Memento mori – remember that you will die.

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Sending cold emails and their benefit, breaking through spam filters etc. to reach someone. If you don’t ask, you don’t get and if you do try, you very well may get where you want to go.

Income streams and off colour jokes

Positivity and calm helps out everything, so does perspective

Repetition and focus

Neat handwritten notes and images of them

Do it while you can!

Books/Audiobooks/profit likelihood

Assess exactly how you would or would not achieve your intended goal. Establish back up plans and ideologies to accompany those

Change is forced

There is no magical source of wonder with regards to changing. You have to choose to. That grain of inspiration doesn’t somehow flower, you must be hard on yourself and make those relevant choices to behave the way you want to and look at a greater goal than the temporary fixes you’ve indulged in thus far.
*** voice based on tough love, mainly talking to myself, but you can partake in my berating too

Everything does not happen for a reason

“Everything does not happen for a reason,” I keep protesting. Whenever someone states that, I can’t help but skeptically tell them it’s coincidence and not some sort of fate driven designed plan. But like many things, I am just using conjecture and my opinion. I don’t know this for a fact.

For the past few months I’ve successfully gotten stronger. I can lift more and do so with less effort, but now, after some nose surgery I’m left with a choice; ignore the healing process and risk rupturing everything and reverting back my progress there, or, revert back to square one on the ol’ exercise regime and plan away with other aspects of my life. Fate has forced my hand. At my age, I now understand the value of letting your body do its thing in repairing itself, so goodbye muscle mass and strength. We’ll have to get you to return at a later date.

The major benefit that I’m viewing from this particular predicament is that it allows me enough down-time to think through how I’m going to achieve my goals and get other areas moving in the right direction. This blog for example. For months, if not years, I’ve wanted to amalgamate my “always on” caffeine and ADD (not diagnosed, assumed) driven mind. This seems like a good situation to get me going. The purpose for this blog is to allow me to ramble and hopefully help change my perspective on things, as well as yours. From it, you should be able to get a few tips and “life hacks” as well as hopefully some inspiration to take shortcuts from things I’ve managed to tread the long way round within. Barring that, you’ve paid nothing and so you get no refunds. Accept it and move on. There is no customer feedback or complaint department for those that haven’t paid.

My cynicism will the “Everything happens for a reason” quote and my over-riding and more poignant “Everything does not happen for a reason” is based around the notion that this is not all yet written. Our lives, our actions and our reactions are all choices. I could easily ignore starting this blog and continue working out, I’m sure I’d maintain my gains and reach the goals I wanted physically, but it would cost me in other areas of my body as well as here in my writing and planning. So I’ll whine briefly and get on with things.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

Why do I keep watching the lists I write grow?

Why do I keep watching the lists I write grow? Especially because of the ease in writing digitally. It’s an endless growth.…10932894.10937402.0.10937801.….0…1c.1j2.64.psy-ab..0.3.185…33i22i29i30k1.0._W3IWG9LbHc

RICHARD: Why did you tell me you were?
ELIZABETH: I was annoyed at you and wanted you to allow me to have some space, so I said it to get you to ease up and let me calm down. [beat] I didn’t want to say anything to offend you.
RICHARD: What had I done?
ELIZABETH: Nothing. Everything. Look, it doesn’t matter.
RICHARD: No, I’d like to know if I may…
ELIZABETH: You just follow such a strict routine and expect me to adhere to it. I make your breakfast, your dinner. Go with you wherever you want me to, and I don’t mind that.
Elizabeth grabs both of Richard’s hands and looks directly into his face.
ELIZABETH: But you get so upset when the routine slightly changes or I contest something. Like the other morning, you wanted me awake even though I didn’t need to be. You always want that. Even though I was tired. I just didn’t like that and it frustrates me.
RICHARD: I’m sorry, I’ll try not to do that anymore. I didn’t realize I was. But I guess I do. I’m so sorry darling. I won’t do that again.
Richard releases his hands from Elizabeth’s and strokes Elizabeth’s arms before trying to hug her. She pushes his arms away.
ELIZABETH: No, look, don’t worry. I don’t really mind. It’s, it’s more than that…
Elizabeth’s body tenses up. She takes in a very deep breath, looks away and begins intensely crying.
RICHARD: Well if that isn’t it, what is it then?
ELIZABETH: [fighting crying to speak] I didn’t just go out with Caroline last night and drink. [long pause – quick, stern speech] I met someone and I had sex with him.
Elizabeth stares directly at Richard, bawling her eyes out. Richard’s face drops. He sits rigidly still, stunned.
ELIZABETH: I’m so, so, so sorry Richard. I really am.
Elizabeth stares at Richard’s face and grabs his now limp hands, shaking them to emphasize feeling.
ELIZABETH: I love you so much, I… I didn’t mean for it to happen. I’m sorry. Please forgive me!
Richard’s face becomes cold, he doesn’t speak.
He continues remaining still.
ELIZABETH: Richard? Say something…
Richard looks away.
ELIZABETH: Say something! Please!
Richard, refusing to look at Elizabeth’s face, gently removes her hands and slowly walks out of the bathroom.
ELIZABETH: [desperate] Richard!
Richard drives around the countryside alone. No music is playing and aside from the sounds of the car and its engine, there’s complete silence.
RICHARD (V.O.): Fifty six now, nearly fifty seven. Look at me, scrawny little legs, no muscle. Grey hair. Back hair. Not much money. No wonder she cheated on me, no wonder. No woman in her right mind would want me. Why would they?
I have no time. I work too much, oh I work. Maybe that’s why she went for someone else. I’m never there. Maybe if I… No, it’ll still hurt. I should call her. We should talk. But why? What would it solve? I won’t forget, I can’t forget. She doesn’t love me anymore. She doesn’t want me at all anymore. She doesn’t want me so much that she found another.

No more reminders or notes

no more reminders or notes

No more reminders or notes. I repeat, Hugo, no more reminders or notes, I write as computers remind me they’re as imperfect as the humans using them.

The most beautiful slap in the face in 2018 is writing in a tab for 45 minutes to then try saving the document and having your browser state you were using a cached window and you weren’t logged in, now you’ve lost it all. My previous rambling, I feel, was extremely well put. In fact, ignore all that follows what I’m typing here, sigh with fulfillment and know that whatever I originally wrote that you haven’t read captured exactly what I’m trying to convey here.

This post stems from being finally looking in the mirror and attempting to correct myself. My biggest problem with progressing at the rate that I’ve wanted to is my incessant habit of stockpiling notes, thoughts and ideas and roughly planning how to begin. You too may be guilty of this, but I’ve been doing it for approximately fifteen years. So I may have you beaten.

For as long as I can remember during my adult life, I’ve had to take notes. Had to. When I first started doing so, my cellphone wasn’t as capable as they are now and I would feel naked if I didn’t have at least a few sheets or blank areas of a few sheets of folded up plain white paper in my back pocket and a working pen in my front right as I left the house. I’d need to write down whatever crossed my mind from behavioural improvements, to business ideas to story concepts or things I wished to learn. Whatever crossed this manic mind of mine needed an outlet. The problem was the outlet ended up being the page. Not action.

no more reminders or notes

As smartphones became more prevalent, my note taking left the handwritten page and moved to the notes section of the iphone, again spiralling into an ever expanding puzzle of disarray with abstract thoughts only I could understand and vague references toppling over each other. Cloud computing soon emerged afterwards and with its ubiquitous presence, I’m hoarding my thoughts on Evernote and Google. Always growing, only slightly attended to. I was also careful to censor myself whenever I read about leaks and hacking just in case my words found their way to the world and I was misconstrued.

The problem with all of these notes and this planning and the consistent indulgence of ideas is nobody can interact or benefit from them but you, temporarily. Keeping everything bottled up inside that bone casing of yours is unhealthy, but so is what I’ve done. Note takers and neurotics all boast about their lists and the amounts of ideas/aspirations they have, but if they’re not implemented, who gives a shit? If there’s nothing to show for your scrawling, it’s merely an outlet. An idea needs legs or it remains simply a fleeting thought.

Starting this blog will hopefully help me channel my overactive brain into a modicum of clarity and focus. I’ve got confidence in my works, and don’t get me wrong, I haven’t just been planning and taking notes. I’ve created a lot and implemented a good deal. But not enough for me to me to feel satisfied.

With any luck, you’ll read this, realize if you’ve done the same thing that you too are an idiot and you’ll implement what you seek to. Stay tuned to my journey though, if a tree falls in the woods etc… Here I go, like it or loathe it. Either way, it’s all meaningless, right?

Remember, no more reminders or notes. Simply breathe life into the ones you already have.

Lists are useless, action them.

Where do I want to be a year from now?

Elizabeth continues staring at Richard with glazed eyes, he notices and engages in the loving stare.
RICHARD: Anything wrong my love?
Elizabeth begins slowly dropping tears, she wipes her eyes and her nose on a napkin.
ELIZABETH: No, I just need to use the ladies room.
Elizabeth leaves. Professor David and Estelle watch Elizabeth walk away.
PROFESSOR DAVID: Everything okay?
RICHARD: [puzzled] I… I don’t quite know. I hope so. Excuse me.
Richard follows Elizabeth.
Richard leans against a heavy, locked white door with a confused facial expression.
RICHARD: Elizabeth?
Her sobbing is audible.
RICHARD: Elizabeth? Dear? What’s wrong?
The sobbing continues.
RICHARD: Elizabeth, please, tell me what’s upsetting you.
ELIZABETH: Nothing… Please, okay, nothing. Don’t worry.
RICHARD: You know I can’t not worry, I love you.
Her sobbing increases.
RICHARD: Come out and talk with me, please.
ELIZABETH: I’m not in a fit state to talk.
RICHARD: I’ve seen you worse than this, I’m here for you. Please, let me help you.
RICHARD: I don’t understand. What’s wrong?
Elizabeth opens the door, tears still trickling. The bathroom hasn’t been used apart from as a hiding place. The toilet seat is down and everything is a clean white.
ELIZABETH: Come in. We’ll talk in here in private.
Richard follows her into the bathroom.
Elizabeth sits upon the toilet. Richard sits upon the edge of the bath, situated directly next to the toilet. His hand is on her thigh. Richard looks extremely concerned as Elizabeth gains control of her sobbing.
RICHARD: I hate to see you crying. What’s going on? Why are you upset?
ELIZABETH: I’ve had too much to drink Richard, okay?
RICHARD: [smirking] Is that all? [beat] Darling, we all get drunk a couple of nights in a row every once in a while. It’s normal, nothing to be upset about. You shouldn’t be so upset, these people think no less of you.
ELIZABETH: No, no. It’s not that.
RICHARD: What is the matter then? What’s troubling you?
ELIZABETH: I’ve done something.
RICHARD: Okay. What have you done?
Elizabeth buries her head in her hands and begins sobbing much more intensely than before.
RICHARD: Elizabeth? It can’t be that bad, can it?
ELIZABETH: Richard, I lied to you.
Richard removes his hand slowly and sits up straight. Elizabeth raises her reddened face from her wet palms.
RICHARD: About what?
ELIZABETH: I wasn’t on my period yesterday or the day before.
ELIZABETH: I was last week, but it wasn’t that hard to deal with.
Richard waves his head and slowly throws out his arms in confusion.

The catharsis of creation

The catharsis of creation is real.

RICHARD: You mean aside from my good looks, intelligence and general sex appeal? The catharsis of creation
PROFESSOR DAVID: Yes, aside from that.
RICHARD: If I told you, I would have to kill you.
Professor David laughs and smiles at his wife.
PROFESSOR DAVID: How exactly did the two of you meet? Now that you know about Estelle and I.

ELIZABETH: [slurring] Richard walked up to me one day while I was writing and simply stated, “I think you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. My name’s Richard.”
Elizabeth sips the last of her wine.
ELIZABETH (CONT’D): After laughing heartily, and noticing his reaction to that. I introduced myself, and we shared a cup of tea at Elaine’s Tea Room. This happened in Harrow ten years ago.
RICHARD: Well, yes.
ESTELLE: How long after you met did you decide you were right for each other?

RICHARD: Two minutes.
Elizabeth smiles.
RICHARD: No, maybe three. Yes, I think three. After that I knew I was in love.
Richard grabs Elizabeth’s hand the two lock eyes.
RICHARD: (imitating the William Bell song) “Have I told you lately that I love you?”
Elizabeth’s eyes become glazed and a tear rolls down her right cheek. She kisses Richard, who smiles and looks back at Estelle. Elizabeth continues staring at Richard.
RICHARD: So, there you have it.

ESTELLE: [looking at her husband] Awww, how beautiful! How come we never behave like that dear?
Professor David picks up an empty wine bottle and stares at Richard and Elizabeth’s lip stained, empty glasses.
PROFESSOR DAVID: Because we only buy the wine.
Professor David points to Richard and Elizabeth’s glasses.

Work harder than anybody else or you won’t get ahead.

The inspiration for my 90 day change. Work harder than anybody else or you won’t get ahead.

If you’ve ever met some of the world’s top performers, you’ll understand how they didn’t just get to wherever they arrived overnight. They fought hard to get there. They put in whatever practice they needed and strived to achieve their goal. Why do you believe that somehow things just happen then?

JOE: Nah, it’s not your birthday today Steve.
Joe leans forward and lowers his voice.
JOE: You been watching the news?
STEVE: I always do.
JOE: So you’ve seen the reports? The investigation?
STEVE: Look, I didn’t leave shit. I never do. Alright, it’ll be fine.
JOE: [concerned] You’re certain?
STEVE: How many times have we done this? [beat] How many times have there been problems?
Joe smirks.
STEVE: Alright, don’t worry then.
JOE: [finishing a sip of wine] Okay Steve, I trust ya.
Richard stands staring at his reflection in their wardrobe door’s mirror, adjusting his tie. Elizabeth sits before her dresser adding finishing touches to her make up. She’s wearing a deep blue flowered dress with a silver choker necklace.
RICHARD: [turning to face Elizabeth] You look beautiful, dear.
ELIZABETH: [smiling] Thank you darling, you look wonderful too.
Richard places his hand before his hip so that Elizabeth can slide her arm inside the gap.
RICHARD: Shall we?
Elizabeth inserts her arm and the two walk out of the room.
Five WELL DRESSED MIDDLE-AGED COUPLES (including Richard and Elizabeth) sit around a beautiful, well-organized dining room table. Empty and partially filled wine bottles cover the center of the table with sparsely filled glasses surrounding them. Dregs of roast beef dinners remain upon the guests’ plates.
Richard and Elizabeth, drunk, sit at the far right end of the table, chatting with PROFESSOR DAVID (60, portly, clean shaven, balding with white hair) and his wife ESTELLE (55, slightly overweight, dark brown hair).
ESTELLE: Richard that’s preposterous. If only you weren’t married. I mean if only I weren’t, haha.
Estelle gives Professor David’s arm a loving squeeze.
ELIZABETH: [jokingly] You leave my man alone!
PROFESSOR DAVID: It’s like I’m not even here. Richard, you’re quite the man with all these women around you. How do you do it?

You have no knowledge about your future self. Be aware, afraid, and excited.

Take heed of the earnings of age and health. Strokes, arthritis, Paul’s sudden departure, mobility problems etc. Not guaranteed. Do now. You have no knowledge about your future self. Be aware, afraid, and excited.

Elizabeth tries to sit on Richard’s lap, he denies her advance.
RICHARD: I’m watching this, please leave me to do so.
Elizabeth stares at Richard.
RICHARD: How’s your head?
ELIZABETH: What’s the big deal about me drinking with a friend?
RICHARD: That’s not a big deal. The big deal is you didn’t tell me you were going to, or anything. You didn’t bother calling or… I’d rather not talk about it. Your business is yours, after all what are we to each other?
ELIZABETH: You’re my husband.
ELIZABETH: Fuck. I go out drinking once and don’t tell you and you react like this?
RICHARD: [clears his throat] What? Why did you just swear?
ELIZABETH: Look, I’m sorry. I just think you’re overreacting.
RICHARD: You’re acting oddly these days. But, it’s alright. I accept your apology. Now sort out your headache, I want you to be in good stead for tonight.
Elizabeth smiles and heads for the door.
ELIZABETH: I’ll fix your breakfast.
RICHARD: Be quick, if you could. We’re running a little late this morning.
ELIZABETH: Not a problem dear.
Steve sits watching the local news while consuming his cereal, he smirks whilst chewing.
NEWSREADER (V.O.): There are currently no updates in the Michael Adams murder case. It appears that he stumbled in a side street and cracked his nose upon a rock, thus killing him. [beat] However, sources reveal that his wallet was missing – potentially he was mugged. An autopsy conducted last night showed that Adams had been manhandled prior to his death. The death is being treated as a murder. Police continue to investigate.
Steve pats his belly and looks at his now empty bowl.
He pours another one, but then seals the box and puts away the remaining cereal and milk.
Steve sits inside his personal gym doing bench presses, dripping with sweat. He’s watching music videos as he works out.
STEVE: [breathing carefully)] Thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine…forty.
He exhales deeply and sits forward, wipes his sweat with a hand towel and leaves the room.
Elizabeth’s phone rings twice. She picks up the phone and a pencil, then stares at a lined notepad.
ELIZABETH: Hello, Elizabeth Eaton speaking. How may I help you today?
CAROLINE: Lizzy, it’s me!
Elizabeth leans back in her chair, waving the pencil in her free hand.
ELIZABETH: Caroline, how are you?
CAROLINE: How am I? Haha, how are you? I noticed my bed hadn’t been slept in but it definitely was used, you naughty girl. Haha.
CAROLINE: What? Nobody can hear me. What happened?
CAROLINE: — I’ll ask, you say yes or no, okay?
CAROLINE: You came to my place.

How to stop procrastinating permanently.

Any habit, any discipline, any change requires one clear behavioural trait. Action. Stop overthinking how to achieve that change.

What you must become aware of though, and it’s healthy to early on. Periods of focus are optimized when you take breaks. Some advise 5 minutes for every 25 minutes of focus, some 15 for every 45, you need to work out what works for you. Now do bear in mind that these are rough ideas/guides, you should be clear in what works for you and the only way that you’ll get there is by experimentation. There will be many times where you get into the “zone” or a flow and you’ll be able to barrel through without said breaks. That’s fantastic, but don’t force it. If you do, you’ll be susceptible to burning out which of course won’t get you any closer to any goal you might have.

How to stop procrastinating permanently

  • Define your goal
  • Set your lasers on said goal. If it’s defined and made as specific as possible, it’ll be easier to hone in on and achieve. That doesn’t mean creating 2,000 goals. It means narrowing down what you want and how to get there, then going there. Overplanning will mean you dedicate your time to planning, not doing. It’s the doing that gets you there.

    CAROLINE: You went straight to my room.
    CAROLINE: Things progressed and you went crazy? You had great sex!
    ELIZABETH: Haha. Yes.
    CAROLINE: It was amazing, or at least it felt like it was because you hadn’t done it in so long…
    ELIZABETH: Correct.
    CAROLINE: Bet you would have preferred the real thing though, right?

    ELIZABETH: What?
    CAROLINE: The real thing. As in, without that plastic pleasure preventer…
    ELIZABETH: Uh… what?
    CAROLINE: A condom.
    Elizabeth stops waving the pencil. Both Elizabeth and Caroline remain silent.
    CAROLINE: What? Wait, you used protection, right? [beat] Right!?!
    CAROLINE: What?!?
    Elizabeth sighs deeply.
    ELIZABETH: Shit. Caroline, what do I do? What do I do now?
    CAROLINE: Don’t worry, we’ll get you checked for STD’s, it’ll be fine. You’re on the pill right?
    CAROLINE: Well, things aren’t guaranteed, where are you on your cycle?
    Elizabeth doesn’t respond.
    CAROLINE: Please… Lizzy, please, no. Well, look, I don’t need to know – whatever the case, it doesn’t matter. The odds of you being pregnant aren’t likely at all. Don’t worry; we’ll get you checked out. Then we’ll know. Whatever the case, we’ll deal with it.
    Elizabeth remains silent.
    CAROLINE: Liz?
    ELIZABETH: Sorry, I’m. I’m…
    CAROLINE: Look, we’ll go to a clinic tomorrow. Get tests and try and get some emergency contraception or something.
    ELIZABETH: [whispering] Caroline – I lied to Richard.
    CAROLINE: I’d have expected so.
    ELIZABETH: I told him I was annoyed because I was on my period – he never remembers when I am. But my period was a week ago. [beat] I told him because I was angry with the daily bullshit I have to put up with with him. I didn’t want to upset him by telling him the truth, I thought. No. I knew I was overreacting. [beat] But… Caroline, what am I going to do?
    CAROLINE: Liz! Fuck! It’s okay, things’ll be fine. We’ll sort this out. Don’t worry.
    CUT TO:
    INT. VOGUE – 4:50PM
    Joe sits in the far corner of the electric blue-lit restaurant/bar at a four seater booth. An elegantly dressed waiter approaches.
    WAITER: Good afternoon sir, how may I help you today?
    JOE: I’ll have a glass of white wine and a Pepsi, no ice please.
    WAITER: Certainly sir, anything to eat?
    JOE: No, thank you.
    WIPE TO:
    Joe checks his watch and stares at the entrance. Steve casually walks in.
    STEVE: Right Joe?
    JOE: [smirking] Alright Steve. I heard about last night. Ha. You old dog you!
    STEVE: Yeah. It was a mistake though.
    JOE: Why?
    STEVE: I just don’t think I should have. Plus I didn’t use a johnny. Now I gotta get tested. Fuckin’ alcohol. I ain’t drinkin’ again.
    JOE: Haha, that’s what they all say. You’ll be clean, fine, don’t worry!
    STEVE: I ain’t worried, it’s just a hassle. Any birthday gifts?