To Duolingo and beyond – fully learning a language!

To Duolingo and beyond – fully learning a language!

Tips including learning by watching films without subtitles and pausing frequently for words you don’t know the meaning of in order to determine what they’re trying to say.

The learning basics of any and all languages.

CLOSE ON Elmar’s phone vibrates again.
KAREN: If he dies, so be it.
As the vibrating of Elmar’s phone slows down, Karen’s ears prick, she tries to pinpoint the sound.
DAVID: Come on, he wanted your jewellery, not body.

KAREN: Want to continue breathing?
J.R.: I’m taking out his gag.
KAREN: For what reason?
J.R.: So hopefully he can breathe.
KAREN: This makes no sense!
J.R.: I’m not getting locked up for murder.
KAREN: Whatever.
J.R. removes the gag from Elmar, who remains limp. Karen paces, staring at the ceiling and shaking her head.
KAREN: What time is it?

J.R.: 10:45.
KAREN: Cool. See you in a little while.
J.R.: What?
KAREN: I’m getting some more alcohol before the liquor store closes.
J.R. nods upwards.
J.R.: Good, go.
KAREN: Don’t untie them.
J.R.: Not to worry, they’re going nowhere.
Karen grabs her coat, puts on her shoes and leaves.
J.R. firmly clasps the knife and heads towards Elmar, he sifts through his pocket and pulls out a wallet.
Walking backwards, triple checking Elmar isn’t about to react, he sits by his dining room table and examines the content. He finds a few credit cards, store cards, limited cash and ID.
J.R.: [reading] Elmar Field. Nice. Address here too. Cool. And soon enough I’ll know all about you too, friend.
DAVID: Name’s David, nice to meet you.
J.R.: [angered] Shut the fuck up, seriously.

J.R. approaches David, also positioning the knife threatening.
He finds David’s wallet and follows suit, checking it at his dining room table.
J.R.: David Goddard. Ha. Address too.
He finds a photo of David in the arms of another man.
J.R.: [presenting the photo] Who’s this?
DAVID: Nobody.

J.R.: No? Well I’m going to see if I can find him at this address. If so, I’ll beat the shit out of him and if not, I’ll rob you. How would that be?
DAVID: Seems fair.
J.R.: This your day job or rather, night job?
DAVID: I’ve done it before.
J.R.: This smoothly?
DAVID: Never “this” smoothly.
J.R.: So what do I do with you?

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