“Too much information, lack of implementation” Peter Voogd

I, like you (probably), have studied many hours worth of business planning courses, tips and advice. I’ve drawn up list after list of methods of action, and I’ve tangentially created more business ideas and screenplay concepts than I can count. That’s where I was and you are going wrong.

Focus is what you need, an absolute path where you take your idea and have it flourish in the real world, as opposed to file 1,001 on your computer. That won’t get you anything apart from scrolling privileges (showing off your phone to friends or acquaintances and seeking recognition for the quantity).

Above all else do not procrastinate, I know I’ve repeated about the benefits of stockpiling your work and your efforts, but stockpile with a release schedule in mind, instead of a “someday” view.

a plan, buying a home

I’m not willing to lose and go out that way. There’s nothing wrong with it, if you’re faced with no option and thousands of obligations then I understand. The fact is, I don’t have those obligations, therefor I won’t accept that failure.

The “Too much information, lack of implementation” portion of Voogd’s comments couldn’t be more apt. Have you used Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? They’re brilliant, addictive and satisfying. Temporarily. You lose many hours being aware of everything and not focusing on what you’ve accumulated and planned. They’re designed to take up your attention. I for one enjoy them very much, but they won’t further you.

You should always progress, don’t get too comfortable. Live with passion.

You’ve read enough, now how to make millions fast!

the excess of advice with finances and get rich quick schemes online are overwhelming, all with carefully tailored landing pages with specific phrases formatted to make you buy. Typically they introduce seminars or courses for free, sometimes with valuable information, but always with the piority being to upsell. To be honesty, a lot of these courses are worth the time and money. They produce valuable tips and insights, which if implemented, can very well improve your life, and/or business. The problem comes when you become an information, tip and advice junkie. Without implementing the tips and advice you read, you solely become a fountain of potential. It’s easy to let the years fly by swallowing all the information that you can, something which I’m talking almost in the third person over. I’ve swallowed enough. Now I need to go to the toilet…

Forgive and just accept that people are all ridiculous

Change can be simple: “How I got out of debt, made several million dollars and managed to get to my cousin’s wedding in six months” projects one by one, running then active

Why listen to me?
At this stage, maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe I’m utterly wrong and once this fully rolls out I’ll have remained at square one and have not gotten anywhere. At least I tried. The alternative is you’re reading this because I’ve succeeded. I like the notion that world will exist considerably more.

POLICE OFFICER #1: Do you remember stumbling or in any way moving in an awkward manner?
STEVE: [angrily] I was drunk! Don’t you think I’d stumble and move awkwardly?
POLICE OFFICER #1: I’d advise that you calm down.
POLICE OFFICER #2: [bent in front of the armchair] What happened here?
Steve and Police Officer #1 once again draw their attention to Police Officer #2.
POLICE OFFICER #2: (picking up the blatantly broken video game console) How did this happen?
STEVE: (“shocked,” slowly) I have no fuckin’ idea.
POLICE OFFICER #1: If you want to continue behaving in this manner, refusing to calmly cooperate – we can do this down at the station.
STEVE: Look, I’m sorry. I have an hangover. My head is throbbin’ and I’ve just discovered my TV and video games shit is damaged. I’m irritable, sorry.
POLICE OFFICER #1: So how can we reach Mr. Yamura to verify your whereabouts last night?
STEVE: Call 0171-555-1879.
POLICE OFFICER #1: And his address?
STEVE: I’m not sure, he picked me up.
POLICE OFFICER #1: Alright Mr. Price, thanks for your help. Can you please scan the flat to see if anything else is damaged or is missing? We’ll be waiting to hear from you.
STEVE: [folding his arms] Wh… What do you think happened last night?
POLICE OFFICER #1: It’s hard to say, it looks like maybe just some prank break and entering. Or your drunken stumbling. But it could be more. If you could be thorough in checking your flat, it would help us considerably.
STEVE: Will do.
Steve escorts the officers to his front door and closes it behind them. He collapses to a seated position on the floor, with his head cupped by his hands.
STEVE (CONT’D): [sarcastically] Well done, Steve.
He lifts his head from his hands and stares at the distant, damaged screen then sighs deeply.

How do I build my own platform or how do I gain a following? How do I get 1,000 true fans?

At the time of writing this I haven’t properly launched the blog or attempted to gain a following. But it is being designed to fill a void and change my habits of list making and preparation to solely action.

Every businessman (or business woman, please read my writing maturely) insists on creating your own platform and that long lists don’t get done. Here’s that being tested.

The main reason for me starting this website was to get myself out of debt, into the black and to live the life I want to. I want to become the main breadwinner for my family going both towards generations before me and those to come. Due to a series of poor previous choices, I’ve put myself in a predicament I’d rather not be in. Thus I’m trying to correct that and use my endeavours as hopefully a helpful guide but also a case study. Please note, (** add disclaimer and privacy policies)

You can tell by my approach going into it that I’ve got a good amount of confidence (maybe it could be labelled ego) about the outcome. However, to quote the old Kanye, the one I miss, from “Last Call” “Some say he arrogant. Can y’all blame him?
It was straight embarrassing how y’all played him
Last year shoppin my demo, I was tryin’ to shine
Every motherf****r told me that I couldn’t rhyme
Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams
I use it as my gas, so they say that I’m gassed
But without it I’d be last, so I ought to laugh”

Roughly meaning, go into things whole-heartedly or don’t bother. I’m going to achieve this and quickly. I’m not allowing myself to believe I won’t.

STEVE: I was drinkin’ with a friend, why?
POLICE OFFICER #1: Your neighbours reported a loud series of commotions late last night. Some of our officers came around approximately ten minutes after reports were filed, but we received no response when we got here.
Police officer #1 pulls out a notepad and a pen, then looks at Steve before beginning to take notes.
POLICE OFFICER #1: Where were you drinking exactly, Mr. Price?
STEVE: [sternly] I was at a friend’s place.
POLICE OFFICER #1: Does this friend have a name?
STEVE: Yeah, Joseph Yamura.
Police Officer #2 examines the area around Steve’s armchair and notices the severe damage to the TV screen.
POLICE OFFICER #1: Where may we…
POLICE OFFICER #2: What happened here?
Steve and Police Officer #1 turn to face the television.
STEVE: I don’t know.
POLICE OFFICER #1: Sir, that’s obviously not a cheap television. How would you not know how damage was caused?
STEVE: Look, I got kinda pissed last night and went out for breakfast and some drinks just now. I don’t remember, [gritting his teeth] Though I ain’t best please now that I do see it’s damaged.
POLICE OFFICER #1: So you have no recollection of any sort of commotion last night? What time did you get in?
STEVE: I don’t know, I was pissed.

Can you learn a language fluently as an adult?

Can you learn a language fluently as an adult? I’m going to fucking well try.

Another tip aside from labelling everything is watching shows that you’re familiar or unfamiliar with but playing with the subtitles if they’re offered in your desired language, also dubbed audio tracks – – methodology

Tandem etc.

There is no shortage of online assistance and vocabulary enhancing sites at your disposal. And of course, never forget how useful (though sometimes amusing) Google Translate can be.

STEVE: Yeah, sorry Saint Joe. Prick.
The door flies open and Steve barges into his home. Angry, he heads straight towards his bedroom.
Steve looks around, distraught by what he sees.
He heads into his closet and pulls out four shoe boxes. He places them upon his bed and quickly removes all the lids revealing piles of cash.
A knock sounds at the door.

STEVE: [harshly whispering] Shit!
Steve places the lids back on the shoe boxes and shoves them back into his closet. He then walks out, securely shutting his bedroom door.
Steve quietly takes in a deep breath, looking away from the door. He turns and opens it during another knocking session.
As the door opens up, Steve sees two POLICE OFFICERS standing upon his doorstep.
POLICE OFFICER #1: Stephen Price?
STEVE: Yeah?

POLICE OFFICER #1: May we come in for a minute?
Steve moves from the doorway.
STEVE: (pretending to be puzzled) Uh… yeah. What’s goin’ on?
Police Officer #2 starts snooping around Steve’s flat. Steve keeps a close eye on his movements.
POLICE OFFICER #1: Mr. Price, where were you last night?
POLICE OFFICER #1: Please answer the question sir.

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STEVE: Not really. Either you do or you don’t. You make decisions. I don’t regret what I did. I accept it. I loathe my life right now and have done for a while. No point in wishing having done shit differently. I did what I did. Now I stop. It’s a need for a change.
JOE: You think because you drove a guy to death that you should stop?
STEVE: What the fuck are you getting at Joe?
JOE: Steve. This guy was no different from any other. You did him how you had to. I don’t see how this epiphany surfaced. I think if you tried to do something else things wouldn’t be any bloody different.
JOE: Karma.
STEVE: [laughing] Karma? Karma doesn’t fuckin’ exist.
JOE: No?
STEVE: I’m a free man and alive. I can go any fuckin’ where I want. I’ve killed a lot of men. I don’t see any bad shit happening to me.
JOE: Why do you want to change your life then?
STEVE: I don’t have one. To quote that guy, um…
He takes a moment to think.
STEVE: Shit. I forgot. Basically, the older we get. The more experiences we have, the more we realize our wrongs and notice our regrets. I’m not up for livin’ the way I do. Or I did. I see the way mine is. No more.
JOE: Precisely, you’ve proven me right.
Steve looks puzzled.
JOE: You live alone. With nobody really concerned about your life. You do things routinely and waste time doing whatever you do at home. Then you go out for brief periods and kill. [beat} You’re responsible for ruining lives or relieving people of theirs. So, yours goes in the same vein. Karma.

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Making sense of crypto currency now that we’re both very late to the party

STEVE: Fine, fuck it, whatever. I’m changing though.
JOE: Actually, yeah. [beat] Do what you like, but don’t contact me again.
STEVE: I thought we was friends?
JOE: We were friends before you killed for Robbie for cash.
Joe looks down at his chest then deep into Steve’s eyes.
JOE: [angrily] He convinced me to deal with it, accept it and get involved – that we could make some big money and so I did.
Joe begins shaking his head. Steve looks on, transfixed.
JOE: I hated what you did though Steve. I hated myself for allowing this to continue, for being involved with it. [smirking] But I love my money, I love the life it gives me. The life it gives the people in my life, and the life it will be responsible for giving my child.
He looks away gathering his thoughts, then turns back to face Steve.
JOE: But I don’t want to know you. [beat] On second thought, I think your decision to stop is good; I’d like to get out of this too. I don’t want any child of mine to know about what daddy was involved in for so many years. I don’t want my wife to find out either. [beat] I don’t want you in my life anymore. Throw away my number Steve. Don’t call me again. Once upon a time I considered you a friend of mine. I don’t now. You’re a former business associate in an industry I don’t wish to be a part of any longer.
Steve and Joe stare at one another for a few seconds.
STEVE: [sincerely] I’m sorry Joe. I’m not sorry for what I did. I’m sorry that I lost ya though. I hope your life improves, and I wish all the best for the wife and the kid. I won’t call again.
JOE: Bye Steve. I hope you can be forgiven and that you can change your ways successfully. [beat] Your soul needs it.
Steve chuckles and abruptly exits.

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Digital nomad networking and shared workspaces

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Joe slouches into the booth seat.
JOE: Haha. Fuck off Steve.
STEVE: No, really.
JOE: Why?
STEVE: Ain’t worth it. I wanna live a normal life.
JOE: Pull the other one. You’d be bored fuckin’ stupid if you lived a normal life. This is what you do Steve, you’re the man… You get the job done.
STEVE: But what gives me the right to do what I do?
JOE: Nothing… So?
STEVE: I just don’t see the point anymore.
JOE: How did you ever? There is no given right. But there’s no right to do anything. It’s money Stevey, money. You do it because you get paid. [beat] I set it up so that I get paid and we can both afford to live our ideal lifestyles.
Steve raises his eyebrows and looks away for a second.
STEVE: Haven’t you realized I don’t?
JOE: What?
STEVE: I have no life. I sit at home. Eat. Workout. Do routine bullshit and kill. Don’t have any life. No relationships. No kids. No nothin’. I didn’t wanna do Richard. I wasn’t going to. [beat] But, he took the piss and I lost it. I drove this man to wanna kill himself, and then I did it for him. What the fuck is that?
JOE: Richard decided he wanted to die. He was old enough to. If you wouldn’t have done it, someone else would have or he would have. [beat] You didn’t rape his wife, she chose to sleep with you. If anything, she’s responsible for it. Not you okay?
STEVE: Doesn’t take away from shit.
JOE: What would you do?
STEVE: I got money. I got a fuckin’ lot of money.
JOE: Steve, don’t be rash.
STEVE: Joe, I thought we were friends. I don’t wanna die a killer having done nothing with my life and not enjoyed it.
JOE: Write a fuckin’ book on the side, become immortalized. Don’t quit yet.
STEVE: And spend the rest of my life in jail when I inevitably get caught? What good is being remembered once I’m dead gonna do me?
JOE: You won’t get caught Steve and besides, we all want to be remembered.
Steve finishes his Pepsi and slams the glass down on the table.
STEVE: When I’m dead, I’m dead. Nothing matters then.
JOE: [amazed] So why… What? You’ve done this for so many years Steve. Now you decide you want to do something with your life? Don’t quite follow.
STEVE: I ain’t dead yet. It isn’t too late.
JOE: Lets be serious, you’ve done a lot of wrong. I don’t see why you’d change now or what the point would be.
STEVE: Most of it wasn’t wrong, I did what I did because I was paid.
JOE: How was it not wrong?
STEVE: I did a job, the fuckers that paid me were… No, there is no “wrong.”
JOE: You don’t believe in wrong and right?

Opus Dei

Opus Dei

JOE: You have no idea. Suggest that maybe they heard the television.
STEVE: How do I clean the blood?
There’s a pause in the conversation while Joe gathers his thoughts.
JOE: You don’t. Not now anyway. You’re gonna stain over the blood with paint. Act like you were painting your room, paint the walls some and glob over the areas which have blood on ’em with the paint. [beat] Open the windows, allow the smell to spill out. Burn a lot of incense, a lot! Make your room smell like you’re a middle class poof. [beat] Dispose of your shit. Wipe it all down first though for prints. Do mop the wooden floors though, do this meticulously. Try and remove all traces of footprints etc. [beat] You won’t get caught Steve. Trust me.
STEVE: Joe, I set the body on fire in a street just outside Peckham. It burned quite a lot, but I heard sirens and had to run. Didn’t see it go fully…
JOE: Yeah, it was discovered and extinguished. All his identifying features seemed to have been removed or burned too brutally. They’re looking into dental records and whatnot though. I doubt they can catch you… There’s not enough pointing your way.
STEVE: Fuck, Joe!
Steve shakes his head.
STEVE: Can’t believe I lost it like that.
JOE: Don’t worry, it went well enough. Job’s done as per usual.
JOE: What?
STEVE: [solemnly] I think I’m done.

The Essentialist book and why you should buy it digitally

The Essentialist book and why you should buy it digitally

He turns and stares at his wreck of a bedroom; the carpet is stained with blood, his treasured television and DVD player lie broken on the floor.
STEVE: [mumbling] Fuh-kin’ arsehole!
Steve and Joe sit opposite each other around a table in the only quiet area of the pub. Their glasses are empty.
STEVE: So what now?
JOE: Buy some cleaning product and clean up.
STEVE: You don’t think that’d look too obvious? Coppers come ’round, the place has a load of cleanin’ product.
JOE: Look, you’re going to have to handle this quickly. They’ll be ’round soon. You need alibis and whatnot A S A fucking P. We were at my place last night playing cards and drinking. I’ll back you up.
Joe rolls his eyes.
JOE: Um… I had about half a bottle of Bells whisky, and a couple of Heinekens and got quite drunk.
He points at Steve’s chest.
JOE: You had nine Smirnoff black. You also were drunk. [beat] You stumbled home and must have knocked over things by accident due to your intoxication. That would be where the noise came from. You don’t remember it though. You passed out and when you woke up at about 11:30AM, you noticed the mess you’d created.
STEVE: Right. What about the voices if witnesses heard?

The Happiness Equation book and why you should buy the digital copy and gift the hardback

The Happiness Equation book and why you should buy the digital copy and gift the hardback

Steve dumps Richard’s body against a skip. He removes the bin bags and covers Richard’s beaten body and stretched clothing in the Isopropanol he had brought. Standing back, he throws lit matches onto Richard.

Steve still stands before Richard’s burning body, waiting for the corpse to disintegrate. The flames remain rampant, and the putrid smell has him retreating further back.
Sirens sound and increase in volume. He nervously scours the area, searching for where the sound comes from. It appears to originate from the far right side of the alley, so Steve heads to the left and hastens his pace.

Out of breath, Steve bursts through the door and collapses to his knees kicking the door closed behind him. He leans further down onto the floor before passing out.

The door vibrates from being forcibly being knocked upon. Steve wakes up and stares it, remaining very still and breathing as quietly as possible.

Steve stares at himself in the mirror and shakes his head. He takes out some hair bleach and shaves his thick stubble into a neat goatee.