The amazing benefits of immersion

Total immersion to accelerate learning. The amazing benefits of immersion. 80 year old’s comment and woman in Mum and dad’s building. People living to 92 doing nothing with their lives.

TIL walking before solving a problem improves your creativity by an average of 60%.

LPT: Act like your future self is a real person. So when you see a chore that needs to be done, you can say “I’ll do this now to be nice to my future self”. Helps motivate to get things done because you’re doing work for someone you want to help.

The amazing benefits of immersion.

Obviously this extends to all disciplines and the idea that if you want to learn something quickly and accurately, the best way is to immerse yourself in the field.

If it’s a profession you’re aspiring to be a part of, volunteer. Get involved. You’ll learn at a faster pace and discover more by trial and error rather than solely reading.

The amazing benefits of immersion

Daily quote:

The world is moving so fast that the person who says it can’t
be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” Elbert Hubbard

*** Like most things online it’s hard to say whether these quotes originate with the person they’re attributed to. Regardless, they’re a tool to hopefully inspire you and so does it matter as much as the point the words convey?

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