“And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them” Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter

“And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them” Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter We all regularly get too proud to ask for help, especially from our families. Our families are those closest to us and most likely to offer a helping hand, but our pride jumps in and refuses to allow us to show our vulnerabilities.

J.R.: Karen, get that ribbon from the drawer.
Karen goes off and returns with a ream of wrapping ribbon.
J.R. proceeds to tightly tie the ribbon around David’s ankles and then his knees. He notices a small puddle of urine beneath David and stains on his trousers.
J.R.: Don’t betray the trust and everything will work itself out. Okay?
David nods.

The front door opens, J.R. and Karen snap their necks back to see who’s coming through. It’s just Carlin who carefully closes the door behind him.
CARLIN: Now? [noticing David] Oh shit, that’s what I heard? What the fuck?
J.R.: Not now!
J.R. gets to his feet and wrapping his arm around Carlin’s shoulders, pushes him along into the living room.

J.R. frees Elmar from his confinement to the chair using scissors.
J.R.: (lifting Elmar’s right arm and hooking his arm around his neck) You get the other side!
Carlin looks at J.R. dumbfounded.
J.R.: We have no time. Come on.
CARLIN: He stinks, he’s not… [beat] Fuck. Thanks for involving me J.R. True friend you are.
J.R.: Bitch at me all you want in the van, not now!
Carlin slides himself under Elmar’s left arm and the two lift Elmar to his feet.

J.R.: [yelling to David] David, remember our deal. We’re leaving with Elmar. Not a fucking word. Not one. Deal.
DAVID (O.S.): I promised.
J.R.: Karen, check the coast.
Karen opens the front door and looks down the APARTMENT HALLWAY.
KAREN: We’re good.
J.R.: [to Carlin] We’re going to the van.
CARLIN: [sarcastically] Thanks for the heads up, that’s obviously what I needed explained.

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How to make YouTube videos compete in an oversaturated subject

How to make YouTube videos compete in an oversaturated subject

KAREN: Please Carlin, we will tell you everything in the car.
CARLIN: [crossing his arms] Now.
J.R.: We either get on with it and explain in the van or you never see Karen or I again.
CARLIN: Fuckin’ melodrama, Jesus! Fine. Whatever. Go.
J.R.: Park by the dumpsters with the back doors unlocked. Call me instantly if the area looks busy or you see anyone. You shouldn’t. Nobody goes there at this time from this building. Rarely anyway. If you see someone, call.
Carlin’s breathing deepens.

J.R.: Please, go now. I’ll explain in order.
Clearly angered and confused Carlin leaves.
J.R. heads to the closet.
David, nervous and distressed locks his crying eyes on J.R.
J.R. removes the gag.
J.R.: Hungry now?
DAVID: Yes, please, anything.
J.R.: Karen, bring the shake.
Karen emerges with the protein shake.
David tries to articulate a “Thank you.”
J.R.: Silence. Drink this.
He feeds David the protein shake. Once finished J.R. tries to put the gag back in but not before David manages to speak.
DAVID: (falling apart) Please, don’t gag me. I can’t take it and I keep passing in and out… And I won’t yell, and I won’t say a thing…. I just want to go home. And I won’t tell anyone about this, or you, or anything… I won’t contact Sam. Nothing. And I’ll leave, I’ll be gone. Nobody will know. And I won’t. I won’t do anything. Please, please. No more darkness. No more gagging. Please!

J.R.: I’ll let you sit here with the door ajar. [beat] Condition number one is I’m tying your legs so you can’t run off. Condition number two, the gag can stay out so you can breathe. [beat] If you try to leave, or yell both will go back and I won’t be able to trust you, so I might not be able to…

[stops verbalizing his thoughts] Are we clear?
Karen looks at J.R., unable to determine whether she’s turned on by his authoritative demeanour or disgusted.
DAVID: I promise.

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“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Richard Branson

The J.O.B. abbreviation is true, unless you are lucky enough to have a high paying job

The J.O.B. abbreviation is true, unless you are lucky enough to have a high paying job. Plan for book how you intend to launch that and change everything, inspired by voogd simple phrase too much information, lack of implementation. In theory of everything is a numbers game, this is what I need to.do.to get everything sorted

Karen opens the door and CARLIN (tall, strong) walks into the doorway. David emphasizes his calls for help, but remains ignored.
CARLIN: What’s that?
KAREN: [awkward] Nothing, uh, come in.
Carlin enters the apartment.
CARLIN: So, how’re things?
KAREN: Um, you should talk to J.R. about that…
CARLIN: Yeah… Alright then?
J.R. stops Carlin before he gets too far into the place and spots Elmar.
J.R.: Hey buddy, how’s it going?
CARLIN: I’m fine, everything okay?

J.R.: Well yes, why wouldn’t it be?
CARLIN: You requested I bring my van out of the blue and wouldn’t tell me why over the phone. You said you wanted it for two days which means I had to get someone to cover for me tomorrow and… Now Karen’s all weird and shit. That’s why.
J.R.: Yeah, well..
Carlin walks past J.R. into the living room and sees Elmar slumped and bound to chair. David’s muffled cries continue from the closet.
CARLIN: [disturbingly calm but curious] So. What’s this?
J.R.: That’s for the van.
CARLIN: THAT’s for the van?
J.R.: Yes.
CARLIN: And the explanation?
J.R.: For the van too.
CARLIN: Is it bad for me to be here right now?
J.R.: Definitely not.
CARLIN: It seems like it is.

J.R.: No, I need your help. I really need you here helping right now.
Carlin’s lost.
CARLIN: So what do I do?
J.R.: Right, where’s the van?
CARLIN: It’s parked in your parking spot.
J.R.: I need you to move it beside the garbage dumpsters and recycling. There’s no camera there.
CARLIN: You realize this is fucking me up right now, right? What’s going on?
J.R. tenses up and deeply exhales a sigh.
J.R.: All will be explained. Just listen for now. Firstly, have my number lined up on your phone and ready to be dialled instantly if you see anyone —
CARLIN: — okay, explain what this is. Is this a joke?
KAREN: Just listen.
CARLIN: Don’t tell me what to do! Tell me what’s going on. Now.

The 1 Page Principle

The 1 Page Principle is a very sound way of tackling any and all writing projects. Whether you’re referring to a book, a screenplay or something you want to write for a website or blog post, the one page per day principle is a great tool to have your ‘juices flow’ and actually get you going by setting the bar very low.

Some people may reduce this to the one sentence principle or ideal, but that’s ridiculous. Unless of course you’re a poet and you need the lines to be perfect but by and large, your audience wants a mixture of profundity and volume rather than just something profound.

The 1 Page Principle

Begin today by sitting somewhere, or standing, the choice is yours, and simply placing your thought to paper or to a keyboard. From there, see where you can go. The idea is to get into the practice of doing rather than planning. Four hundred pages worth of notes aren’t the same as a four hundred page first draft which can then be revised into a perfect 90 page screenplay or a 300 page novel. Who knows where it will end up? If you don’t write anything you can be certain of the result.

Once you develop this rhythm it actually becomes very easy to keep going, but it’s the habit that needs creating. Get used to writing daily, even at that 1 page principle minimum. If you write more, fantastic! Keep going. Let that flow continue until the thoughts are out, festering and formulating something new. Just don’t be one of those writers that has plenty of great ideas but no worthwhile work to show.

Many people undervalue how great amounts of minimal effort compound and become something significant. Just a page a day is 365 in a year, and more is of course more. Start honing the 1 page principle discipline and get your work off the ground. Everyone that you know is sick of waiting and are hungry to devour your work (even if it’s sub par, they can respect that you tried at least).

Daily quote:

“Jumping from failure to failure with undiminished enthusiasm is the big secret to success.” Savas Dimopoulos

*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?

Compounding – how vital it is in all aspects of life

Compounding – how vital it is in all aspects of life. Health and exercise



A bit each day, writing a bit each day amasses

J.R.: [irate, but less loud) — on you? No, it’s not your fault at all. Never. How could it be? We’re done Karen, done! Prison’s our next home. Say “adios” to our dream lives. That’s done now.
KAREN: This isn’t the time J.R.! [beat] I’m sorry, you know I am. But you know I didn’t plan this.
J.R.: How the fuck is that relevant?
KAREN: [knocking on J.R.’s head] Solutions! Solutions! Find a solution!
J.R.: Don’t push your luck.
KAREN: Get away from me then.
J.R.: Gladly.
J.R. heads to the bedroom.
Karen remains still and begins quietly weeping.

J.R. emerges, looking awful, but less aggressive. Elmar remains the first thing he notices whenever he enters. Each time he becomes a little more desensitized.
KAREN: Have you calmed down?
J.R.: What time is it?
Karen pulls out her cell phone.
KAREN: 9:40.
J.R.: So soon enough the car rental places will open… Or we could get Carlin’s van.
KAREN: You want to involve Carlin?
J.R.: There’s nobody I’d trust more.

KAREN: Yeah but —
J.R.: We could use his van… I could call Carlin, he could help us drive Elmar far away. He’ll never be seen again. No need to worry anymore. Plus he has the strength to carry him any significant distance.
KAREN: Fine. Call him.
J.R. pulls out his own cell phone, and speed dials Carlin from his contacts.
J.R.: [into the phone] Hey man, I need your van for tonight. You’re not busy are you?
[beat] Okay, yeah, don’t worry. I’ll pay for it.
[beat] Don’t worry about that, I’ll explain tonight when I see you.

[beat] Yeah, I’ll explain everything tonight.
[awkward laughter to have everything appear normal beat)
Yup, yup. Yup.
[beat] Two days should do it.
[beat] Yes, two days… I’m paying for it. I already said so. Don’t worry.

Understanding the basics of online businesses

Understanding the basics of online businesses

KAREN: Why wouldn’t I have told you already?
J.R.: Okay, fine. Tonight we get rid of him. Drive him to wherever and dump the body. Somewhere with deep water. I’ll attach the dumbbell you hit him with for sentimental purposes.
KAREN: Funny.

J.R.: No, really, we need to get rid of any trace. We need to clean the dumbbell very well and get rid of it.
KAREN: And how do we get this body out of here?
J.R.: You work it out, I’m doing every fucking thing else here.
J.R. storms off to the hallway.
J.R. stares the door handle again.

He heads into his bedroom and returns with clothing and thick packing tape.
Rapidly J.R. opens the door, the light assaults David’s eyes.
David then cowers doing his best to cover his face and prepare his body for a beating.
Instead, J.R. grabs David’s hands and wraps them in t-shirts, creating tight knots, and weaving David’s hands into an incapable state. He then repeatedly wraps the packing tape, restricting any possibility of dexterity.

J.R.: Fuck you for doing this.
J.R. motions as if he’s about to say something personal or spit on David, but he stops himself mid motion.
J.R.: Really, fuck you.
He slams the door shut. David cries.
As he enters the room, J.R. keeps his focus on Elmar.
J.R.: You should have just called 9-11.
KAREN: But you told me —
J.R.: Fuck what I told you, when do you ever listen to me anyways?
He turns to face Karen and moves right in front her face, almost close enough to kiss.
J.R.: [shouting] Why now? Huh? Why? [beat] Why at this fucking point in time?
KAREN: [yelling back] Don’t take this out on —

“If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up.” Laurie Notaro

How to manage debt versus time for an existentialist

Debt vs time. Job to slowly pay away

Investments and taxes factored, % of connection too

Working out exactly what you owe, how that will grow over years and what you’ll have to make in order to pay the taxes on it. You may not have considered this on the way down (when you acquired the debt), but in order to skip bankruptcy efficiently, you should have this all mapped and understood.

Start by paying the lowest cards and debts you have off first.

Ramit sethi talks about earning more rather than scrimping by, and I agree whole heartedly, but in the short term you may have to make some sacrifices in order to accelerate your exit from being in debt.

David spots Karen coming with their first aid kit in her hand. He smiles, wounded in more ways than one, but touched by her sensitivity.
She kneels by his side and looks at his scraped cheek.
KAREN: Ouch…

Examining the wound, Karen continues into her kit looking for a band-aid.
KAREN: I know it’s not much, but also the scrape isn’t that severe.
She applies the band-aid to his face to cover the scrape. David’s eyes smile for him, partially tearing up.
KAREN: Now, please talk softly, does anything else hurt?
Gently, she removes the gag.

DAVID: [whispering] No. Please let me go, I promise I —
J.R. bellows from the other room.
J.R. (O.S.): There’s no other sounds! I’m not deaf! Put the gag back Karen.
She picks up the gag and moves towards David’s mouth.
KAREN: [tenderly] I’m sorry, but I…
DAVID: I understand.
Slightly rolling his eyes, David opens his mouth.
Karen fills his mouth with the cloth.
KAREN: Thank you?
David nods.

Karen enters the living room, J.R. is seated on the couch. She puts her hand up to act as a wall blinding her from Elmar.
KAREN: Found a solution?
J.R.: Nope. You?

“Be the one who decided to go for it.” Unknown

You are never too old, well, in most circumstances. The same applies to youth though…

Targeting audiences and demographics. You are never too old, well, in most circumstances. The same applies to youth though…

the desire to get better and improve and working hard at it. The will and desire to change it.

J.R. removes the gag.
DAVID: [begging] Please let me go. Please. [beat] Look I am so, so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. We never meant to hurt you. Elmar would never hurt anybody, neither would I —
J.R.: — Enough, enough, it’s too early in the morning for this shit!
DAVID: I’m so sorry. Please let me go. I won’t say a word.
J.R.: You hungry?
DAVID: Yes, very.

J.R.: I’ll get you another shake.
DAVID: Thank you, thank you, thank you. A thousand times, thank you.
As J.R. leaves David’s sight, with the door wide open, David notices a brief window of opportunity and convinces himself to rise to his feet. He tries to be as quiet as possible. But failing to properly balance he slams back and forth.
J.R. returns with a protein shake to see David standing, inching towards the door. Noticing J.R., David freezes.
J.R.: What the fuck is this David?

DAVID: I… I just need to get out of this closet…
J.R.: No, you’re not going anywhere.
J.R. angrily thumps down the protein shake and viciously tackles David back into the closet. David screams pleas while J.R. moves. During the tackle, David scrapes his cheek on the wall.
DAVID: No… No! I…
J.R. picks the gag back up and rams it into David’s mouth.
David, still confined tries to fight back. He yells, muffled, but determined.
J.R. slams the closet door shut.
J.R.: Prick.
We hear COMMOTION outside as DRUNK RESIDENTS fumble down the apartment hallway to their homes. They come close to J.R. and Karen’s front door and continue along. Paranoid, J.R. pauses until their voices fade.

KAREN: What the hell happened?
J.R.: He tried to escape.
KAREN: [mystified] How?
J.R.: Fucker stood up and started going for the door.
KAREN: [solemn] Baby, we have to.
J.R.: He’s too frightened he won’t say a word.
KAREN: He will.
J.R.: He’s losing it. Its been three days. He won’t do anything.
KAREN: Because traumatized people don’t panic and blurt things out?
J.R.: We must deal with Elmar today. The smell is getting to me.
KAREN: You know my view.
Karen gets up and leaves the room.

J.R.: Where are you going?
KAREN: To assess the damage, that sounded pretty hard. If you’ve damaged my door.
J.R.: Nice. Good priorities, great.
She leaves the room.
Karen enters and searches the cupboards for a first aid kit. She finds it and continues out.

Getting in the black, by the numbers

Getting in the black, by the numbers

Exercises to help you determine how to get back on track.

J.R.: Where are you going then?
KAREN: Somewhere else.
J.R.: And us? And me?
KAREN: Nothing has changed. I just need to get out of this place and away from this for now. We’re fine. Call me when you’re done.
J.R.: This isn’t like I’m watching a movie or going to the gym, how can you put this all on me?
KAREN: I’m not. I know I’m just not helping though.
J.R. pretends to have reached an epiphany.
J.R.: Want a couple of drinks to calm down?
KAREN: I’m going babes.
J.R.: [angry] Do what you want.
He storms out of the room.

J.R. nurses a whiskey glass. He’s now on his fourth. A Playstation controller sits in his lap as he exhales, deeply staring at the screen.
Karen emerges, empty handed. Noticing Elmar she seizes up, fixated on him before forcing herself to make contact with J.R.
J.R.: All packed up?
KAREN: Yes, but no.
J.R.: Not now Karen, just get to your point.
KAREN: It’s not fair for me just to leave you like this.
J.R.: Cool. Whatever.
J.R. leans forward nonchalantly and turns to connect with Karen’s gaze.
J.R.: Want a drink?
KAREN: Just “cool”?

J.R.: Yes. I’m having whiskey, it’s good.
Karen puts her tongue to the roof of her mouth and rolls her eyes. She had expected more of a thankful response.
KAREN: I’ll get us both some more.
J.R.: [downing the remaining] Cool.
Karen grabs his glass and turns around, she can’t help but pay attention to Elmar. The mere sight of him steals her breath, paralyzing her movements.

She regains her composure and continues with speed to place the glass in the kitchen. She then heads to the bathroom.
Walking down the hallway, she hears the murmurs muffled by David through his gag and winces.
Karen and J.R. both lie passed out on the couch, exhausted and drunk. Hungover, J.R. wakes up, he carefully passes Karen trying to fight through the strong pain he’s enduring. Impossible to avoid, Elmar attracts his attention which for a few short seconds is unbearable.
With his head down, he reaches a semi-upright position, trudging towards the kitchen.

O.S. David lets out a large yell, muffled, but loud enough for J.R. to notice.
J.R.: Shit. Yeah. Great.
Gripping the wall, J.R. heads to the closet and opens the door.
David reacts again to the light, his face is reddened from the tears cried the previous night.

J.R.: Shit man, you must be hungry.
David nods, and grimaces.
J.R. turns, but while doing so, David’s repeated attempts at speech draw him back.
J.R.: If the gag is removed, no shouting right? I’ve got a headache right now…
David nods.
J.R. removes the gag.

Know what your strategy is. Take a few days to plan

Know what your strategy is. Take a few days to plan. You need a path to change the situation you’re in. Yes, the journey to start somewhere and end up somewhere else can be thrilling, but do you want to remain thrilled or out of this situation? The short answer is to be conscious of your goal and allocate steps. They may need repeated revisions, but it’s better to have to regroup than to just stumble around and hope.

Improvisation is fantastic, but not foolproof. I’ve intermittently improvised over the years on everything I’ve done with relatively okay results, but strategy and planning with a map to guide what I’m intending on doing has more often than not proved beneficial.

Corny as it seems my motivation finally dawned after a miscellaneous spousal argument and the epiphany finally dawning. A strategy is necessary. As the movie trope went, I looked into my own eyes and told myself, “I’m going to change my life today for the next year and my future.” That audible pronouncement prompted me to take things further.

Without a strategy you will continue to just get by and go in circles. I’ve done so for nearly two decades. The time drips away, don’t allow that. Develop your specific plan and move forwards.

J.R.: [demonstrating] Now look, this powder is fine.
He opens the lid and angles it forward to reveal to David.
J.R.: And this milk is too.
Turning off the lid, he tilts the bottle to David’s viewpoint.
J.R. mixes the two and takes a sip.
J.R.: If anything were wrong, I just committed suicide. Now do you trust me or not? If you want some, nod. If not stay still.

David meekly nods.
J.R.: But if I hear a word out of you when the gag is removed, the gag goes back in. I’m not fucking around.
With great apprehension, J.R. removes the gag.
David remains silent.
J.R. angles the nozzle to gently allow David to drink. Within seconds the entire shake has gone.
DAVID: Thank you.

J.R. awkwardly smirks and looks away. He then reluctantly places the gag back into David’s mouth, who doesn’t struggle.
J.R., unable to look at David closes the closet door. David’s eyes whimper, he’s thankful but still extremely afraid.
Sighing, J.R. slowly turns around, heading back into the bedroom.
KAREN: [seated] Baby I can’t do this. I’ve got to leave.
J.R. pauses and tilts his head in question.
J.R.: Where?

KAREN: I don’t have a clue. [beat] I just can’t handle this. I’m not going to jail.
J.R.: Okay…
KAREN: Yeah, so… That’s it.
J.R.: And?
KAREN: And nothing. I’ve got to go.
J.R.: That’s kind of bullshit.
KAREN: I’m sorry.
J.R.: Look, if we properly dispose of Elmar, I’m sure we can sweep this away.

KAREN: Dispose of him?
J.R.: He can’t stay in the living room much longer.
KAREN: This is the worst week of my life.
J.R.: What am I going to do then?
KAREN: You’re the man, you’re supposed to keep cool and handle things.
J.R.: Yup, okay. So I will. Of course.
Karen goes into her bedroom closet and pulls out a suitcase. She puts it onto the bed and opens it up.

J.R.: What if we fake a suicide for Elmar? Write a note or something? What then?
KAREN: Far too sick — [beat] — and complicated. I want out.
J.R. restrains himself from yelling “But you’re the one who fucking killed him!” He internalizes the resentment of the position she has put him in.
Karen begins packing clothes.