Understanding mutual funds

J.R.: Hey, calm down! I’m not siding with him, but we have to think this through.
Karen snarls at J.R.
KAREN: And don’t tell me to calm down. I’ve had a bad night.
DAVID: Yeah, why weren’t you at work?

Karen’s head turns sideways before she slaps David with great might.
She extends her hand to J.R.
KAREN: Gag. Now.
J.R. passes Karen the gag which she snatches from him and viciously shoves in David’s mouth.

KAREN: I say we kill ’em.
J.R.: Alright, look —
J.R. attempts to embrace Karen, but she throws off his arms when they get close to her.
J.R.: — we can’t kill them.
KAREN: You said if it happened again you wouldn’t hesitate.
J.R.: Look —
KAREN: — they could have raped me.
David’s facial expression suggests him stating “Unlikely” in response.
J.R.: — I need a drink.
KAREN: No, you need to come with me first thing in the morning and we’re going to Home Depot or somewhere like that to get plastic to cover this place. Then —
J.R.: — Karen, enough already. I’ve had a long night too.
J.R. grabs a bottle of rum from the kitchen, there’s maybe 1/8 left.
J.R.: You didn’t pick up anymore rum?
KAREN: I was sick!
J.R.: Yeah, okay.
He pours himself a double shot and downs it.
KAREN: Thanks for leaving me some.
J.R.: Can we not argue in front of company?
KAREN: We need to do something. They can’t get away with this.
WIDER ANGLE: David begins turning red.
J.R. removes the gag.
KAREN: What the hell are you doing?
J.R.: He can’t breathe.
KAREN: He could until now.
DAVID: I don’t do well without my mouth. I’m an infamous mouth breather.
KAREN: Why do we give a shit? Shut up. No gag doesn’t mean you can talk.
DAVID: [staring at Elmar] He’s going to die.
KAREN: Shut. Up.
DAVID: Look at him!
J.R.: Karen, he looks pretty bad.
KAREN: You’re doing it again, pick the right side baby, the right side.
J.R.: He’s bruised in a very bad position.

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