Which is better? Day drunk or night drunk?

Which is better? Day drunk or night drunk?

There used to be a term known as the “working lunch,” one which I’m still impressed existed based on how alcohol can affect me.

Deeth stands off to the side watching their interaction.
EMILY: Have you tried the cherry?
MALE STRANGER: No, is it good?

EMILY: Absolutely delicious. I don’t usually go for flavoured yoghurt, I like to get the plain and add fruit, but it’s so tasty.
She walks over to Deeth, doing his best to keep a lid on his simmering anger.
DEETH: What the fuck was that?

EMILY: What was what?
DEETH: With that guy?
EMILY: What? The yoghurt?
DEETH: Fine, yeah, the fucking yoghurt.
EMILY: I recommended a flavour.
DEETH: You work for the fucking yoghurt company now?
EMILY: No, but —

DEETH: Then come up with better reasons to talk to strange fucking men. Don’t you dare disrespect me like that again.
EMILY: I’m sorry, I…
Martin is watching a movie with Norman. Blaise enters the bedroom.
BLAISE: Have you done your homework, Marty?
BLAISE: Because I’m asking.

MARTIN: What does it matter to you?
BLAISE: I’m your father and I’m asking you. Have you done it?
MARTIN: Really, Dad? You’re telling me I have to do homework? When’s the last time you went to work?
BLAISE: Excuse me?
MARTIN: You haven’t made a movie since Mom died. It’s lazy. Stop using her as an excuse.
BLAISE: Don’t be so disrespectful.

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