The Essentialist book and why you should buy it digitally

Here are some of the reasons that I feel you should own The Essentialist book and why you should buy it digitally. The Essentialist: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

The Essentialist: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown, is a book that encourages readers to focus on the essential, and to eliminate everything else. The author argues that we live in a society that often rewards busy-ness and multitasking, but that this is not the most effective or fulfilling way to live.

The book is divided into four main sections. The first section is titled “The Essence of Essentialism” and it introduces the reader to the concept of essentialism. McKeown emphasizes that essentialism is not about doing less, but about doing more of what is truly important. He encourages readers to evaluate their lives and identify what is truly essential, and to eliminate the non-essential.

The second section, “Choose: The Invincible Power of Choice,” emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices. McKeown argues that our lives are shaped by the choices we make, and that by choosing wisely, we can create the lives we truly want.

The third section, “Discern: The Unimportance of Practically Everything,” encourages readers to develop their ability to discern what is truly important. McKeown argues that many of us are so busy doing things that are not important, that we do not have time for what is truly essential.

The final section, “Execute: Removing Obstacles to Make Execution Effortless,” provides practical tips for implementing essentialism in one’s life. McKeown emphasizes the importance of setting priorities, saying “no” to non-essential tasks, and creating systems to eliminate distractions.

Overall, The Essentialist is a well-written and thought-provoking book. McKeown’s argument that focusing on the essential is the key to a fulfilling life is compelling, and his practical tips for implementation are helpful. The book is filled with real-life examples and case studies that illustrate the benefits of essentialism.

In terms of buying the book digitally, there are a few benefits to doing so. First, it is often less expensive to buy digital books than physical books. Additionally, digital books can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have a device to read them on. This can be especially convenient for those who travel frequently or who prefer to read on a tablet or e-reader.

The Essentialist is a highly recommended book for anyone who is looking to simplify their life and focus on what truly matters. By buying it digitally, readers can access this valuable resource at a lower cost and with greater convenience.

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