The Budget Traveler advice

The Budget Traveler advice

KAREN: [shaking her head] Why would I? Have I given you any reason to think that of me?
DAVID: No. [beat] I do know what happened to El was accidental and I do know it was all our fault. I’ll do whatever you want to appease this. You’ve been very good to me and you didn’t have to.
Pretending to be reaching an epiphany as she explains her idea, Karen begins filling in David with the solution.
KAREN: What if I got some sort of alibi together for you and for me. [beat] And then you go off and tell that friend of ours that you don’t know what happened to Elmar or where he fled to, and that you changed your mind when you heard it we were at home but you dropped your wallet at our place and so you felt you had to run away for a few days. [beat] Tell her you had to, “Let the smoke clear as they say…”
DAVID: Could you really do that?

KAREN: I want this over.
DAVID: I could definitely do this, definitely.
KAREN: But we will need some sort of collateral in exchange.
DAVID: Like what?
Karen grabs David’s hand and grasps one of his fingers.
KAREN: [joking] Your finger!
David repels in fear.
KAREN:I’m joking, I’m joking. Calm down. [beat] I was thinking more so some sort of video footage or something… We could have you admit to killing Elmar on tape and then set you free. If you were to say anything, the footage would be shown…
DAVID: But I didn’t…
KAREN: I know, there’s DNA evidence and ways to prove it was us… Maybe. But I’m trying to insure us against you being untrustworthy, which thus far you haven’t exactly given me reason to believe.
DAVID: I’ll do whatever you want, I won’t say a word.
KAREN: Cool beans.
DAVID: What are you going to do to Sam?

KAREN: What can we do?
DAVID: I understand.
Karen stands up.
DAVID: Sam lied so extensively, you two have shown me how understanding you are and who you are —
Her facial expression turns from passive and depressed to infuriated.
DAVID: I mean I just want to say I didn’t do this to personally hurt you.
Something tweaks in Karen, she now realizes how naive her last few statements were to David.
KAREN: You knew our relationship with Sam, why you did it I don’t care. But don’t kid me with that “not to hurt” me bullshit, you knew she was doing something against someone she knew personally. How could it not be personal? How could it not be to hurt us personally?
DAVID: But she —

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