Take 5 months off for leisure or because of injury

Take 5 months off for leisure or because of injury

In our younger years we like to assume we’re invincible and we also like to take all advice with a pinch of “Yeah, right, old man.”

But what if you got injured

You need a real and smart contingency plan, especially if you’re in any form of debt!

6 months. Could easily take that to recover from some broken bones and issues

KAREN: So he wouldn’t take it?
J.R.: He’ll starve if we don’t sort this out.
KAREN: So go back and feed him.
J.R.: Fuck, it’s —
He continues in thought “– you that should be doing this.”
J.R. heads out onto the balcony and beckons for Karen to follow.
The two look out at the view, appearing to barely recognize the other’s presence.

J.R.: [calmly] Why do I always have to be the one who sucks everything up? You want us to be equal but do you? I’m having to endure this, you started all our drinking, but I feed him? We can’t just escape this now… We have to see it through.
KAREN: [offended] You honestly think I wanted all of whats happened to happen?
J.R.: No, but, you’re not dealing with reality. David is how he is, but we don’t need to do something drastic.
KAREN: I think we do, I don’t see any other option.
J.R.: We’re not killing him, we’re not murderers. Well I’m not anyway.

KAREN: Lovely. What a way with words you have.
J.R.: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that like that.
KAREN: What did you mean to say?
J.R.: That we need to deal with David, and killing him isn’t us. That’s not how we do things, we’re better than that.
KAREN: So solve it David, I promise I won’t use my “natural” talent and off him myself, what will you do to make this all hunky dory?
J.R.: Blackmail, bribe, ask? Get him to sign something… Something else?
KAREN: Sounds pretty feeble.

J.R.: Fuck, well you go on and find one. Have a helpful idea, just one. You’re more creative than this…
KAREN: What if they were responsible for the other break-in’s? Huh? They could have been living off our shit for ages. And that’s fine, that’s acceptable? You said what you’d do J.R. You said.
J.R.: I was upset. And they said it had to do with Sam.

KAREN: Like I care if it did or not, she’ll get hers. But don’t change the subject, you said if anyone did that to us again you’d, and I quote [making inverted commas] “Fucking kill those thieving assholes!”
J.R.: It was a figure of speech.
KAREN: Everything with you is, year in, year out. Empty words. Now I’m meant to rely on you.

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. One who
lives life fully is prepared to die at any time.” Mark Twain

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