In any country that has them, but this is something that more artists than I can count either decide that they can go without or they solely aren’t aware of it. Either that, or they simply believe it’s a mind-bending prospect to write a simple proposal. It’s not.

Why as an artist you should be applying for arts grants

1. The world functions around the exchange of money for goods and services and while the idea of being a starving artist may seem romantic from the outside, being one and enjoying that journey you’ll soon find isn’t. A roof over your head and food in your stomach matter. It’s not that complicated of a concept.
2. Governments globally understand the healing power of art and the need for a society to expand their minds/escape. They offer these grants as part of their budgets, so why not throw in your hat?
3. A proposal isn’t as hard as it seems and if it doesn’t end up paying out to you, what have you lost? Some wasted time arguing with a loved one? A few more episodes to binge watch? It doesn’t take long to give a grant proposal a try.

WALTER: I thought this was an exercise, a game…
MIREILLE: It’s not.
WALTER: Really?
MIREILLE: Do I seem like I’m playing?
Walter stops, seemingly astounded. He grips Mireille’s shoulder.
WALTER: (exaggerating his reaction) It’s a lunatic’s idea and you’re not that. I told you that information because you seemed curious. You’ve seen how the police are on your case.
MIREILLE: We need to reset.

WALTER: Yeah, yeah, the grass is always greener… You’re acting like Ted Kacynski.
WALTER: The Unabomber.
WALTER: Nevermind. What do you think ended up happening to Trent?

MIREILLE: He’s either dead or a fugitive. Either way, doubt he’d have contacted me. It’s over a week now…
Must be…
Doing her best to dismiss the comment, Mireille gazes around the park, paranoid.
MIREILLE: You need to come to accept when the past has to be that.
They stop and Mireille beckons for Walter to sit alongside her on a bench. She scans the park for extra ears.
MIREILLE: We can make all that preparation you’ve gone through worth something. We can start everything again.
WALTER: (beat) That’s just foolish.
MIREILLE: Are you kidding me?
WALTER: Civilization is flawed but better than regressing to nothing.

MIREILLE: I disagree. Look at Trent, hauled off for prodding databases. How on earth is that such a crime? No, there needs to be an upending change.
As you know, for a couple of years now I’ve been brushing up on my hunting skills and I’ve successfully set off a slew of home made —
(whispering, browsing around)
— rockets. I’ve also worked out practical applications for more powerful devices. I’ve worked out how to knock out electrical equipment on a small scale and I’m pretty sure with the right help I can do it on a larger. That’s why those blueprints you got me are so valuable.
Walter chuckles.
WALTER: Come on, Miri.
MIREILLE: Come on what?

WALTER: You’re already being watched. Stupid chatter like this… I don’t want you locked up.
MIREILLE: I won’t be. But I need your help.
WALTER: Stop being silly.
MIREILLE: I need to you to help me make an array of large remote activated EMPs and work out how I can trigger them all with a single click.
Paranoid, Walter gestures to cup Mireille’s mouth stopping short of actually doing so.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

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