What’s your money’s purpose? No one ever got rich by saving money

Saving money versus increased wealth

DAVID: If I weren’t tied up I’d slap you.
ELMAR: And if you weren’t so useless, I wouldn’t have gotten tied up. You could have saved this.
DAVID: I was injured too, remember?
ELMAR: And what happened to you?

DAVID: I got a swift kick in the balls when I tried to help your beaten ass. Then J.R. knocked me out.
ELMAR: He was here too?
DAVID: He came in after I fell and you were already knocked out.
ELMAR: So you could have sucked it up and stopped this. You could have grabbed a weapon, knocked her out and handled him.

DAVID: Don’t turn this on me.
ELMAR: Never your fault is it David?
DAVID: No, it’s Sammy’s. She said J.R. would be at the bar and Karen would be at work tonight. She was the one who assured us, not me. You know that.
ELMAR: Regardless, you should have been more alert.
DAVID: Fuck off. Get us out of this and I’ll grovel all you want, until then keep quiet unless you have a solution.
ELMAR: Can you sway?

DAVID: Sway?
ELMAR: Yeah, fall this way and untie me.
DAVID: Really?
ELMAR: Yes, really.
DAVID: You fall.
ELMAR: I’m injured.
DAVID: So am I.
ELMAR: Yeah, but not as badly. Stop being a pussy and just try.

David tries to sway and notices he has limited leg strength, but enough to knock him in Elmar’s direction.
He assesses the distance and goes for it… But falls short by about 5 cm, falling straight to the floor.
Elmar lowers his head.
ELMAR: Fuck.
DAVID: [looking up] And now?
ELMAR: You tell me.

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