Which is better? Day drunk or night drunk?

Which is better? Day drunk or night drunk? There used to be a term known as the “working lunch,” one which I’m still impressed existed based on how alcohol can affect me. I won’t drive after drinking because I can grasp how much responsibility one wields holding the wheel of a vehicle.

But really, which is better and why? The buzz and the strange feeling of walking around during the day a tad inebriated is amusing and fun. It seems like the world moves at a different pace as your intoxication takes over, and things become more entertaining. The problem is that anyone who’s truly a seasoned drinker understands that alcohol’s very good at doubling up as a depressant.

Day drunk leads to a lot more time to drink, which leads to you talking en vinos veritas and that’s problematic at the best of times. At least at night you’ve got a window whereby you can eventually pass out and move on that way. Personally I enjoy the day buzz, I think I can control it and if not there’s always that room to pass out for a nap shortly after.

Which is better? Day drunk or night drunk?

Ultimately which is better? Day drunk or night drunk? is a question which only you can answer. I like my drinking to complete my day, I find it affects my focus if I delve in too much earlier on.

For that reason, I definitely find night drunk to be the better of the two choices. You can pass out and continue on the following morning (provided you’re not drunk to the point of being hungover.

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