This is the year everything changes – because I’m going to make it so.

This is the year everything changes – because I’m going to make it so. This concept requires more than reminders. It requires actual action and a conscientious discipline that maybe you’ve been relaxed over in the past.

“So what?” response approach.

He looks at the bottom of the tub to check the expiration date. It expired two years back.
J.R.: Ah well, it’ll do.
He decides on the protein powder and grabs some milk from the fridge before assembling a protein shake.
J.R.: [opening drawers] Do we have any of those straws left?
KAREN (O.S.): No, I don’t think…

J.R. sighs.
J.R.: I’ll have to use my gym bottle.
J.R. emerges with a gym bottle which has a nozzle, the bottle is filled with the protein shake. He tries to hand over the bottle to Karen, but she waves her hand and shakes her head.
KAREN: No, no, no, no, no, no, I’m not seeing him, touching him or anything. No. I can’t.
J.R.: [sighing] Okay.
He twists the door handle and opens the closet. Karen leaves before the door is fully opened.


David reacts to the light, his eyes bloodshot from not sleeping. He doesn’t look submissive though, he appears angry.
J.R.: Now look David; I don’t want you dead. Please, I’ll take the cloth out. Don’t shout, I want to give you this.
J.R. cautiously removes the gag.
DAVID: [livid] You’re worse than us. You killed Elmar, and if you kill me too, you’re gonna have a lot to worry about. You think we don’t have friends or family? People will look for us… Sam will point them here.
J.R.: [motioning with his hands] Calm down. It was a mistake.

DAVID: That cunt killed my friend, mistake or not.
J.R.: Watch it.
DAVID: I’m not lying! That bitch did it!
J.R.: Look, drink this, it’s a protein shake.
DAVID: [at the top of his hoarse, dehydrated lungs] Help! Help!
J.R. desperately shoves the gag back in.
J.R.: Yell again and I can’t feed you. Don’t do this David, you’re hurting yourself more than me. I’m trying to help here.
He attempts to follow the same process, and removes the gag. As the gag is removed, he pushes the nozzle near David’s mouth who moves backwards, refusing the drink.

DAVID: [angrily but not loudly] You kill Elmar and now I’m supposed to trust this is good for me?
J.R.: I can make it in front of you. Make another I mean.
DAVID: You can taint anything. I want the police involved. Prosecute me, go ahead, but she’s going down too.
J.R.: Not gonna happen. You want this?
David glares.
J.R.: [fed up] Cool.
He shoves the gag back in and closes the door, in closing the door David’s face shows a visible plea for help.

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