketing correspondence or advertising elsewhere. You want to be on top of things, employ an empty inbox aim.

Tandem convos accelerated learning

He opens the fridge, takes out a two-litre carton of single cream, and submerges the cereal. Steve leaves the box and “milk” out and takes his breakfast towards the television, then sits with it upon his armchair.
Steve empties the last of the cereal into his bowl and opens another carton of single cream to cover it. He then sits back down in his armchair with his bowl and continues watching the news.
Dressed in a very old workout t-shirt and jogging bottoms, Steve sits inside his personal flex gym. The all-in-one gym is situated in the centre of the room above a black mat. Across from the gym is a television fixed to the ceiling corner. Steve begins his workout doing simulated bench presses.
Almost fully dressed in an Armani suit, Steve fixes his plain black silk tie in the mirror. He has no distinct facial expression, but seems focused.
Steve picks up the bag with his suit in and grabs his wallet from the floor. He then turns and walks out.

Know thyself to control thyself

Know thyself to control thyself

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure
are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” Dale Carnegie

Cooking more to relax – hugely relaxing!

Steve enters the dry-cleaning shop through a glass door. The shop is various shades of yellow and has a lengthy counter separating the customers from the staff.
Heading straight towards the counter, Steve pats down a bell situated next to an old cash register.
A middle aged ASIAN MAN emerges from the back of the shop. He’s 4’9, beginning to lose his wispy black hair and talks with a strong Chinese accent.
ASIAN MAN: [smiling] Hi, how can I help you?
Steve stares at the dry-cleaned clothes in the back, deliberately avoiding eye contact with the shopkeeper.
STEVE: I want these dry-cleaned.
The shopkeeper turns to see what Steve’s staring at then turns back to reply.
ASIAN MAN: No problem. Can I get your details?
STEVE: Just give me a stub. I don’t like givin’ details. I’ll pay up front.
ASIAN MAN: [confused)] Okay. When you want it by?
STEVE: How much for this afternoon?
ASIAN MAN: [meekly] Fifteen pounds.
Steve fumbles around his hand in his pocket and pulls out a FIFTY POUND note.
STEVE: [still not making eye contact] I’ll give ya twenty-five if

Nobody cares about you until they do, right now people don’t stay in touch or worry apart from your immediate family. Now is the time to seize and build

Getting your crowd and those one thousand true fans

Getting your crowd and those one thousand true fans… You’ll literally come across more articles on this subject than people with enough supporters and followers to make the subject real. I’m just another champion of it. The suggestions I’ll give are for what has worked for me.

“Courage is grace under pressure.” Ernest Hemingway

“The main thing is the main thing to keep the main thing”

Doubt kills

Pavlov’s count.

If you build it they will come

Don’t waver on the quality of what you create. Be proud of it. If it’s digital you can constantly refine it until it reaches a point that it is actually finished. A lot of people insist you simply walk away from a piece when you’re satisfied. I agree, to a degree. The written word in the digital space is something that can be ever evolving, it can have grammatical revisions, words removed for optimal clarity and endless other options. The point I’m rambling away from is be proud of whatever you do. That’ll breathe a sense of quality into your work and those that respond to it will in turn theoretically support it.

Don’t put things out in a rush. Work towards a deadline but make that deadline realistic to encompass any thoughts on refining and improving. Rushing anything can result in something sloppy and nobody returns for something sub par. The first impression matters. Make it count.

I do not apologize for my art.

Steve walks through the purple mood lit bar between many tables before reaching the booths at the back. The booths feature very cushioned seating and lone candles in the centre of the tables beside funkily designed menus.
He continues past two booths until he sees his “agent,” ROBBIE (Italian, well built, wearing a dark blue Versace suit). Robbie has a rum and coke sitting in front of him and a glass of Pepsi behind that, waiting for Steve.
STEVE: [looking directly into Robbie’s face] Alright Robbie?
Steve sits down opposite him.
ROBBIE: Alright Steve?
Steve takes a gulp of his Pepsi then places it back down upon its coaster.
STEVE: [enthusiastically] So, what’s new?
ROBBIE: Not much. Well done last night… No press. Well done. Not much goin’ on though.
STEVE: Ah well. That’s fine.
Steve downs the rest of his Pepsi.
STEVE: I’ll see you Thursday at Witherspoon.
ROBBIE: [sighs] Okay Steve, see ya later.

You’re doing podcasts wrong.

Over the past ten plus years podcasts have grown from a nerdy niche to a fantastic normal way of receiving entertainment, news and advice. But you, my strange acquaintance, you’re doing podcasts wrong.

Bulk story – you’re meant to (with anything in life) put something into practice and implement rather than gorge on more and more information until it overwhelms you in piles of lists or digital file folders filled with disorganized documents.

you get me it by four.
ASIAN MAN: [smiling] Sure! No problem.
Steve hands the cash over to the shopkeeper, takes the change, turns and leaves.
Richard sits alone in his office. Every wall is covered with books, neatly organized in bookcases. He sits at his desk scribbling upon a pad of paper while glancing at a thick, opened book.
Suddenly he stops writing, places down his pen and stares at a photo of Elizabeth on his desk for a few seconds, overcome by an ear to ear smile.
Steve walks confidently down the street. The sky is a beautiful orange shade as the sun is setting. Steve passes a variety of bars with loud music spilling out of them. As he walks, his size encourages other people to move out of the way to allow him a clear path.
He continues walking until he reaches the pink neon sign of a bar named “Enigma.” The bar is covered by tinted windows, and only the neon sign indicates that it may something worth checking out.
Steve opens the door and enters.