The perceptions of age and how that changes with age

It’s not until you get older that you realize how fickle your feelings and solidified younger ideas are. When I was in my 20’s, I thought people several years older than me that didn’t have their lives together were failures. This continued until I reached a point where it struck me how many years had passed and where I was in life.

Huddled in his designer sheets, Steve lies in bed. Daylight penetrates through gaps in his curtains. His stereo booms at the turn of 9:00AM.
A trickling bass line almost shakes the room as Steve slowly rises to a seated position, still wrapped in his sheets. He rubs his eyes revealing his huge biceps, and walks towards the stereo, turning it off. After doing so he heads into his living room.
Only wearing grey Calvin Klein boxer shorts, Steve heads to the far wall of his living room and manually wrenches the curtains apart, allowing daylight to enter.
Steve takes a glimpse of the street and turns to face his kitchen, which is separated from the living room by a counter.
To Steve’s left is a huge mounted plasma TV wall with a DVD player mounted upon a glass shelf beneath it. Five feet in front of it lies a cream coloured shag rug and behind that sits a luxurious reclining leather armchair. To the left of the armchair are video game consoles, and to the right are video games and DVDs, alongside three remote controls.
To Steve’s immediate right is a very modern stereo atop a simple, yet suave black cabinet with glass doors showcasing its contents; a huge CD collection.

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