The 1 Page Principle

The one page per day principle is a very sound one…

Once you get started it’s easy to keep going…

Great minimums and the effort adds up. Compounding

[beat)] tonight.
[beat] No, it’s not that late. How old are you?
[chuckling] Okay buddy, see you then. Call me if there’s any problems. Okay? [beat] Bye.
J.R.: He’s bringing the van.
KAREN: And you’re just going to explain this all when he gets here?

J.R.: Sounds like my only option doesn’t it?
KAREN: Where to then?
J.R.: Away. Far away. I’d say at least 5 hours away. I’m just going to drive until we reach an area of water I’ve never seen before and then there lies our robber.
Karen sighs and consciously looks at Elmar for the first time since they realized he had died.
KAREN: And David?
J.R.: I’m not killing him.
KAREN: Well I’m not either.

J.R.: Then he lives.
KAREN: But how to we get him to keep quiet?
J.R.: No idea.
There’s a knock at the door which catches the couple extremely off guard. David begins yelling.
KAREN: Who’s that?
J.R.: I don’t know… [beat] Actually, shit, it’s Carlin. It has to be.

KAREN: So go and answer.
J.R.: No, you. Look through the peep hole, I’ll move Elmar.
J.R. drags Elmar on his chair out of the line of sight of the hallway.
Karen moves towards the peep hole and peeks.
KAREN: It’s Carlin.
J.R.: Let him in then.

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