We are all ridiculous” was my misremembered sentence from the movie “What We Did on Our Holiday,” a cute film in which Gordie, played by Billy Connolly, explains this in a passage of sage advice to his grandchildren. That sentence resonated with me. Even though I’d not remembered it verbatim (it’s possible I’d had a whisky or “two”), I’ve heard the same point made in a great number of other ways, but his delivery of those words made everything clearer and gave me an epiphany that I hadn’t fully wrapped my head around. Despite my years.

“The truth is every human being on this planet is ridiculous, in their own way…so we shouldn’t judge and we shouldn’t fight because in the end, none of it matters. None of this stuff.” Reading those words won’t have the impact that watching the build up in the film or the delivery when Gordie tells his grandkids does. I’m not recommending the film as if it’s the best you’ll see, but it is heartwarming. In a lot of ways Billy Connolly reminded me of my Dad, not because he’s Scottish and in his early 70’s.

The reason why this resonated so thoroughly is that I’ve had many points in which I’ve resented friends and family’s actions, struggling through feelings of resentment or bitterness towards their behaviour without just outright accepting who they are. We are all flawed. We are all ridiculous. None of it does matter. If you can somehow resign your standards (within reason) and just outright accept someone’s behaviour, you can’t properly understand the forgiveness that should follow.

We are all ridiculous

My intention with this blog is to turn my life around by holding myself accountable to the content I put out and the words I write in the process. Looking over my piles of notes, plans in disarray and wealth of ideas, one thing is apparent. I can either concede that it was all for nothing, or I can quickly bring it to the light and change my position. We are all ridiculous, and in the immortal words of my long lost friend, Maya Washington, that you may know better as “Shameless Maya,” do you boo. You’re likely ridiculous too.

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