What matters, matters. It’s that simple. Our lives vary immensely from where we live to who we love to the amount of money we make. At the core of it all we need to understand where our priorities lie and focus on our future selves, as well as our present versions. Several months down the line you should examine where you wish to be. Yes, your work and other factors in life will sway you one way or another, but you can control that guiding light to a degree by personally outlining what you want. If you wish to lose a certain amount of weight, pay down debt or earn money, or simply be more in contact with a loved one or friend, that’s up to you to confront and attend to. There’s no point taking stock of things once a chunk of time has passed. Do it now. Take two hours or however long you need, and just think.

“What will matter to me in six months, a year, five years? What is essential, and what is optional, in my life priorities” Steven Pinker, quoted in Tribe of Mentors.

Richmond, BC on an average fall night. Chain restaurants, bars, and a cold beer and wine store are located close to assorted apartment buildings, averaging three storeys in height.
The room is empty and tidy, with lights off. The living room is lit minimally by the light in the hallway.
Coming from the balcony, DAVID (short hair, clean shaven, flamboyant) cautiously pushes through the partially opened glass doors to gain access to the apartment. He is wearing rubber soled shoes, gloves, and a hat. ELMAR (neat, brash) follows almost immediately afterwards. They’re both dressed like stereotypical burglars.

MOVING SHOT Camera dollys along the hallway, through the apartment.
KAREN’s eyes snap open, abruptly woken from a deep sleep. She’s wearing a used T-shirt and sweat pants, tired from the previous late night.
Paranoid, she listens attentively, noticing movement.
Continuing to listen, she grabs her phone and texts her boyfriend, J.R.
“Theres someone in the house Im scared”
Seconds later she receives a response.
“Stay still, coming”

We continue to hear cautious creeks and movements, objects being scoured through and duffel bags being filled amongst indistinguishable whispering.
In a panic, Karen looks around her room whilst remaining still in her bed.
Near the bed lies a pile of clothes, and as her eyes wander, she notices a set of dumbbells near the door.
She leans into the clothing pile, and carefully grabs a belt.

The noises continue, the movements getting louder, closer.
She crawls off the bed and hides beside the partially open door.

Elmar slowly enters the bedroom, surveying the area.
Without hesitation, she WHIPS him in the face with her BELT.
He lets out a huge yelp and sways clasping his face.
Although stunned by her actions, Karen immediately follows up by STRIKING HIS HEAD with a DUMBBELL.
Elmar falls to the ground.

David runs down the hallway and without thinking, Karen reacts giving him a swift and firm kick between his legs.

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