“Too much information, lack of implementation” Peter Voogd

I, like you (probably), have studied many hours worth of business planning courses, tips and advice. I’ve drawn up list after list of methods of action, and I’ve tangentially created more business ideas and screenplay concepts than I can count. That’s where I was and you are going wrong.

Focus is what you need, an absolute path where you take your idea and have it flourish in the real world, as opposed to file 1,001 on your computer. That won’t get you anything apart from scrolling privileges (showing off your phone to friends or acquaintances and seeking recognition for the quantity).

Above all else do not procrastinate, I know I’ve repeated about the benefits of stockpiling your work and your efforts, but stockpile with a release schedule in mind, instead of a “someday” view.

a plan, buying a home

I’m not willing to lose and go out that way. There’s nothing wrong with it, if you’re faced with no option and thousands of obligations then I understand. The fact is, I don’t have those obligations, therefor I won’t accept that failure.

The “Too much information, lack of implementation” portion of Voogd’s comments couldn’t be more apt. Have you used Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? They’re brilliant, addictive and satisfying. Temporarily. You lose many hours being aware of everything and not focusing on what you’ve accumulated and planned. They’re designed to take up your attention. I for one enjoy them very much, but they won’t further you.

You should always progress, don’t get too comfortable. Live with passion.

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