The Protean book

The Protean book. What does protean mean? Examples… A remarkably protean composer: versatile, adaptable, flexible, all-around, multifaceted, multitalented, many-sided. The Protean book details inspiration around this word.

Various young and teenaged SKATEBOARDERS attempt tricks and mess around on their boards. Martin has brought along his little brother to teach him how to skateboard.
Martin attempts to calm Norman’s nerves walking backwards, coaxing his brother along. His forearms act as safety bars for Norman to rely on initially to glide on the board.

MARTIN: Good, very good. Don’t be nervous, if you fall you’ll be fine, at worst you’ll scrape a knee. You can handle that. You’re not a boy, you’re a man!
Martin stops and encourages Norman to release his forearms before he walks away, hoping to proudly watch his younger brother progress by himself.

Norman starts from a distance and kicks along with his right foot to gain speed. He quickly forces himself to stop, clearly discouraged and afraid.

The Protean book

MARTIN: You have to get both feet on and skate, Norm! Don’t be afraid, you’ll be fine.
Watch me. I’ll show you, it’s easy. Just takes practice.
Attempting to show off, Martin runs over to where Norman started and in the same fashion gets some speed going. Once fast enough, he puts up his other foot and glides along, jumping up on a curb and taking off to do a kickflip.

“When I worked on my first project, Nostalgia, Ultra, I hardly told anyone. Even people I was working with at the time didn’t know about it. There’s something that happens when you say what you’re doing before it’s done, and most of it is not positive.” Frank Ocean

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