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Life is fucking complicated. Anyone above 12 knows that. What most of us don’t take the time to consider with our actions and our decisions is the logical question, “Will it help or hinder what I’m wanting?” This is of course wide ranging and far from straight forward. Sometimes the right decision will spiral into complications, sometimes honesty truly isn’t the best policy and sometimes you have to mitigate in order to get the best possible outcome for you and your future. It’s a necessity to evaluate whether your decisions will help or hinder your goals.

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*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?

How can I become a millionaire quickly or soon

The funny thing is people actually google or search for these phrases under the true naive belief that if there were a straight forward answer, a simple search query would deliver it to you. Just like what you see on the heavily curated site that is Wikipedia, yes, there are answers to be had. But there are millions of contradicting opinions and like Sean Carter stated, “Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it.” Proof is in something being brought to fruition, not in theory.

Now my arrogance or delusion (you pick) is strong enough to state that I’m confident, despite being heavily in debt, that once I have this set it and “forget it” method set up, it will flourish and money will pour in. Whether or not that happens has yet to be seen, but it must be noted that the fact that action is taking place puts me in a better position than the millions of people that waste their breath as opposed to line their ducks.

Stoicism, Seneca, risk and Tim Ferriss

Stoicism, Seneca, risk and Tim Ferriss, Gary Vee, Ryan Holiday etc. too

Sitting quietly at a high stakes poker table, Jacquelyn has two piles of chips in front of her. One is designated to keep playing, the other she has separated for her thus far huge winnings. The OTHER PLAYERS at the table are watching her closely through this tense moment as she reveals her cards. She has won the round.

Jacquelyn smiles ever so slightly at the victory, she has reached a funding milestone for her project.
A FELLOW GAMBLER, female, groans after losing her umpteenth game. The DEALER encourages Jacquelyn to add her chips to her winnings pile.
FELLOW GAMBLER: You’re a very cunning and smart lady, so hard to read. I saw your bet pile is separated from your winnings pile too, that’s the only clever approach.
Fellow Gambler looks down at her paltry pile of remaining chips.
FELLOW GAMBLER: Perfect. Now you’re rich. You can have anyone you want and be anywhere, travel forever, live in some hot country.
JACQUELYN: I’ve already got plans for the money.
FELLOW GAMBLER: What? Judging by the way you played, investments I’m guessing.

JACQUELYN: It’s personal.
FELLOW GAMBLER: I say, to each their own, but if it isn’t something frivolous, you’re crazy! You only live once. Give this life some spice, have fun!
JACQUELYN: Another drink before I leave?
FELLOW GAMBLER: …Yes! Watch out for casino goons as you leave though. It’s not just a movie trope… I don’t think. Never won that big so what do I know?

This scene was removed because it felt too easy of a justification as to how Jacquelyn acquired such funds in order to launch the trials and experimentation. It felt too easy and although I would have loved to have seen it play out on film, I didn’t think it worked. I felt I didn’t need to fully explain to you dear reader how she managed to get the money together, that’s a piece of the puzzle you can debate.

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“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” David Viscott

No reviews, no sales. You need product reviews

Think about when making purchases online how much reviews matter to you. Zero is worse than negative ones… No reviews, no sales. You need product reviews and sincere ones.

Inside the room there is a huge top of the line bed, with an extremely comfy mattress and bedding. There are an assortment of thermometers and some lightweight monitoring equipment. Every item is fully blackened with a display brightness setting that will be turned off.

RESEARCHER 1: Right, I’ll going to ask you to get changed for bed and into the position that best suits you for a good sleep. If that means getting naked, that’s fine. We won’t be gawking, we’re professionals.
(pointing to a wardrobe)
There’s a secure wardrobe over there in the corner with hangers and drawers to organize your things. There are also clean new pyjamas if you’d prefer using those. You were also told if you wanted to, you could bring your own. Your choice.
Donald nods.
RESEARCHER 1 (CONT’D): I’m going to leave now to allow you to get comfortable.
Researcher 1 leaves.

Slowly, Donald looks around while taking off his clothes. He gets into bed.
RESEARCHER 1 (O.S.) (CONT’D): Ready for us to come back?
Researcher 1 and 2 enter the room.
RESEARCHER 2: I’m going to connect a variety of electrodes and small electronic devices to your head and chest. Don’t worry, there’s no risk of injury to you.
May I start?
DONALD: Go crazy.
RESEARCHER 2: Thank you.
Researcher 2 begins applying electrodes and patches to Donald’s temples, chest and his forehead. He wraps a very lightweight band around Donald’s forehead to monitor the brain.

RESEARCHER 1: We’re going to let you sleep now, as per our introductory interview, you’ve made sure you don’t have any commitments for up to the next 24-48 hours, am I correct?
RESEARCHER 1: Excellent. Have a good rest.
The two Researchers exit, turning the light off and closing the door.

Once they leave, the room becomes surreal. It’s pitch black and completely soundproof. The only thing audible is Donald’s breathing.

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Opinions of success from people that don’t matter

The strange domination of what other people think and people’s opinions of what success means. You have on average 30,000 days. Opinions of success from people that don’t matter (the only person that matters is you and the effort you put in). Nobody’s opinion of you matters but your own. It’s you who needs to be at ease with yourself, your life and to sleep to enjoy another day.


DONALD OMBREL (30’s, high functioning alcoholic) approaches a non-descript four storey warehouse. Unknown to the general public, this is the Walsh Institute, the center for Jacquelyn’s sleep and brain research.
Although the building is very inconspicuous, the THICK GLASS DOORS that serve as the building’s entrance break up the otherwise covert setup.
He buzzes an INTERCOM and pauses for a second, staring up at SECURITY CAMERAS for verification.
INTERCOM (V.O.): Continue to into the lens for a few seconds, please.
He does so.

INTERCOM (V.O.): Thank you. Proceed.
We hear another, louder buzz, as the remotely controlled lock on the front door allows temporary access to the building.
Donald walks down the bright white blank hallway to another door which is remotely activated to allow clients to push through. Security cameras are well camouflaged, but visible above each door.
The reception area is extremely white and empty, RECEPTIONIST 1 (female) and RECEPTIONIST 2 (male) smile and greet Donald.
Providing his identification and baffled at how spacious but blank his surroundings are, Donald slowly glances around his environment.
Receptionist 1 verifies the information with what she views on her MONITOR and clicks to confirm he appears to be who he says he is. The ID is then passed on to Receptionist 2, who similarly verifies the face to the ID, pausing to be certain they match.
Receptionist 1 opens a drawer and pulls out a pile of paperwork, including non-disclosure agreements and contracts.
RECEPTIONIST 2: Take a moment once you walk through to fill these in thoroughly.
(pointing, flipping through one)
Read the information carefully and if you’re uncomfortable with what you read, alert somebody through there. These documents are legally binding.

RECEPTIONIST 1: Before I hand you back your identification, I’d like you to sign your contracts. I’ll confirm your signature and then we can proceed.
Donald is directed where to sign as Receptionist 1 points to one of the first pages’ signature line.
RECEPTIONIST 1 (CONT’D): Just there, please.
Donald grabs a pen and signs his name.
Another page is flipped by Receptionist 1.
Yet another few pages are flipped before she points again.
Receptionist 1 carefully verifies the signature with that on the ID and hands back the identification.
RECEPTIONIST 2: I trust you understand the fact that we just want this research sincere, private and verifiable. We appreciate your cooperation.
RECEPTIONIST 1: Welcome to the Walsh Institute, we thank you for your participation in what we consider research extremely valuable. I hope you’re feeling tired.
Continue on through the doors over there — (pointing to her right) — someone will assist you in getting comfortable in your sleep lab. Everything you’ll be working with will be on the second floor, I’ll activate the elevator for you, it’s immediately to your right.
(glancing at the monitor)
Don’t worry, when you get to the elevator, I’ll open it and direct it. You will receive payment for your participation when you leave.

Donald approaches the white elevator doors. There are no buttons to call the elevator, but the doors open as directed by the Receptionists watching. He peers at the camera just above the elevator, but doesn’t notice the others around the room. Opaque remote locked glass doors surround him in two other directions.
Donald enters, confused. In milliseconds he is up on the next floor. There are no buttons or screens inside the elevator, just concealed cameras.
Again, blank and white. No imposing colours or images are anywhere to distract the mind.
TWO RESEARCHERS are waiting as Donald exits the elevator.
RESEARCHER 1: Welcome! I’m so very glad you’re here to help our research and of course, help your own understanding of your sleeping patterns. 
(grabbing Donald)
We’re going to take you through to your room and set things up. How are you feeling right now?
DONALD: Tired, like you asked me to be.
RESEARCHER 1: Perfecto.
The walls are black with a low intensity light on.

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Siddhartha quotes can help solidify your perspective

Siddhartha quotes can help solidify your perspective

siddhartha, love is stronger than hate, soft is stronger than hard, water is stronger than stone

She picks up the cup and the glass.
KAREN: [nervous] I got carried away, washed too many dishes and ended up with one glass and one mug. Typical.
Karen hands David his glass and holds the mug.

KAREN: Here’s to this sort of this never happening to either of us again!
She forcefully clinks his glass with her mug.
KAREN: Bottom’s up!
She shoots her drink, David doesn’t.
KAREN: What?
DAVID: Sorry, I’m a little…
KAREN: That’s really fucking rude you know.

DAVID: Sorry, excuse me… I…
David downs his drink in one gulp… He starts coughing and choking.
His eyes lock a tortured look on Karen as his body reacts to the poisons.
Karen shuts the closet door.
She heads into the living room, turns on her TV, turns up the volume and zones out.

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“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Booker T. Washington

*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?

Did Winston Churchill really say everything he’s quoted to have?

Did Winston Churchill really say everything he’s quoted to have? Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Broadly attributed to Churchill, but found nowhere in his canon. An almost equal number of sources credit this saying to Abraham Lincoln; but none of them provides any attribution.

continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection – mark twain?

KAREN: — David, I hate you. I have no desire to hear anything about Sam or your excuses or anything. Really, I hope you die soon in an extremely painful death away from me and my world. We will never be friends, let’s not pretend that. So don’t bother getting all into the idea of apologizing and making amens. You fucked up. Big time. In more ways than one you ruined my life, so stop this.

KAREN: Don’t continue.
DAVID: I am sorry. I’ll keep quiet.
KAREN: You don’t need to keep quiet altogether, but let’s not get wishy washy and lie about the situation.
Karen looks down the hall, away from David.
KAREN: Hungry?
DAVID: No. Not at all.
KAREN: Well at least share a drink with me.
DAVID: I’m good.
KAREN: I insist, it’ll alleviate some of the stress you’re feeling. You’ll calm down.

DAVID: No, really.
KAREN: David, I think sharing a drink with me is the least you can do considering what I’ve had to deal with.
DAVID: Yes, but…
He notices Karen’s facial expression turn.
DAVID: Okay. Sounds nice.
Karen heads off towards the kitchen.
Dishes are scattered around, piled up from the past few days.
Karen takes out two glasses and pours what little remains of the rum she purchased nights before. She then looks to her knees where her cleaning products are kept.
She rummages through the bottles, and picks up a few. Her selection includes two bottles of cleaning sprays and a clorox like powdered product.
KAREN: David, sorry, there aren’t any clean dishes. Give me a couple of minutes.
DAVID (O.S.): Okay.

Karen turns on the tap to drown out sound. Bringing out a bowl, she twists off the liquid cleaning products’ lids and pours small amounts into the bowl. She then spends a few seconds sprinkling on some of the powdered cleaning agent. For good measure, she adds some honey and sugar to sweeten the concoction before mixing it with a spoon.
Slamming the tap handle closed she continues on.
KAREN: David, so sorry, you start with one dish and… Just serving up now.

Carefully she tips the cleaning concoction into a normal sized drinking glass, filling it 1/6. She tops it off with rum so that it looks like the drink is just over two shots.
She pours herself some rum of equal measure into a glass which is exactly the same, but noticing the colour decides to decant it into a mug to be safer.
Staring at the drinks, but realizing the time, Karen breathes in and out slowly and deeply.
She then picks up the cup and the glass, heading back to David.

She places the glass and the cup a little out of David’s sight and then makes sure he can hold the glass by putting his hands together, ready for the drink.
KAREN: I need this, and I’m sure you do too.
DAVID: Worst day of my life.
KAREN: Well, I poured us both double shots to hopefully take the edge off.

Daily quote:

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

The Budget Traveler advice

The Budget Traveler advice

KAREN: [shaking her head] Why would I? Have I given you any reason to think that of me?
DAVID: No. [beat] I do know what happened to El was accidental and I do know it was all our fault. I’ll do whatever you want to appease this. You’ve been very good to me and you didn’t have to.
Pretending to be reaching an epiphany as she explains her idea, Karen begins filling in David with the solution.
KAREN: What if I got some sort of alibi together for you and for me. [beat] And then you go off and tell that friend of ours that you don’t know what happened to Elmar or where he fled to, and that you changed your mind when you heard it we were at home but you dropped your wallet at our place and so you felt you had to run away for a few days. [beat] Tell her you had to, “Let the smoke clear as they say…”
DAVID: Could you really do that?

KAREN: I want this over.
DAVID: I could definitely do this, definitely.
KAREN: But we will need some sort of collateral in exchange.
DAVID: Like what?
Karen grabs David’s hand and grasps one of his fingers.
KAREN: [joking] Your finger!
David repels in fear.
KAREN:I’m joking, I’m joking. Calm down. [beat] I was thinking more so some sort of video footage or something… We could have you admit to killing Elmar on tape and then set you free. If you were to say anything, the footage would be shown…
DAVID: But I didn’t…
KAREN: I know, there’s DNA evidence and ways to prove it was us… Maybe. But I’m trying to insure us against you being untrustworthy, which thus far you haven’t exactly given me reason to believe.
DAVID: I’ll do whatever you want, I won’t say a word.
KAREN: Cool beans.
DAVID: What are you going to do to Sam?

KAREN: What can we do?
DAVID: I understand.
Karen stands up.
DAVID: Sam lied so extensively, you two have shown me how understanding you are and who you are —
Her facial expression turns from passive and depressed to infuriated.
DAVID: I mean I just want to say I didn’t do this to personally hurt you.
Something tweaks in Karen, she now realizes how naive her last few statements were to David.
KAREN: You knew our relationship with Sam, why you did it I don’t care. But don’t kid me with that “not to hurt” me bullshit, you knew she was doing something against someone she knew personally. How could it not be personal? How could it not be to hurt us personally?
DAVID: But she —

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E-Book cover design tips and suggestions, can apply to print too

E-Book cover design tips and suggestions, can apply to print too

J.R. turns to David before they finish carrying Elmar out of the apartment. He stares at Elmar for a second, then turns again.
J.R.: I didn’t plan for this.
DAVID: Neither did I.

They continue dragging Elmar out of the apartment, Karen leads the way, she locks the door behind her but keeps a constant eye out on her surroundings.
Carlin, J.R. and Elmar near the elevator as Karen continues scouting the hallway.
J.R., more nervous than he has ever been, presses the button to call the elevator.
KAREN: We’re still good. Just one floor.
The doors open to reveal a 20 something year old MALE NEIGHBOUR.

The Male Neighbour stands alone, slightly buzzed. He notices Elmar with both arms wrapped around Carlin and J.R.
Initially he stare, somewhat disturbed. He also notices Elmar’s bold stench.
The Male Neighbour then chuckles.
CARLIN: [to break the tension] Too much to drink, haha…
MALE NEIGHBOUR: I know how that is, you’re good friends being there for him.
KAREN: [afraid] Bye guys, call me.
She begins heading back to the apartment.
The elevator doors close.
Karen pauses in front of her front door. She glances around it, then back down the hallway, noticing the other apartments.
She then slumps, her legs lazily stretched out. She strokes the carpet and just takes a second to breathe and think. It takes all the strength she can muster up to refrain from crying.
She inhales deeply and rises her feet, before heading back in.
Karen enters the apartment and stands in the hallway. David looks afraid, still cowering in the closet, but he stares intensely at Karen as she closes the door behind her.
KAREN: And so what do we do now David?
DAVID: [wincing] Let me… Let me go?
KAREN: In due time, I just want to wait for their call.
DAVID: Their call?
KAREN: Yes, to make sure everything’s okay.
Karen sits beside David.
KAREN: Look, I decided on the best solution. It took me quite a long time, I’ve been throwing out hundreds of ideas and so did J.R. but–
DAVID: — Please don’t hurt me.

Daily quote:

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” Mahatma Gandhi

*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?