The penalty for procrastination is the loss of hopes and dreams

RICHARD: We’ll have to divorce because I can’t trust her. I’ll be without her though I’ll long to be with her and for a couple of years I’ll wonder and worry and wish.
He stares desperately at Stuart.
RICHARD: I’m at a point in my life where I’ve lived long enough to understand what goes with emotions and how things pan out. And I have the right to choose not to endure them. It’s my life and mine to deal with.
STUART: [leaning forward] Look, you’re making this more of an issue than it needs to be. Yes, she did something very wrong, but you’re talking like you’ve lost it.
RICHARD: I… I can’t help but feel that I have. Look at me, look at my life. What is it? What have I become? Hearing Elizabeth tell me she’d slept with someone else… I… I.
Richard downs the rest of his whisky and gestures to a WAITER for more. She swiftly brings over another.
RICHARD: I don’t know what to do apart from this. My life has become a routine of work and insignificant small talk with Elizabeth. Over the past few hours, since she told me, I’ve been overcome with a rush of introspective thought.
He drinks more and continues stroking the glass.
RICHARD: We aren’t physically intimate at all anymore. We’re not even that much verbally. All we talk about is meaningless daily activities. I took slash take no real interest in her life, or anything. I don’t even take into account the fact that I’m not a father, nor would it be plausible for me to be at my age. [beat] There’s nothing ahead worth going towards. I feel like I should just stop and accept what things have become. Allow this to end. This nonsense has just continued on for too long.
STUART: Richard, please stop this. It’s not helping.
RICHARD: Well what would? What could? I can’t take back things. She’s all I had and that wasn’t much. I don’t know her anymore. I didn’t ever, even for one second think she’d find another man or even be looking. [beat] I know I’m not attractive, I know I’m no prize catch. But we were in love. I loved her. I did. I truly did. I loved her with all my heart. I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to get it done. I can’t do it myself. Please help me Stu, please. I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but remember how close we were?
Richard places his hand atop Stuart’s.
RICHARD: For an old friend, do me this one favour. Help me?
STUART: (shaking his head) I can’t. What would happen to me?
Richard stares down at his remaining whisky.
RICHARD: I can’t do it alone. I’ve thought about it since I found out. I’ll never forget what she said. I can’t help but feel that I drove her to do so. I’m inadequate. I’m not the man she used to know. I’m not the man I used to know. I can’t stop thinking about this other man, and why she chose him over me. [beat] I don’t think I’ll ever be able to come to terms and realize this. Put it into “perspective.” I don’t wish to find out either.
He looks up and concentrates on Stuart.
RICHARD: I know you don’t want this, and I appreciate that. But your hesitation won’t deter me. Its got to be done. I want it done and I can’t do it alone. I’m not enough of a man. Please Stu?
Stuart takes a large gulp of his Guinness and examines Richard’s desperate expression.
STUART: I know you Richard. I know you well enough to understand whether you’ll back down or not. I don’t see you doing so with this. [beat, sigh] So. Alright. I’ll contact them. Please reconsider though, the ball will only be put in motion when you’ve paid them. [beat] I’ll make the godforsaken call tonight, but you’ll have to pay a large sum of money to them for this. [beat] Please. Reconsider.
RICHARD: Money is no object. I have a few piles at home for rainy days and I just withdrew as much as I could. I’ve saved up enough over the years and have no use or desire to leave it behind me. [beat] The house is paid off. Elizabeth has a job and so she’ll be fine. Without me, she’ll be better than fine, she’ll be free. She’ll be able to live the life I stole from her. Maybe she’ll have kids, maybe remarry. [beat] I’m going to miss her. I haven’t had many women. But out of those I did, out of those I knew. She was and is the one I loved the most. She’s the love of my life.
Richard scoffs and his eyes become glazed.
RICHARD: Even after she cheats on me, I can’t help but hold her up on a pedestal. She’s still my Queen, my goddess. My Elizabeth.
He rubs his eyes, clearing tears before they fall.
RICHARD: If you would look into this for me as soon as possible it’d mean everything. I know it’s very odd to say, but you are the only person I feel I can trust for this. And, you’re the only one that I feel would understand.
[earnestly] When the only thing that supports you, that keeps you going stops; you’re nothing. When all you live for no longer exists, this late in life, why bother? [beat] I’m not a forgetful person. I have a very good memory, and this is why I have to destroy it. The only way I can overcome these thoughts and feelings, is by ending them… by ending myself.
Stuart stares at Richard and allows a tear to ride down his cheek.

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